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2024's Top 5 Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies

Kasturi from InVideo
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How people engage with healthcare has undergone a tectonic shift in the past few years thanks to the internet. Massive shifts can already be seen in the form of emerging digital health platforms, telemedicine, virtual reality, R&D, and even artificial intelligence in the healthcare space. Case in point is the Google Health AI which is being built to break barriers between people and health information. 

So if you’re in the healthcare sector, now’s the time to meet your clients where they look first, i.e. the internet, and expand your digital footprint. And the best way to do that is to come up with a solid healthcare digital marketing strategy — for which we’ve already done the legwork for you. 

In this super tactical guide we’ll understand the impact of the digital healthcare marketing ecosystem, list out and explain key marketing strategies, elaborate on what works in online healthcare marketing, and guide you to the best healthcare digital marketing agencies that can help build your brand. 

Here’s what we’ll look at through this blog:

1. The Digital Healthcare Marketing Ecosystem
2. Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies 
3. Healthcare Digital Marketing Best Practices and Pro-Tips
4. Top Healthcare Marketing Agencies to Work With

1. Understanding The Healthcare Digital Marketing Ecosystem

The global healthcare marketing & communications sector is projected to grow at a rate of 19.72% annually to reach $8,498.72 million by 2026! This should tell you that if you haven’t hopped on the bandwagon yet, it’s high time. But before you do, here are a few key factors you need to understand:

A. Who are you targeting with medical digital marketing?

There are two primary types of customers that healthcare providers seek to target with digital healthcare marketing: exterior customers and interior customers. 

Exterior customers are people who aren’t part of the hospital ecosystem but come in for treatment. This segment includes patients, their families, and larger public communities. Marketing for this segment is primarily targeted at positioning the practice/hospital as the best option for someone seeking treatment. 

Interior customers on the other hand are those who are a part of the medical ecosystem, including doctors, hospitals, medical staff, and other medical practitioners. Marketing for this segment is targeted towards internal brand building for hospitals as well as managing competition for individual practitioners.   

B. How does digital marketing help those in the healthcare sector?

Healthcare online marketing has multifold uses: lead generation, product launches, conversions, networking between healthcare providers and communities, engagement and education, and most importantly, maximizing Return on Investment (ROI). 

C. Digital Marketing for Healthcare Companies ROI 

1. Generates 3 times more ROI than traditional marketing
2. Healthcare video marketers make 66% more targeted leads in a year
3. 83% of health organizations implement a digital content marketing strategy 
4. 58% of health marketers have an updated blog

Sources: Practicebuilders, True North Custom, First Page Sage, Demand Metric

Pro Tip: Capitalize on videos for your healthcare digital marketing strategy in order to get better quality leads. You can easily create thumb-stopping videos for various use cases including social media content and ads using InVideo’s online editor

2. Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategies

Even though the market for digital healthcare advertising is booming, there are several roadblocks which stop healthcare providers from fully tapping into it, like the challenge of creating high value content in crunch time. 

In this section, we’ll look at key healthcare digital marketing strategies to breeze through such challenges. Let’s breakdown exactly what “content” you should be focusing on:

#1 - Invest in Video Marketing

In the healthcare digital marketing arena, videos are a fantastic way to engage with those in your community, educate patients and other hospital staff, as well as build trust with anyone looking for your services before they even interact with you. 

Videos are worth the investment for technical reasons too! Search engines prefer placing videos at the top of their result pages every time someone types in an enquiry, and therefore marketers believe that providers who use video content tend to rank better in online searches than those who don’t.

Market your healthcare brand

With pro video templates

Market your healthcare brandCreate with InVideo
Market your healthcare brand

Benefits of Video Marketing for Healthcare Providers

1. Easily consumable
2. Builds trust
3. Builds audience
4. Increases engagement
5. Improves ranking 
6. Increases conversions
7. Great ROI 

But what kind of videos should you be making and where should you be putting them up? A study by McKinsey shows that adopting a multi-channel approach is the way to go. So ideally, you want to create video content simultaneously for your website, YouTube, and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  

You want to start by coming up with a list of topics and ideas that you can make videos on and then tailor them for each platform. For instance, you can have the longer, more detailed content up on YouTube while shorter snippets of information can go on the social media platforms. The ideas themselves can be segregated neatly into several buckets. 

The first types of videos you definitely want to create are educational videos. These help you clarify concepts for your audience/potential patients while also establishing your expertise and helping you grow your services. 

If you’re a doctor or medical practitioner, don’t be afraid of injecting your own personality into these videos. Doctor Mike’s channel on YouTube is a great example of educational-medical content interspersed with elements of humor and entertainment. Here’s a great video that fits both criteria: 

If you’re a medical practitioner, you can rely soleley on educational and entertaining content. However, if you’re an institution, you also want to incorporate a few other types such as promotional videos about your facility or amenities, as well as doctor profile videos that can give a face to your organization. 

Here’s a video by Cleveland Clinic that addresses a lot of patient concerns about medical care with actual testimonials from patients.  

Now, creating regular video content can get cumbersome, especially because you need to do it alongside research, your practice and daily life. For such constraints, ready to use video healthcare marketing templates are a great, time-saving option. All you’ll need to do is replace the stock footage with your own, maybe add a voice over, and text, and you’re good to go. And don’t worry about equipment, you can get started with shooting videos right on your phone. Here’s a great video on how you can do so.

#2 - Build a solid social media presence 

Considering that 83% of people in the US have looked up health-related information on social media and 91% of these people claim that it has helped them make a better decision, having a good social media presence is particularly helpful for healthcare professionals and institutions. 

Social media presence of healthcare centers

- 94.41% of healthcare centers in the US have a Facebook account,
- 50.82% have a Twitter account,
- 99.14% have Yelp, and 
- 99.41% use Foursquare

Source: JMIR Publications

Not only does your presence and activity on social media help you engage with people, it also helps manage reputation and build social proof. But instead of jumping into all the platforms at once, experts suggest doing your research and focusing on those platforms which your audiences use first.
We’ve covered some of the more popular platforms to help you get started:

A. How to market your healthcare services on Facebook 

Facebook, or Meta as it is now known, can be a great healthcare marketing tool to help organizations build lasting connections online and eventually offline too, as it has about 2.6 billion monthly users across a variety of demographics. For further reading on how to use Facebook to build a lasting community, obtain referrals, and connect with people who are looking for expert help, read this blog.

Infographics on How to market your healthcare services on Facebook 

Source: Facebook

The best part about Facebook is that their platforms work across the whole marketing funnel, with a mobile-first approach allowing healthcare organizations to reach patients in moments that were previously inaccessible: shopping in store, waiting for the doctor, even while watching TV. 

For your Facebook strategy, therefore, you want to focus on a mix of group posts, page updates, and ads. For instance Midol ran a campaign spotlighting women soldiering through multiple, debilitating period symptoms, and conveying their experiences through bright, eye-catching video ads. Here’s one of the ads they used:  

As a result they ended up winning the award for the ‘Best content marketing ROI/measurement program’ category at The Drum Awards for Content 2021. This campaign rewarded Midol bigtime with a 16 point lift in brand recall.

If you have a healthcare product, using videos can be a great way to grow organically as well as through ads on Facebook. If you struggle with creating video content, however, consider using this wellness template and personalizing it. What would help further is having a fantastic and well-researched script executed via a well edited, crisp and highly relatable video. When creating your own posts and videos, remember to focus on getting the audience’s attention within the first 5 seconds and then sharing relevant information. 

Another excellent example of video ads for healthcare marketing comes from Osteo Bi-Flex, a supplements producer for people suffering from joint pain. 

Based on data like who had already purchased from them, those who had purchased competitor products, and those who were generally interested in supplements, the brand created simple yet positive video ads to market their pills. By ensuring that they were communicating to real stakeholders, they were able to get to the point quickly. Their video ads have been particularly effective with a 10% ad recall lift.

Pro-tip: Having ads and a regular posting strategy would be ideal if you wanted to market organically and in a targeted manner. For more on Facebook ad marketing, head over to this super in-depth blog on Facebook ads. 

Besides ads, you should also create a Facebook Business Page as a channel to communicate regularly with your audience, and participate in Facebook Groups

For example, have a look at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Facebook page.

Dana Farber Cancer Institute’s Facebook page

What works on this page is a definitive Call to Action that reads “Contact Us”, informative and regular posts, and clear contact information. 

Pro Tip: Meta itself has an in-depth five part guide on Healthcare Marketing which you should definitely study if you are considering Meta for your digital healthcare marketing strategy! 

B. How to market your healthcare services on YouTube

The advantages of advertising or posting your healthcare marketing videos on YouTube are twofold: they help you build brand awareness, and reach more patients. Because Google owns YouTube, relevant YouTube content gets high priority on the search engine’s results page. 

A great example of a healthcare organization that excels on YouTube is The Mayo Clinic, which posts videos on all things health related: patient question and answer sessions, disease specific information videos, physician interviews, and even videos of various surgical procedures.

The Mayo Clinic organizes their profile using multiple playlists which are organized by subject or category, allowing users to easily find a specific video. 

Pro-tip: If you plan on producing lots of videos on various subjects, creating playlists is essential in order to create a successful YouTube channel and a large viewer base. To create videos introducing yourself, your brand and practice to create a YouTube presence, have a go with this stunning template from InVideo.

To understand how you can leverage YouTube strategically to build connections with your audience, have a look at Cigna’s YouTube channel. 

Cigna gets the most views per video on YouTube of any other major healthcare provider, and the secret to their success lies in their advertising strategy: the company commits ad spend to serve its short pieces as pre-rolls before other YouTube videos. 

What the Cigna does right is devoting time to develop specific digital short-form ads, about 15 to 20 seconds on average. Moreover, they’re targeting relevant content and audiences, with a very clear purpose in mind. In the example above, they use the cast of Gray’s Anatomy, the second most popular streamed show in the world with an average of 15 million viewers per episode. 

Maybe you can’t logistically pull off celebrity collaborations, but featuring social media influencers is the next best thing. Check out this template to create similar short ads. Instead of the existing template copy, you can develop a storyline and text to look like a conversation between yourself and your client.

C. How to market your healthcare services on LinkedIn

When it comes to healthcare digital marketing, delivering trust with credibility and clarity is paramount, and LinkedIn is an ideal platform to do so, as users tend to see LinkedIn as one of the most trusted social platforms. According to Interpret Digital Mindset Research (2017), LinkedIn members are 1.2x more likely to like receiving health and wellness information from healthcare companies. 

There are hordes of examples of healthcare practitioners who have mastered the art of LinkedIn marketing, and one of them is Dr. Greg Martin, Editor in Chief at Globalization and Health. With short explanatory LinkedIn videos and articles, Dr. Martin, a Dublin-based public health expert, tackles the social and political structures that impact people’s health. Dr. Martin uses this platform so effectively, that LinkedIn named him among the Top Voices: Health Care in 2018. 

If you want to roll out similar videos quickly, try InVideo’s online video editor to compile all your footage, add smooth transitions, overlays and text, and get the ball rolling. To understand more about the different ways you can use video posts for LinkedIn, read this helpful blog.

When it comes to healthcare digital marketing, one of LinkedIn’s most important features for digital healthcare marketing is “Groups”, which you can join to establish authority and expertise. In the healthcare arena, popular LinkedIn groups include the American Medical Association, Association of Medical Media, and the Buckeye Alumni Network. 

D. How to market your healthcare services on Instagram

With Ads, Posts, Reels and Stories, healthcare marketing can really benefit from Instagram’s range of features, which reportedly far outweigh content on other platforms like Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook. On Instagram, your organization can attract new patients using Instagram Ads, and use the visual platform to show off your organization, your culture, and daily life on the job, and attract motivated employees who care about social outreach and the broader ethos of the work they do. Instagram is also a great way to visually demystify and humanize the healthcare industry through simple how-to tutorial videos, introduction video posts, testimonials, and so on. 

A great example of good Instagram healthcare marketing is St. Jude’s page. America’s leading pediatric care institution, St. Juden uses their IG feed to promote their ground breaking research conducted by its doctors, and to spotlight inspirational stories of the thousands of children and their families who walk through the hospital’s doors in search of hope. 

example of good Instagram healthcare marketing - St. Jude’s page

Even if you don’t have large research teams or research which is easy to share, don’t worry, you can still post relevant content on Instagram by sharing tips, educational content, and myth-busting content to help people out. This way you can position yourself as the healthcare provider whom families and communities can turn to.

Pro-tip: If you are a healthcare provider who primarily works in the mental health field, you can really leverage the increasing internet dependence by people looking to improve mental health, given that in 2021 people world over searched for how to maintain mental health more than ever before. By using video templates for Instagram, you can post uplifting and informative tips, motivational quotes, and really provide the comfort people are seemingly looking for.

E. How to market your healthcare services on Twitter

Twitter is quickly expanding its reach to incorporate healthcare marketing on its platform, with their recently announced partnership with Publicis Health Media (PHM), which will see Twitter integrated into key healthcare conferences throughout the year, ensuring that more people can keep in touch with relevant announcements, even if they can’t physically attend. Moreover, throughout 2021, at least 155 million tweets on the platform were by healthcare professionals.

According to social media experts, Twitter should be considered by healthcare organizations, providers, and marketers for a range of reasons: reputation management, establishing thought leadership, creating a community without advertising, and better targeting. The great thing about Twitter for healthcare digital marketing is that you can use jargon, share your articles, conference snippets, retweet others and share your original content through links to your blogs, white papers, and medical journal articles. 

A stellar example for how to do exactly this is Dr. Kevin Pho’s Twitter. Dr. Pho is a Twitter celebrity for students in the medical field, especially those in healthcare management programs. In addition to being a doctor, he tastefully curates various healthcare-related articles on his feed, bringing value in terms of information, and also establishing thought leadership and approachability to himself and his practice.

Dr. Kevin Pho’s Twitter Account

According to Twitter itself, healthcare brands can work towards healthy engagement on the platform. One example of this is medical device manufacturer Medtronic, which has separate Twitter handles for diabetes, spine care, vascular disease, ENT, and cardiac. Each is able to provide specific tips, advice, stories, and support specifically for those patients while getting the relevant products in front of their most likely consumers.

Pro-tip: Use the ‘Dr.’ prefix on your handle, because it instantly gives you an air of authority and authenticity, which works to your advantage on social media. It also helps bring together an organic community consisting of physicians you target, colleagues, experts, patients and industry leaders. To present your expertise in a bite sized way, use this quote template with minimal text which Twitter users can quickly read and benefit from while they are on the platform. 

F. How to market your healthcare services on Pinterest

Pinterest is a highly differentiated commercial venue for digital healthcare marketing, especially if you are a healthcare e-commerce brand and are using social media marketing to drive sales. Being a blend of social media and e-commerce, and having about 36 healthcare content categories, its commercial attributes for healthcare marketing are promising. 

Within Pinterest’s content, there is a strong emphasis on imagery, photography and graphics. Given that Pinterest has predominantly female users and reports suggesting that women end up making about 80% of healthcare decisions in households, your Pinterest healthcare marketing strategy should be able to resonate with this demographic.

A great example of healthcare digital marketing on Pinterest is Dr. Matthew Katz’s page. A community-based doctor dedicated to improving cancer care and health empowerment Dr. Katz’s Pinterest boards on breast cancer are a comprehensive collection of videos and images ranging from how to perform a breast exam, to what happens during a biopsy and the staging of breast cancer. Dr Katz provides a helpful explanation or summary with each of the images or videos he posts, thereby increasing his trust and approachability. 

healthcare digital marketing strategies

Another excellent example of Pinterest for digital healthcare marketing are campaigns run by the University of Utah, including the Women’s Heart Health board. To learn more about their campaigns, have a look at their excellent presentation Pin to Win: Using Pinterest for Health Care Marketing

To understand how you too can engage the Pinterest user demographic, and build connections with them, check out this useful guide on how to grow your business and create an impact through Pinterest.

#3 - Invest in and Run Creative Online Ads

Healthcare digital advertising is an extremely important marketing avenue for the industry, considering Google processes an average of 40,000 search queries pertaining to health per second. With its various nitty-gritties, however, it can be intimidating. 

There are a range of ads you can invest in: Search Ads, Display Ads, and Sponsored Social Media Content. The most promising avenues for healthcare organizations and brands are online Search Ads, specifically Pay Per Click (PPC) and Cost Per Mile (CPM) Ads. In the image below of Google results for the ‘best dentist in Atlanta’, the first few results that pop up are paid Search Ads.

Google paid Search Ads example

A great example of online google ads for healthcare digital marketing is the campaign run by Care Spot Urgent Care. With the mission to be an affordable alternative to the emergency room, USA-based Care Spot is a multi-location and nationally based urgent care provider. At the crux of CareSpot’s online advertising campaign was the singular mission of making it easier for patients to find the urgent care they need, therefore hey focused on Pay Per Click and Search Engine Optimization. By geotagging, geofencing and using keywords super strategically, they were able to rank #1 in local map listings in 50% of searches, and appear on page 1 of Google’s search pages in 100% of all searches.

example of online google ads by Care Spot Urgent Care 

Source: Cardinal Digital Marketing

Another industry example of ads for healthcare digital marketing is DailyBurn’s Facebook campaign, which packed some great information in videos under 1 minute. The video uses fear of missing out through the copy: “If you’re not watching DailyBurn365, here’s what you’re missing!” and also represents the target audience well, showing action shots of mostly women in a wide age range, who are “training for life,” rather than elite athletes or supermodels.

Pro-tip: Using video in your online ads for healthcare digital marketing can do wonders for your organization. If you are looking to create online ads with similar imagery which is relatable for your target audience,including families, children and communities, try this ready to use template and combine it with winning CTAs focused on your target audience and geography.

#4 - Prepare an Email Marketing Plan

So far we’ve discussed how you can meet prospective clients when they begin their healthcare search online, but there’s tremendous merit in reaching out to people before they even start looking. Email marketing has proven to be a cost-effective way to maintain communication, deliver important information, automate appointment reminders, and to engage patients. 

According to the MailerLite report, the average email open rate for health-related emails is 23.46%, with a very high click through rate of 3.62%. Moreover, 75% of adults who use the computer actually want branding, shopping and other info via email, and 90% of adults would prefer a doctor’s office that provides email communications.

There is a lot you can incorporate into your email marketing plan, including newsletters, welcome emails, webinar invitation emails, season’s greetings, and sign-up forms for your blogs and other channels. 

Email Marketing Plan

Source: Constant Contact

The key strategies in a good email marketing campaign are: personalization, automation and segmentation, which will better allow you to help you divide your subscribers into smaller groups based on a set of characteristics that will help you send more targeted emails. HealthLine takes advantage of email segmentation to promote content specifically to contacts who are interested in similar topics. 

HealthLine email segmentation

Source: Automizy

To get a broader view of email marketing and understand how to go about it step by step, check out this super helpful guide on email marketing which will help you create engaging emailers.

#5 - Set up an informative Blog

77% of people use search engines to start their medical journey, and well written, SEO-optimized medical blogs are a great way to attract them to your organization or practice, and can help you rank on search engines. 

Planning your editorial calendars around health months or other timely topics relevant to your organization is an excellent idea, because people often take comfort in reading about other patients who have experienced a treatment, condition or surgery they are facing. Tapping into this can help boost your blog’s readership numbers. 

An example of this is the Harvard Medical School Blog, which has a steady stream of content that covers a variety of health concerns. Its navigation makes it simple to browse topics by health categories, such as men’s health or heart health. Readers can easily find the blog subscription, and engagement is highlighted by showing the most-commented blog posts.

example of Harvard Medical School Blog

example of Harvard Medical School Blog

While you can feature testimonials in various places around your website, your blog is a great place for the audience to read in-depth about another patient's success. Rather than short clips, blogs are trending toward featuring in-depth patient stories on their journey from diagnosis to recovery.

Another fantastic blog is written and run by Calm, which posts guides, personal stories, product launches, and very actionable listicles in the mental health space. 

fantastic blog written and run by Calm

Pro-tip: Be sure to feature clear Calls to Action unique to your business goals, service lines, and target audiences at the end of your blogs to maximize their potential. You may want to consider a CTA at the top of your article or using a button at the end of your blog — or both. Simple adjustments like these can impact the overall effectiveness of your content.

3. Healthcare Digital Marketing Best Practices and Pro Tips

Now that you’re all caught up with some of the key winning digital marketing strategies for healthcare, let’s break down the best practices that you need to follow while implementing these strategies. Remember, healthcare as an industry is federally regulated and needs to abide by strict rules at all times, making it a challenging business to market as opposed to others. Keep the following tips in mind as you go about chalking out your healthcare digital marketing plan for 2024:

Tip #1 - Ensure you are policy compliant based on your geography

In the USA for example, all digital marketing content needs to be HIPAA Compliant. Any information that you would fully protect in the office or through your office database must remain private and secure when entered into a form on your website by website visitors. Similarly, read up the Truth in Healthcare Marketing Act 2017, a law which was enacted to protect consumers from deceptive and potentially misleading marketing practices by any business in the healthcare industry, and it covers all communications between patients and healthcare, so make sure you go over it before deciding on content

Tip #2 - Create a Patient Persona

Putting yourself in your patient’s shoes as they navigate healthcare online can really help you map out where you need to set up ad/post placements. Creating a Patient Persona is one way to do this. Here’s how you can craft a patient persona:

- Begin with actual patients you have
- Research their health attitudes, income levels, occupation, methods of payment, age 
- Access potential clients’ characteristics, needs, motivations, and environment
- Tailor unique messages to address their needs and assuage their particular pain points
- Design the optimal user experience for patients at all touchpoints
- Craft a message which will help convert
Source: ReferralMD

Tip #3 - Location based SEO

Geotagging your location in your digital content and using long-tail SEO search terms in your digital content are great ways to get targeted users to come to your website or mobile app. For example, if you’re a dental practice in Houston, Texas, it would be a good idea to run marketing campaigns and create unique content around topics like: ‘best dentists in Houston’, ‘dental procedures in Houston’, ‘Dental care Houston’ or even more specific ‘Where is the best dental practice in Houston, Texas.’ Ranking for all these keywords on the first page of search results will generate valuable and qualified traffic to your dental practice. To read more about SEO, have a look at these blogs.

Tip #4 - Build a visible and strong brand

A distinct brand story in the healthcare arena can really enhance your campaign, attract funding and employee talent, and hold together your various marketing verticals. Brand stories include strong mission statements, value propositions, logos, and a tagline. Invest in creatives which subtly reinforce brand recall, and follow it up with service and reviews that can become synonymous with your brand. Creating videos to launch your logo and tagline and posting them on social media can be a great step in this direction. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to make a stunning logo video, use the template below.

Tip #5 - Stay on Top of the Latest Trends

Having a marketing plan which includes social media also means jumping onto the latest Social Media trends, like Reels and TikToks to increase your visibility and chances of users finding you. Participating in these can really give your practice a human, relatable touch; here’s a template you could try for your own channel.

4. Top healthcare marketing agencies to work with

Now that we’ve tackled the basics of healthcare digital marketings and you have an idea of what you should be doing in order to market your healthcare business, let’s tackle the elephant in the room – the lack of time. Managing a healthcare practice and making time to be a great digital marketer can be incredibly difficult, with many doctors reporting hardly any spare time on top of their regular practice. 

In this scenario, a good idea is to take the help of professionals who specialize in digital marketing. To that effect, we’ve put together a list of the best healthcare digital marketing agencies that can help you spread the word more effectively.

A. Cardinal Digital Marketing, USA

For more than a decade, this SEO and digital marketing agency has partnered with some of the most recognizable healthcare, legal, and corporate brands in the United States, helping these multi-location organizations strengthen their brand and broaden their reach.

Among its high number of success stories in the healthcare digital marketing arena  is that of Bufferin. Buffern, a leading pharmaceutical company, enlisted Cardinal to design digital advertising campaigns for YouTube, paid social, paid search, and content channels to increase  product awareness and drive sales. The outcome was phenomenal: 1222% increase in new users, and 534% increase in page views. You can read more of their case studies here

B. McCann Health, New York

With offices in 35 locations across 6 continents, McCann Health has a strong focus on developing life-changing ideas that benefit public health, and provides strategic consulting, professional healthcare marketing, medical communications, consumer health and wellness, global health and specialty practices.

One of their best known success stories is their “Narayana Health Campaign”, which they did for the Indian multi-facility hospital chain by the same name. The goal of this campaign was to change the perception of people who looked at the chain as a “poor man’s hospital”. McCann’s solution was to create a robust social media presence for the organization. Within a year and a health, they were able to engage millions, subsequently named “most engaged healthcare community” by ET Healthworld. The hospitals in cities also saw an increase in the number of walk-ins following the social media campaigns.

To learn more about their work on digital marketing with hospitals, visit their website here.

C. Fishawack Health Group

With offices across three continents, Fishawack call themselves “an adept guide, comprising the best minds in medical communications, creative and consulting.” Having won over 15 awards, Fishawack have a highly impressive portfolio of success stories

One of them is their multichannel campaign to spotlight sudden cardiac arrest, including print, banner ads, a microsite, display materials, social media efforts, and partnerships with non-profit organizations and local influencers. The campaign reached countless students through a multichannel plan, and through a top publication in one market, delivered awareness reaching 1.9 million people over the course of two months. While a custom blog post program exceeded all benchmarks for awareness and engagement levels at >92%. Most importantly, the results were lifesaving, with over 200 teens registered for the heart screening event, including two who were found to have underlying heart conditions. 

D. Response Mine Digital

Response Mine Health is an award-winning direct response digital marketing agency that’s 100% HIPAA compliant. They specialize in SEO, SEM, display advertising, content marketing, and social media. Their stats are indeed impressive, with $475 million annual revenue earned for clients, and a whooping 2.5 billion annual impressions.

One of their most popular success stories is their work with Back Pain Centers of America, who had a reputation for finding great care for qualified patients, but struggled to compete with major healthcare brands. Through integrated SEO, content marketing and social media strategy, including a blog, an active social media presence, RMD was able to gain 40,000 impressions a month and 1,000 additional readers. With new pages optimized for SEO targeting, organic traffic grew by more than 100%.

Read more success stories here.

E. W20 Group

Founded by Jim Weiss in 2001, W2O Group is an analytics-driven creative marketing agency with 1,600 healthcare professionals and a number of clients and partners in pharma, biotech, and digital health. Their services span branding, content marketing, and data analytics. 

One of their best known success stories is Valiant, a campaign addressing the most common type of female sexual dysfunction (FSD), known as hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD). They found that Through social listening strategies, research found that the target audience responded positively to educating and entertaining content written in the style of women’s interest magazines. The results? 250 million media impressions, 22k quiz submissions, and some fantastic press.

To see their digital marketing for healthcare companies, have a look at their website.

Wrapping Up

Chalking out a robust healthcare digital marketing strategy, evidently, requires nailing quite a few aspects: great content strategy which prioritizes video, building a social media presence, investing in targeted online advertising, and putting out consistent engaging communication. In order to create lasting loyalty, build new and more connections and establish yourself in the healthcare space, you need to build a stellar online reputation and presence. While positive patient experience is an invaluable marketing tool in itself, take cues from this blog and start contributing to your social proof via the multifold digital avenues simultaneously. 

If you’d like to read more on the topic, check out this blog for some quick tips to create a sound hospital marketing strategy that involves doctors and patients alike. And if you want to incorporate videos in your healthcare marketing strategy, then check out these ready-to-use templates from InVideo.  

And if you prefer learning via videos, you definitely should check out our YouTube channel where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you make more money as a video creator.


This post was written by Kasturi and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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