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22 Real Estate Social Media Posts to Get More Leads in 2024

Mrignayni from InVideo
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47% of agents reported that they got the highest quality of leads from social media and more than 77% of them used social media to promote their business online. Add to that the fact that most real estate prospects spend most of their time on social media websites, and you know that if you want to grow your business and get qualified leads, you need to create content for social media platforms. 

So to help you out, we’ve come up with a list of ideas you can use to create compelling real estate social media posts for your business. And if you already have a few ideas and would like to get started, you can try creating thumb-stopping social media videos for your business using InVideo’s real estate video maker

Here’s what we’re covering in the article:

1. Give A Home Tour
2. Show A Sneak Peek Of Your Listing

3. Create A “Just Sold” Post

4. Share Milestones

5. Create A Thank You Post

6. Hop On A Live Session

7. Decode Real Estate Jargon

8. Share Memes 

9. Share testimonials

10. Make The Audience Meet Your Team

11. Give Market Updates

12. Share Open House Invitations

13. List The Best Home-Buying Tips

14. Narrate Personal Stories

15. Post Customer Success Stories

16. Share Renovation Tips

17. Create A Recurring Series

18. Create Posts Around Community Events

19. Collaborate With Local Experts

20. Educate Your Audience By Busting Myths

21. Host Giveaways

22. Send Wishes To Followers On Special Occasions

Pro Tips To Boost Your Brand Presence

Let’s get started.

1. Create Home Tour Videos

Once you’ve locked down a listing, you’ll need to promote it everywhere so it gets maximum exposure and increases the demand for the place. And the best way to promote a listing for free is to post a home tour video on your social media. Apart from getting you quality leads, home tour videos also get sellers with similar properties to reach out to you and follow you. 

Here’s an example of a great tour video by Josh that highlights all the attractions in the neighborhood and takes us through the property. 

Since people want to know they’re going to move to a safe and happening neighborhood even before they look at the property, he addresses this concern first. 

Then, he walks us through all the rooms in the house, gives us an idea of how large the house is, and paints a picture of what life would be like if the prospect moved into the place, so they comment on the post or send a DM to enquire more about the property.  

To make a home tour video like Josh, use the InVideo template below and add footage of each room to take viewers through the house, highlight the best features in each room, and tell prospects what life would look like once they’ve moved into the place. 

Use This Template

Pro-Tip: You can also convert your home tour video into an ad to get more people to engage with your post and follow you for similar properties. Check out these creative ad ideas and commonly used real estate ad ideas for more inspiration. 

2. Create A Listing Video 

Creating a video of a home that’s about to go on the market helps create anticipation and boosts demand for the property.  You can also make carousel posts to show the interior and exterior of your listings. Still, videos of listings get more engagement than static posts, so we've included a video example here. 

Take a look at this listing video that the Jenn Blake Real Estate Group created for a property in Wheatland Place. It gives key details about the house, highlights the property’s USP, and includes some of its best shots to get more sales inquiries from prospects. 

To create a listing video, use the InVideo template below and add snippets of footage showing the property’s best features. Then, add important details like the number of beds and baths and the carpet area of the house, and finish with a compelling CTA that will prompt people to take action.

Use This Template 

3. Create A “Just Sold” Post

Showcasing properties you've sold is a great way to build social proof and subtly sell your services via social media. It can give prospects an idea of your expertise and turn them into warm leads by making them feel more comfortable reaching out to you. 

For example, check out Nicole's "Just Sold" Instagram Reel, which shows how she got an all-cash offer thousands of dollars above the selling price. She’s not directly selling her services in this post, but it still nudges prospects to contact her as it shows them that she’s willing to put in the grind to make sure they don’t leave money on the table when they’re selling their house. 

To create a video like Nicole, add pictures of the property, the price at which it was sold, the time it stayed on the market, and add all the information in this InVideo template below. You can also go one step further and add a talking-head video that explains how you sold the property to increase your chances of getting more inquiries. 

Use This Template

4. Share Milestones 

Many realtors shy away from posting about their big and small wins on social media as they think it’ll annoy their followers. But in reality, milestones make some of the best real estate social media posts. They create an opportunity to get more people in the community to notice your services and thereby get leads in the long term by building trust and credibility. 

So, create milestone posts now and then as Douglas Elliman does. The slideshow is less than a minute long and doesn’t include a direct sell. But it helps convince prospects that if they need their property sold, Douglas Elliman is the right firm to help them. 

To create a simple slideshow video like Douglas Elliman, modify the appreciation template below to add your achievements in the past month or year. You can also add different text styles and finish the video with music and a subtle CTA. 

Use This Template

5. Create A Client Appreciation Post

Celebrating your client’s new home and sharing your experience of working with them makes them feel valued. So, they’ll be more likely to reciprocate the gesture by giving a great testimonial, sending more referrals your way, and sharing your post on their social media. 

For inspiration, take a look at this video realtor Kina has posted on Instagram. Her thoughtful gift and personalized “Thank you” card help create a better relationship with the client and make them more likely to come back for more. 

To create a “thank you” post, shoot a talking-head video telling your viewers what you liked about working with them. Then, use this intro template below to introduce yourself in a few seconds and encourage prospects to follow you. 

And if you’re giving prospects a personalized gift, you can also add footage of the packaging process like Kina did.

Use This Template

6. Hop On A Live Session

Interacting with your audience on live sessions should be a crucial part of your brand-building exercise, as people always prefer unscripted and raw sessions over scripted videos. So, sharing your stories, experience, and expertise on live sessions entertains the audience, teaches them something new, and encourages them to follow you and consume more of your content. 

You can also conduct a house tour on a live session and promptly answer all the questions your prospects have to get inquiries on the property. 

Plus, social media algorithms also favor live sessions. Consider creating a weekly or bi-weekly schedule to go live and share valuable insights as Glenda does. 

In this session, she busts some common real estate myths, shares stories, and dishes out her real estate expertise. The whole interaction is personal and makes it seem like she’s directly talking to the viewers, making it more likely for her to get followers and receive DMs from potential prospects. 

To ensure you have a successful live stream, you will need to spread the word. A good idea is to create a promotional post or video, like this one below, to invite your audience members to attend the live. 

Use This Template

Ask your followers to drop questions in the live chat and bring out a little of your personality while answering and interacting with them during the actual live stream. 

7. Decode Real Estate Jargon 

Your prospects don’t have time to decode real estate jargon like “inspection contingency” and “probate sale.” But these are important terms they must be aware of if they’re buying or selling a house. 

So, creating a mini-series that breaks down this jargon could be a great idea for real estate social media posts as they help establish you as the expert while simplifying challenging concepts for your audience. 

You might not get leads from these types of posts right away, but it’ll pay dividends in the long term as it’ll encourage your followers to seek you out when they want to buy or sell a house. For example, take a look at this slideshow video from Realtor Maria on the different contingencies in real estate. It holds viewers’ attention as it’s less than a minute long and uses simple terms anyone can grasp quickly. The subtle CTA at the end also nudges users to contact her if they’ve got more real estate queries. 

To create a simple slideshow video like the one above, use the real estate template below and change the definitions and pictures. Upload your logo and details to finish. 

Use This Template

8. Share Memes

The good thing about social media is you don’t always have to be super formal and serious. Instead, you can inject humor into your real estate social media posts to better connect with your audience and peers and get everyone to have a good laugh. Memes are a great way to accomplish this task because they’re relatable, shareable, and grab attention quickly. 

Here’s an example of a real estate meme from Ryan Pineda (The Broke Agent), which shows how stressed realtors are on a daily basis. 

example of a real estate meme from Ryan Pineda

To create a funny real estate meme, understand the context in which each template is used and tweak it for real estate. Or you can go with something already popular in the real estate world as the free real estate meme, and tweak it for your brand. Check out the template below and make it your own: 

Use This Template

Check out other real estate meme templates on InVideo and make memes a part of your social media posting schedule.  

9. Share testimonials from happy customers 

Testimonials help build trust and credibility in your services as people with the same problem as your prospects are vouching for the results you’ll get them. In other words, they do the selling for you, as your prospects outline the problems they faced and how your unique expertise and values helped solve them. 

Here’s an example of a testimonial post by Realtor Lisa in which the client highlights her professionalism and how she sold the property before it was on the market. 

Since it’s every seller’s dream to work with a professional agent who will get their property sold before it hits the market, this testimonial will encourage sellers in the locality to reach out to her. 

example of a testimonial post by Realtor Lisa

To create a testimonial post for yourself, you can either post screenshots of reviews from platforms like Google My Business or create videos by combining testimonials of multiple clients. Use this template below to create your testimonial video to post on your social media channels:

Use This Template

While structuring the testimonial, ask your clients to highlight exactly how you helped them reach their real estate goals and what life looks like after you’ve helped them, so prospects know how you work and are assured that you’re the right person for the job. 

10. Make The Audience Meet Your Team

Making videos that introduce your team and highlight your workplace culture is an excellent way of bolstering a connection with potential customers and opening the floor for potential talent to work with you. By showcasing a glimpse of your work culture, you’re making yourself feel more trustworthy and approachable in the eyes of the customer. 

Here’s an example of Farooq Syed (CEO of Springfield Properties) showing us how his team works and what a typical day at his office looks like. He meets all his employees, asks if they enjoy working at the office, and highlights their special qualities and achievements to attract hires that resonate with their culture and values. 

The best part is that this video will also get him clients because he builds social proof by showing them the magazines the company was featured in and telling prospects about an employee who closed a million-dollar deal during the previous conversation he had with the employees. 

To create a video like Farooq, you can shoot a day at your office, so potential candidates get a glimpse of your workplace culture and what a typical workday looks like. But if you’re short on time, modify the team introduction template we’ve given below by adding descriptions that highlight each member’s strength and the milestones they’ve crossed after working for your company.

You can also add your team members’ hobbies and interests, so they come across as relatable. Add another scene and list why candidates should choose you before ending the video with a CTA. 

Use This Template

11. Give Market Updates 

Buyers and sellers need to analyze the market and determine if it’s the right time to buy or sell their houses. So, giving prospects housing market updates in the area and letting them know what they should be doing next helps you build authority. 

Here’s an example of a real estate market update from Realtor Jason. He explains the reason behind the surge in market prices and links to another video that gives actionable advice on the steps homebuyers should take to navigate this uncertain market. Since the video offers valuable information and links to another video with important tips and advice instead of forcing a hard sell, home buyers in the area are more likely to work with Jason than other realtors. 

To create a value-packed real estate market update video, show charts, and break down the information in simple terms so your prospects can understand it easily. If you want to add a more premium/professional feel to the charts in your market update videos, use the InVideo template below.  All you’ve got to do is replace the statistics  with the numbers from your research or sources. 

Also, include links to other videos they might find helpful and continue engaging them so they’re compelled to reach out to you for advice on their real estate issues. 

Use This Template

12. Share Open House Invitations

Sharing open house invitations is a great way to create more demand and drive higher prices for the home as these can potentially be viewed by thousands of people. Open house parties also help serious homebuyers visualize how they’ll spend time with their family and influence their buying decision. So, conducting an open house invite and sending out open house invitations should be a part of your marketing strategy to sell a house. 

You can get your team to hand out door-to-door invitations and post a video on social media as Amir Lancaster does. He simply asks viewers to attend an open house invite in the neighborhood even if they’re not buying to check out the market. 

This no-obligation statement removes the pressure of buying and gets more people to check out the house, resulting in more exposure and more demand. It also helps Amir build a rapport with others in the community so they’ll go to him for their real estate needs. 

In short, the invite helps him get the highest price for the house and helps him make connections who could be potential clients. 

To create an open house invite video, use the template below, add the venue and a few pictures of the listing, and add a no-obligation statement to encourage people to check out the house. 

Use This Template

13. List The Best Home-Buying Tips

Buying a home is always challenging and homebuyers are always on the lookout for tips that can ease the decision-making and clear up all the confusion around it. 

So, content around home-buying tips is a great way to reach your prospects and get them to convert as it helps you become a part of their conversation and grab their attention quickly. 

If you’d like some inspiration, take a look at this video from Realtor Shaheeda where she shares finance-related home-buying tips for first-time home buyers. The video demystifies things like taxes, mortgages, and loans and links to other videos so homebuyers are fully prepared when it’s time to buy a house. 

The best part is that Shaheeda’s content is also valuable for people planning to buy a house in a few years. So, apart from converting immediate homebuyers, she’s also making future homebuyers aware of her services. As a result, she’ll stay on top of their minds and they’ll also be more likely to hire her in the future. 

To create a home-buying tips video in less than 5 minutes, you can simply tweak this home-buying tips template and add your tips. Just ensure that the tips are actionable, and you break down any jargon in the video to ensure that people stick with you throughout the video.

Use This Template

14. Narrate Personal Stories

Storytelling helps you connect better with prospects and sell your services more effortlessly. So, share a real estate story every now and then like realtor Bryan Casella does. In this video, he talks about an extreme real estate scenario involving lawsuits and how he tackled the situation and sold the property.  

The engaging story shows prospects how Byan deals with unfavorable situations and highlights the dedication he has towards his clients, so it makes them trust him and encourages them to reach out to him for real estate advice. 

One way to create a story that sells is to start with a brief introduction, go into the roadblocks and unpleasant surprises your client faced, and how you helped them buy or sell their house for a fair price. Also, offer a key takeaway and a CTA to urge people to contact you and stop them from making the same mistake. For example, you could say, “get your finances sorted before you decide to buy and reach out to me if you’ve got any questions. I’ll be happy to help.”

Use This Template

15. Post Customer Success Stories

Customers need to know that you understand their journey and fears well enough to trust you and start working with you. And the best way to convince them to get you on board is to share stories of how you helped your customers buy or sell their houses. 

Why? Customer stories do the selling for you by talking about how you helped solve your client’s real estate problems and why they should check you out over your competitors. For example, take a look at this customer story that Zach posted on his channel. 

It starts with how they found the realtors, goes into the difficulties they faced and the doubts they had and ends with how Jack helped them secure their dream home without any hassle. This video works very well to get leads because it speaks to prospects who face similar difficulties and problems and assures them that Zack is the right guy. 

To make a customer story that sells your services, ask your prospects questions like these and then use the answers to create a carousel or video post:

- What was stopping you from buying/selling your home?
- What steps did you try before you found us?
- What did we do differently from other agents/agencies you’ve spoken to before?
- What would you say to someone to get them signed up with us?

Once you’ve got these answers, use this real estate template to compile it into a video. Then, in the template, simply replace the default video with yours and add your logo and website details. 

Click To Use This Template

16. Share Renovation Tips 

Homeowners look for ways to increase the value of their property and make it more appealing so they can rent or sell it easily. And if you give them actionable tips on how they can renovate their properties, you can build your brand awareness and encourage them to check out other posts that will push them further down the funnel and convert them into leads. 

Here’s an example of a renovation tips video from realtor Graham. He shares simple tips that will help homeowners give their place a premium feel and improve renter satisfaction. The best part is that all the renovations are affordable and can be done by homeowners themselves. So, they get more returns and feel compelled to watch more of Graham’s videos or reach out to him to get help selling their house. 

To make a renovation tips video, use the template shown below and replace the default text and images with the relevant images and descriptions. Then, add royalty-free music and voiceover, and end the video with a CTA to check out other relevant videos on your channel.

Use This Template

17. Create A Recurring Series

Apart from helping you build trust with your audience, creating a series of image or video posts will give you an SEO boost and improve your Google rankings over time. Also, creating a series as a part of your real estate video marketing strategy will increase engagement over time. 

For inspiration, take a look at Erik Conver’s Living In New York series. The playlist contains everything from What living in New York looks like to the cost of living in the city. So, if a prospect is planning to move to the city, they can learn everything about it and eventually reach out to Erik to help them find a place. 

Here’s a video from Erik’s series where he talks about how to rent a place in New York. He goes in-depth into how you should start apartment hunting in the city, gives you the price ranges in the area, and shows prospects a tour of the houses, and what they should look out for so they can find apartments in a short time. The video is packed with information, and prospects watching the entire series will be more likely to reach out to him if they want to rent an apartment in NY. 

To create a recurring video series, ask your followers to list all their real estate questions using the Instagram Questions feature in the stories or write them down in your YouTube comments. Then, pick out the most commonly asked questions and put them into groups according to relevance. For example, if first-time home buyers ask for finance-related tips and specific questions on the types of loans they can take, you can create a series on helping first-time homebuyers sort their finances before they buy a home. 

Once you've picked out the topic, use a template like the one shown below, start with the most common mistake prospects make or the problems they face, and give clear advice on how to solve their problem or avoid getting into one. End with a CTA to check out other videos in the series. 

Use This Template

18. Create posts around community events 

Apart from being a great way to contribute and give back to the community, local events can also be a great way to build awareness about your services in the community by connecting naturally with people. 

So, consider promoting local events on your real estate page, contributing to them, and building connections there to make more people aware of your services. You can even promote these events along with your regular content as Jennifer does. In this video, she talks about local events and why people should attend them before moving to the real estate market updates for that month. 

This will encourage people to attend these events, and Jennifer will get a chance to introduce herself to the community and market her services. 

To promote a community event, you can create a separate video by editing the event template below or use market update templates and add more scenes to talk about the events and why everyone should attend them. 

Use This Template

19. Collaborate With Local Experts 

Collaborating with local experts on your social media is one of the best ways to get new prospects as it allows you to tap into their network and make connections easily. 

Here’s an example of realtor Luis Reyes collaborating with Kyle, a loan consultant. The 2-minute interview covers everything about Kyle’s services and why people should hire him. 

Since the loan consultant talks about the market and the importance of hiring a great realtor, his audience will be prompted to consult with Luis about their real estate problems. 

To create a collaboration video like Luis, modify the template below to introduce the expert and the topic you’ll be covering in the video. For the video, request the guest to introduce themselves and ask them relevant questions like Luis does to promote your services without being salesy. 

Use This Template

20. Educate your audience by busting myths

Often, buyers and sellers think they can save on real estate commissions if they take care of the whole process without external help. But in the process, they make some grave mistakes that delay their house sale or purchase because they worked off based on many myths. So, you can debunk these myths to help out people with their real estate investment while positioning yourself as the expert. 

Here’s a video from The Avenue Home Collective debunking the myths around the selling process. For each myth she debunks, she also includes a story of a client who was badly affected because of it and how she helped them get a better deal. 

Throughout the video, she adds value with her tips and gains prospects’ trust by showing them that she has their best interest at heart. As a result, home sellers watching the video will be more likely to reach out to her if they’re making the same mistakes. 

To create a video that debunks myths, use a listicle template like the one below and add your points to the template. You can also do a talking-head video and add transitions and text slides before and after every myth to break down the information into bite-sized pieces. 

Use This Template

21. Host Giveaways

Conducting giveaways is one of the best ways to improve your reach and engagement on social media for a short time. It also helps you stay on top of your prospects’ minds and improves your brand awareness. 

For inspiration, take a look at this 1st year’s anniversary giveaway from Oh My Homes Philippines, in which they’re giving away P 10,000 to a random follower. Since it's easy to participate in the giveaway, people will be more likely to follow them. 

1st year’s anniversary giveaway from Oh My Homes Philippines

To create a successful giveaway, choose a lucrative prize that will encourage your followers to participate in the contest and list the rules and steps people will need to take to participate in the giveaway. Just ensure that the process isn’t too complicated and once the giveaway is over, post a picture of the winners to congratulate them. 

Pro-Tip: You can easily convert this static post into a video using InVideo’s giveaway templates. 

22. Send Wishes To Followers On Special Occasions 

Special occasions are a great way to stay fresh in the minds of your current prospects and previous clients and improve your real estate brand awareness and recognition. 

Here’s a Women’s Day video from Edison Real Estate appreciating women. It’s simple and resonates with their followers, so the post is more likely to be shared, increasing the page’s exposure and followers. 

To make a special occasions video for your audience, you first need to earmark important days around the year that you can create content around. Check out InVideo’s calendar for this and then use specific templates we have for each of these days to create posts quickly and easily. You can start by using the template below and adding your wishes. You can also spruce it up with stock media and change the music if necessary. 

Use This Template

Now that you have your ideas sorted let’s look at a few things you need to keep in mind while creating your social media posts to ensure maximum return on your investment of time and effort. 

5 Real Estate Social Media Tips That’ll Help You Get High-Quality Leads

Creating content on social media means optimizing it for capturing your audience’s attention. So apart from the key tips we’re about to discuss, ensure that you focus on keeping your posts crisp and to-the-point, use high-quality visuals (both images and video) and let your personality come through. Apart from this, here are some things you should consider to optimize the ROI on your social media posts: 

Tip #1 - Set Social Media Goals 

You’ve probably heard this before, but we’ll say it again: “Posting random content on random days isn’t going to help you build brand awareness or get leads from social media.”

To get real results from social media, you’ll need to map your real estate business goals to your social media goals and start working backwards to achieve them. Here’s an infographic from Hootsuite that explains this concept better. You can also check out this real estate marketing plan for an in-depth explanation of this point. 

real estate marketing plan for an in-depth explanation

Remember that your social media goals need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. 

Here’s an example of a SMART social media goal for your real estate business:

We’ll grow our followers by 25% by the end of this quarter to boost the brand awareness of our real estate business. 

Once you’ve set your overall goals, you’ll need to choose meaningful metrics to track these goals. In the above example, the number of followers is the metric the agency has chosen to track based on their goals. For more information on how to choose your metrics, take a look at this social media metrics post from Hootsuite.

Tip #2 - Choose Social Media Platforms That Work For Real Estate

Most realtors try to be present on every social media platform that’s out there in the hopes of building a strong organic presence on each one of them. But this approach is counterintuitive as they end up stretching themselves too thin, and their posts don’t perform well on any platform. 

So, to make the most out of social media for real estate, you’ll need to pick 2-3 platforms that will help you achieve the goals we talked about in the previous section. Again, don’t make this choice random. 

Study the various uses of each platform and make a list of the ones your target audience hangs out on. For example, if your target audience is veterans aged above 50, it might not be a good idea to post content on Snapchat. 

You can also do a social media audit to find out which platforms give you the best engagement and start working from there.  

Tip #3 - Post Consistently 

You could be the best realtor in your locality, but nobody’s going to discover the awesome work that you do and the value you provide for your clients if you show up every day for three weeks and stop posting altogether after that. 

This is where consistency comes in. It helps you stay fresh in the minds of your followers and increases your engagement as the algorithm starts favoring you. This means you can stand out in the real estate space and get more leads for your business. 

Also, posting consistently doesn’t mean you should bombard your followers with posts several times a day. It means you should show up at a frequency that you’re comfortable with based on the time and resources you’ve got at hand.

So, decide the frequency at which you’re going to post, create a content calendar and schedule your posts beforehand, so you don’t miss posting. 

Tip #4 - Engage With Your Audience 

Your followers don't want to be hit with new listings day in and day out. They're actively looking for answers to their real estate queries, and answering them makes them more likely to work with you.  

The purpose of social media is not to simply keep tooting your horn but to meet your prospects where they hang out the most. Answer their questions and reply to DMs and comments to build genuine connections that you can foster in the long term. 

You can also send a thank you message to your new followers, tell them what to expect from your page, and encourage them to contact you with real estate queries, so they feel like proactively supporting you and engaging with your content regularly. 

Tip #5 - Make Video A Part Of Your Real Estate Social Media Strategy 

We can’t stress this enough, but videos are imperative if you plan on growing your real estate business online. Houses with video listings get 403% more inquiries than houses without, and realtors have reported a 40% increase in business after investing in video marketing. 

Despite being aware of these statistics, many realtors haven’t started using videos as a part of their social media strategy because they can be time-consuming and cumbersome to create. But they don’t have to be, especially if you use video creation tools such as InVideo.  With a cloud-based editor, over 5,000 ready-to-use templates, and a library of over 8 million stock assets, InVideo makes it super easy to create videos for your real estate business. 

Wrapping Up

We’ve looked at how real estate social media posts can help grow your real estate business and what you should do to get brand awareness, recognition, and leads for your business. But social media is only a small part of the real estate marketing puzzle. You also want to take a look at these blogs on real estate digital marketing and real estate marketing to see how you can use these strategies for your brand. 

If you prefer learning via videos, you should check out our YouTube channel, where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you make more money as a video creator.

And if you're looking to create thumb-stopping videos for your brand or business, sign up for InVideo today!

This post was written by Mrignayni and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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