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How To Promote Your Business On Facebook (And 3 Mistakes To Avoid)

Ritika from InVideo
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Every business should be on social media, especially Facebook, which has over 2.41 billion monthly active users. This social media platform is the perfect place for small businesses, startups, and even enterprises to expand their audience and engage with potential customers from its powerful ad targeting options to Facebook groups and the marketplace.

With a Facebook page, you can legitimize your business and make it look more credible. On the contrary, if a customer isn’t able to find your Facebook page as well, they might assume your business is outdated or even untrustworthy. 

How to Promote your Business effectively on Facebook

Step 1: Create a Business Page

The first thing you need to do to have a professional and reliable presence on Facebook is to create a business page for your company. While you might already be promoting your brand on your personal profile, it just isn’t enough. Not only will a Facebook business page make your brand look more credible, but it will also come in handy when your customers are trying to search for your brand online.

Create A Business Page on Facebook

When you set up a Facebook page, you will get a lot of options to customize it. You can add a profile photo, video covers, and other relevant information about your business, such as an address, working hours, and product offerings. Facebook gives you an option to add a Call-To-Action (CTA) on your page where you can add a targeted link to your company website.

Pro-tip: Videos should definitely be a part of your business page on Facebook. You can upload cover videos and video posts to get more traction. And to create these videos you can take the help of InVideo for business where you can get tailor-made templates for your brand as well as on-demand video editing services. Get your free demo here

Step 2: Invite people to like your Facebook Page

Invite People To Like Your Facebook Page

With your Facebook page up and running, it’s time to invite people to like your page. While you won’t be able to get your customers to like your page immediately, you can invite your Facebook friends to like and share your page. If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you can put up a poster with your Facebook page URL to get even more followers.

Step 3: Post regularly

You should post on your Facebook page at least once every day to connect with your audience and let them know you are active on the social media platform. While it is important to post regularly, quality content is crucial. You need to post content that your followers find interesting and engaging. If most of your followers don’t engage with your posts, Facebook will show less and less of your posts to users, even if they like and follow your page.

Post Regularly

That is why, when it comes to creating content for your Facebook page, you should:

- Experiment with different types of posts, including photos, videos, links, and simple text. You can then see which types of posts perform better and increase their posting frequency accordingly
- Organize polls on your Facebook page and ask questions connected to your brand and industry
- Focus on building a quality audience that is actively interested in your brand
- Regularly check Facebook Insights to see how people engage with your posts and how many people you are able to reach. It can also help you find the right time to post on Facebook to maximize your page’s reach

Pro-tip: To know the best time to post on Facebook, read this blog. 

Step 4: Try Facebook Ads

If you have been trying to expand your reach organically on Facebook and you haven’t had much success, you can try out Facebook Ads. With promoted and sponsored content, Facebook puts your posts in front of your target audience – potential customers interested in the kind of products or services that you offer but may have never heard about your brand before.

Facebook’s tools are incredibly effective in finding and targeting a specific audience. You can target users based on their location, gender, age, interests, and behavior. It’s also possible to directly target people who are already following your competitor’s page. You can use Facebook ads to get more likes, increase sales, improve brand awareness, capture leads, and much more.

Try Facebook Ads

If you aren’t sure about creating a full-on ad campaign on Facebook, then you can start by promoting one of your existing posts. While promoted posts are also essentially Facebook ads only, you have to spend much less time on publishing them since your ad creatives are already ready.

It’s always best to boost a post that is performing well organically because it is more likely to be successful as a promoted post.

To promote an existing post, you just need to click on the ‘Boost Post’ button present, select the audience, budget, and other details. Note that Facebook has retired some ad formats because of which you won’t see the ‘Boost Post’ button in some of your posts.

Also, make sure your posts comply with all of Facebook’s advertising policies before you create and publish ads.

Pro-tip: You should consider investing in video ads to increase your ROI. InVideo for business can help you do this with tailor-made ad templates for your brand. Get your free demo here

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Step 5: Join Facebook Groups

While LinkedIn is the most obvious place for people to start networking with other professionals, Facebook is best to connect with prospective customers and leads through Groups. There are numerous groups on Facebook which are dedicated to various interests, hobbies, professions, and industries. You can use your personal account to join these groups and draw attention to your business.

Join Facebook Group

For instance, if you offer gardening products, you can join Facebook gardening groups and establish yourself as an authority figure and recommend your products to other members of the group. The only thing to watch out for is that you should never be too sales-driven in your conversations. It is the quickest way to turn off other users who might be potentially interested in your brand. Instead, you should focus on helping users with your expert and genuine advice.

Step 6: List your events

Business promotion - List Your Events

Whether you are hosting a webinar, holding a live session on Facebook, or organizing a sale at your retail outlet, make sure to add all of your event details on Facebook so that your followers and customers can always stay up to date. You can also ask interested users to RSVP and even give feedback about the event.

Pro tips: You can use recorded clips from your events and turn those into standalone posts for your Facebook page. If you don't want to go through the hassle of doing this all by yourself, enlist the help of InVideo for business where you can get on-demand video editing services for your Facebook videos. Get your free demo here

Mistakes to avoid when promoting

1. Don’t make your content too generic

The goal of promoting your business on Facebook isn’t to get more likes or followers — it’s to get more paying customers. That is why you shouldn’t fall into the trap of posting generic content that relates to the majority of users and gives you higher engagement but doesn’t really help you reach your target audience. After all, 50 likes and 5 sales from a post is better than 2000 likes and no sales. That is why you should focus on posting content that connects with your target audience and put the focus on your products.

At the same time, you shouldn’t focus too much on your brand and neglect your customers on Facebook. Caring for your followers and responding to all of their comments will bring them back to your page and make them feel like part of a big community.

2. Not maintaining brand uniformity

Most businesses often don’t understand the importance of aligning their Facebook page messaging with their business goals and vision. It’s crucial to remember that your brand’s Facebook page is a part of the company, and your customers interact with it every day. That is why the page should have the same personality and voice as the brand itself.

In fact, your Facebook page images and captions should also be similar to your brand messaging on other social media platforms to maintain uniformity. Brand messaging should always be a mix of casual and professional – it is social media, after all.

3. Not taking advantage of video posts

While the average engagement rate of text and image posts on Facebook is 3.6 percent, video posts can drive an average engagement of 6.13 percent. That means, if you are still not using videos to promote your business on Facebook, you are essentially losing out on over half of your audience. Moreover, when videos are optimized for mobile, they can achieve a 27 percent brand lift on Facebook.

InVideo video maker

If you have been wondering how to market your business in the most effective way possible, start by sharing engaging videos on Facebook. You can use a free video ad maker tool like InVideo to create videos for business promotions and directly share them on the social media platform. With Facebook ad manager, you can also directly post ads on Instagram and reach a wider audience.

InVideo works as an Instagram video editor, allowing you to design custom video ads for your brand in just a few clicks.

And if you don't have the bandwidth to create all your videos from scratch, InVideo for business can help you with tailor-made Facebook posts and ad templates. Get your free demo here

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Promote your business effectively

Promote Your Business Effectively - InVideo FB page example

Create a Facebook page for your brand and start posting every day. Make sure you communicate with your customers and encourage them to comment and like your posts.

Wrapping up

That’s a round-up of everything you’ll need to know about promoting your business on Facebook.

If you’re looking for more ideas on what can be posted on Facebook stories, check out this ready-reckoner list of 50+ Facebook and Instagram Story ideas to hit the ground running.

And if you're looking to create gold-standard videos for your Facebook page in minutes, InVideo for business can help you with tailor-made templates for your Facebook videos as well as on-demand video editing services. Get your free demo here

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