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InVideo's free-to-use Pikachu meme generator helps you make your communication playful and sometimes downright funny, by introducing the iconic, adorable character Pikachu from the Pokemon series. Choose from thousands of free Pikachu memes in the InVideo library, and customize them with swag. Sign up today for free!

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How to Make Pikachu Meme Online?

One of the coolest ways to cut through the clutter on social media is to infuse humor into your messaging. Memes are one of the most popular tools, and when a beloved character like Pikachu is the main subject, it can be even more powerful.
Memes can be used in many scenarios – official PowerPoint presentations, social media pages, invitation cards, personal communication, and even workplace communication tools. InVideo's range of Pikachu memes is perfect for diverse contexts and conversations.
You can customize the text for every meme template, based on the message you want to communicate. Keep the communication brief and simple to create that swag.
Memes are also used by brands extensively to balance serious communication with a playful vibe. Pikachu memes are a perfect fit as they are adorable and non-controversial.
While professional communication definitely needs to be serious, a Pikachu meme can lend a casual, humorous vibe to the workweek. You can use it in on your office communication tools, emails as well as WhatsApp groups.

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How to Create Your First Pikachu Meme?

Sign up and log in to InVideo, and click on the Pikachu memes tab.
Choose from thousands of free Pikachu memes and zero in on a template that goes with the mood and context of your messaging.
Once you've selected the image, the next step is to finalize the text of your meme. You can choose to retain some part of the placeholder text if it is relevant and customize the rest.
Preview the completed meme, and make changes if required. Text plays a key role in the success of the meme, so make sure it reads well. A meme needs to have just the right vibe for impact.
Once you are completely happy with your Pikachu meme, upload it to your social media, WhatsApp, or any other channel of communication!
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5 Rules To Master Pikachu Memes

1. Pikachu memes can be used in so many different contexts and for almost every life scenario – work culture, relationships, parenting, social causes, mood conversations, and tons more. Be open to experimenting and letting this lovable character into every realm.

2. Three of the most popular themes include surprised Pikachu memes, detective Pikachu memes, sad baby Pikachu, and shocked Pikachu memes. Between these four meme templates, you can really say a lot! So, keep trying out different ones, and mix it up.

3. Pikachu memes are also used on platforms such as twitter to respond to trending topics ranging from world news and politics to social causes and other important conversations. Juxtaposing humor, especially if it is with a hashtag around a serious topic, can create more impact.

4. Another great context to use memes is education. Introducing a beloved anime character is a great way to communicate with children and make a traditionally heavy subject lighter.

5. Text and visuals in any meme must go well for a meme to go viral. So, be sure to keep it very crisp, sharp, and bring on your satire game.

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Have Fun And Experiment!

The best part about memes is that they provide comic relief even on the dullest day, and can be used across all platforms. Here are some fun ways to make them even more unique and memorable.

Try Many Variations
Pikachu memes have many different expressions and stories behind them. For example, the image of a baby Pikachu is often used when talking about funny, adorable childhood memories. Keep trying out new variations to keep the communication fresh and fun.

Use The Right Meme
The text of your meme should complement the expression of Pikachu. So, choose the right one carefully, based on whether you are trying to provoke and be irreverent or just spreading some joy on a dull day.

Always Be Sensitive
Pikachu memes can be used to cheer a loved one who might be feeling low. But sometimes humor can backfire. Make sure you use the meme in the right context and are sensitive, especially when using memes to make a point.

Preview Your Posts
It's a good idea to preview your memes before uploading them on social media, to see whether they will have the right impact. Run it by colleagues if it is to be used for social or official communication.

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What is a Pikachu meme?

Pikachu is one of the most popular characters in the Pokemon series. This squirrel-inspired character became so popular that its expressions inspired millions of Pikachu memes around the world. Pikachu is now over 20 years old!

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