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Create vertical videos that highlight the USP of your product or service and grow sales using InVideo. With dozens of editable templates to choose from, creating videos is now like a walk in the park. Sign up now for free to InVideo! Get started right away!

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Want To Know How To Make Vertical Videos Engaging? Try These Tips

Use zoom to highlight the details.
Add bright colors that pop out to attract attention.
Talk in a language your audience finds relatable.
Always mention your USP.

All your video creation needs packed in one simple platform.

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Get Your Hands On InVideo's Video Maker And Create Exciting Vertical Videos

Log in to InVideo's video maker.
Go to the 'Quick Videos' section and select the 'Vertical Video' templates. Choose from a range of amazing vertical video templates.
Upload your media or select from InVideo's massive library of iconic photos and appealing videos. You can also add sound to your video from our captivating music library.
Edit the selected template until your vertical video is nothing less than exceptional.
Done? Click on export the video, download it, and post it online! Now, you are officially a vertical video maker!
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Types Of Vertical Videos You Can Use To Promote Your Brand

1. MICRO-VIDEOS Micro-videos are short vertical videos that focus on just one topic. Keeping the short attention span of viewers in mind, these are relatively shorter vertical videos that last for less than a minute. Create everything from Facebook vertical video to Instagram vertical videos to get your story across.

Brands usually create a series of micro-videos focusing on a particular product to explain each function separately. These help consumers grasp all the information they need and keeps them interested in watching these bite-sized videos.

2. TUTORIAL VIDEOS A tutorial video is one where there is a step-wise explanation of a product and how it works.
Big brands usually offer a step-by-step tutorial video, giving an in-depth explanation of their newly launched product. In this case, tutorial vertical videos help consumers understand the product and its use more accurately, hence prompting them to make the purchase.

3. PRESENTATION AND LECTURE CAPTURE In this type of video, a lecture or presentation about the brand's product is recorded and uploaded for viewers and consumers.
This type of video is beneficial for brands that want to reach a massive audience in a short time.

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Spread Knowledge About Your Brand Through Vertical Videos With InVideo

Using InVideo's video maker, spreading brand awareness is a cakewalk. The world has changed, so have marketing techniques. With so many different companies striving to get their sales high, standing out can be a bit difficult and overwhelming.

We at InVideo can change that overwhelming feeling to a fantastic experience. With the help of InVideo’s creative vertical video templates and attention-grabbing music, create content that makes you feel content! You can add a splash of personality to your vertical video by adding some music to it and editing them the way you want.

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Great platform! Superb customer relations! THE BEST! I've dropped many of my other video-creation software subscriptions now in favour of InVideo.
Christina C
The EASIEST tool in my video toolkit! There is SO much to love: the intuitive UI, the easy-to-use-and-customize templates, many nifty features.
Maya K
An incredible program to make quality videos. I can openly recommend it to anyone looking for a program to create excellent quality videos.
Paula C

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Hi, Patrick. How can I help you?


I have a few social media posts that I would like to include in my video. What is the best way to go about it?


You should try our social post feature. You would just need the link of the post you want to embed. Get more details <a href=''>here.</a>


Great to have this feature. Can I change the style of the scene where the post has been added?


Yes, you can. On the right hand side of your Advanced Editor, click “More Scenes.” Scroll through the many options and click on the one that you like the most.


It is always good to be spoilt for choice. Is there a way to undo?


Yes, just press Ctrl + Z on Windows or Cmd + Z on MacBook.


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You’re welcome. At InVideo, someone will always be around to help :)

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Are The Images Copyright-Free?

Yes! InVideo offers you millions of copyright-free media to choose from.

However, if you want to use a piece of media that’s copyrighted (we wouldn’t recommend that, but in case you necessarily have to), you should check the ‘Include Copyrighted Images’ box.

Overall, we would not recommend using copyrighted media to avoid any complications.

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