A slideshow is the easiest way to put your thoughts and ideas into the form of visual aid. Whether you use a slideshow creator to make a presentation for work or just want to show off a great bunch of pictures from your vacation, you need to make sure that you get it all out there for the world to see. 

There are many slideshow sharing platforms that you can make use of to do so: 


With the whole world on Facebook, it is a no-brainer that this is the best option for you. Facebook even included its own slideshow maker with a few templates that you can make use of. But, if you want a more personalized slideshow, using a dedicated slideshow creator like InVideo and then sharing your creation directly on Facebook is the best idea. 


This is one of the most well-known options to share your slideshows online. However, SlideShare does not have its own online slideshow maker.  But it is the best way to organize the different slideshows that you may have created on another slideshow creator. You can use their widgets to collect all of them on a single webpage. You can also add narration and voice-overs for free. 


For business promotions, especially, Instagram is a great sharing option for slideshows. You need to use a different online slideshow maker and then share the project on Instagram in the form of a video. Your slideshow will get better visibility on this platform, without a doubt.


Twitter is another great way to get more audience for your slideshow. You can use a free slideshow maker like InVideo and then share the link directly onto Twitter. Even though you don’t have an online slideshow maker on Twitter, other options like adding hashtags and sharing with your followers give your project more popularity. 

Author Stream 

This is a great option for sharing business presentations. This service does not include a video slideshow maker either. However, you can convert all your PowerPoint presentations into Flash files and then share them.  Even projects made on another slideshow creator can be hosted on this platform. 

Your Personal Blog or Website 

This is one option that you should never miss out on as it is targeted to your core audience. Just create your slideshow with any free slideshow maker. Then, you need to embed it on Word press to share on your website or blog. You just have to copy the link on the play section of the easy slideshow maker that you have chosen. Then, it can be embedded with the resolution and size of your choice. 


The link from the play section of any free slideshow maker can be embedded on YouTube. If you have your own YouTube channel, this is a great way to share a photo slideshow with music or even a business slideshow with your customers.