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15 Best Real Estate Instagram Accounts to Follow + Pro Tips to Grow Your Own in 2024

Komal from InVideo
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They say real estate and Instagram are a match made in heaven, and it’s not without good reason. Instagram runs on photo and video-based content, making it a perfect fit for showing off stunning properties and marketing your real estate business. 

And when it comes to real estate Instagram marketing, the best part is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Take a peek at what other realtors on Instagram are doing—and you’ll get plenty of inspiration to kickstart your journey. 

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best real estate accounts that, in our opinion, have cracked the Instagram code and that you can follow and learn from to curate your content. 

Stick with us till the end, and we’ll also share how you can create stunning videos like these realtors do using an easy, feature-rich tool like InVideo. Once you’re done, make sure to head over to the InVideo Instagram channel for pro tips to step up your Instagram game. We cover:

1. 15 best real estate Instagram accounts
2. How to create your own real estate Instagram videos in minutes 
3. Pro tips for growing your real estate Instagram account

Let’s begin!

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15 Best Real Estate Instagram Accounts 

From blue ticked accounts to those with just several thousand followers, here are some real estate agents and agencies using Instagram the right way to connect with their audience and promote their business:

1. Jellis Craig 

The real estate agency, Jellis Craig, and its various branches are making the best use of Instagram’s visual format to showcase their property listings.

Their staple is carousel posts that give viewers a complete look and feel of their recently-listed properties, with all the necessary details mentioned on the first slide. But they’re also smart enough to sprinkle videos into their Instagram strategy, posting engaging property listing videos like this one from their Essendon/Kensington page:

This video is a simple compilation of some stunning property clips,  features text and high-energy music—something you, too, can achieve using a video editor like InVideo. Check out the InVideo Instagram page for useful tips & tricks that will further simplify video creation for you.

2. Nikol Klein

What we like about Nikol Klein is how she’s using Instagram to its maximum potential—to showcase her listings and achievements, highlight testimonials, and promote her YouTube videos

She also posts fun, light-hearted content and hops on Instagram Stories routinely to engage with her audience and show them what goes on behind the scenes. Not just this, she leverages each Instagram feature like static posts, reels, carousels of her property listings, and self-portraits to add an authentic touch to her profile.

Overall, her content feels personal and not overly promotional yet proves her expertise and competence.

3. The Agency 

From following a theme to make their feed look consistent to experimenting with various content types, there’s a lot you can learn from The Agency’s different Instagram handles. 

They post stunning photos and videos to showcase their latest listings and take the time to create descriptive, engaging captionswith words like “breathtaking” and “insane”to build interest in their properties further. 

They also use their page to educate their audience through market updates and even share company updates, so their followers know the “people” behind the agency. 

Educating your audience, earning their trust, and humanizing your brand—those are some solid ways to guide your Instagram content and invite engagement to drive results. 

4. Megan Romine 

When you see she has over 19K followers, you know Megan Romine must be doing something right with her real estate Instagram account. 

For us, it’s how she balances between the personal and the professional. She keeps her content largely business-related, posting clips of her properties and teasing upcoming listings. But at the same time, she also shares bits of her life and fun, daily content to build a personal connection with her audience.

The best part about Megan’s video is how she creates a narrative around her property listings and conveys the story behind the sold property with high-quality visuals, her bold voice and empowering music. Here’s an example.

Pro tip: If you liked the video above and want to create your own spin-off with a professional editing touch, you can easily recreate it using InVideo’s real estate video maker—compile your clips, use the voice-over feature, add music, and you’ll be done in minutes.

5. Nicole Mickle 

You can take a leaf out of Nicole Mickle’s book to promote your real estate business and drive buyers for your property listings. She uses a mix of photos and videos (reels, specifically) to highlight the properties she represents and her latest achievements and client wins. 

But the best part and what makes her account stand out is that she uses her posts' captions to convey the story behind every deal. She maintains transparency with the details, uses a readable format to break it down and includes bits from the clients’ experiences to make her content more authentic. 

This helps build the buyers’ trust in her work and shows her commitment to helping her clients find their ideal homes.

If you’ve got some warm and interesting backstories, you too can share them on Instagram and show your audience how buying and selling properties is more than just a “transaction” for you to build trust and drive real estate leads.

6. Brian Hopper 

Quality reigns supreme on Instagram, and Brian Hopper knows it. Whether it’s his “just listed” or “just sold” posts, Brian’s property images are sure to catch the eye and make even casual browsers stop mid-scroll and take a look. Add to that his overly detailed and story-driven captions and his profile becomes a recipe for great aesthetics + educational real estate inspiration.

An excellent thing he does is repurposing the reviews he receives from his clients into Instagram posts. This makes for great content for the platform while showcasing his expertise and building his audience’s faith in his work—a win-win. 

You can create a similar video and even add a warm and personal touch to it with your client’s picture using this template. 

Click to use this template

7. Usaj Realty 

Property listings, coming soon videos, team updates, testimonials, market statistics— Usaj Realty are using all the right ingredients to grow their Instagram account. 

What’s more interesting is that they also use Instagram to repurpose content published on their website, as this reel shows:

That’s not it—besides business-related and educational content, they’ve also posted videos like the one below to highlight the social work they do. Now that’s a great way to engage viewers, make them empathize with your brand, and convince them to do business with you.

You can create a similar reel using this template here. Just replace the visuals with your own images and videos, add text, change music and you’re done in minutes!

Use this template

8. Soomin Kim

To start with, Soomin Kim does an excellent job with his Instagram bio, setting the tone for his page and the kind of realtor he is. He primarily uses YouTube to showcase his listings but knows how to bring more eyes to his YouTube videos—by promoting them on Instagram. 

Besides YouTube promo videos, he also posts images of the properties he’s sold—and seeing so many “sold” pictures on his profile instantly builds credibility and shows you he knows his job well. 

The best part is that all his posts are on-brand—they feature a professional headshot of him, his logo, the same font, and follow the same color scheme. That’s an excellent way to build your Instagram profile and build recall value as users find you in their feed.

9. Compass 

Compass needs no introduction in the real estate world, and theirs is a great page to look at for some Instagram inspiration.

But instead of their main account with a massive following of 167K people, let’s look at their Greater Philadelphia page, which does an equally good job at Instagram despite having a lower follower count. From showing off their property listings and promoting their open houses to familiarizing their audience with their agents, they’re doing it all. The exquisite images of houses they post deserve special mention and can make anyone want to buy them. 

It’s not difficult for you to create an equally eye-catching Instagram feed—all you have to do is stage your listings, flip out your smartphone, and get clicking. To bring it all together, and make it professional-looking without hiring an expensive video editor, use InVideo’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor.

10. Taya DiCarlo

Speaking of Compass, their founding agent Taya DiCarlo is also doing a great job on Instagram to build and grow her personal brand. 

She posts a perfect mix of reels, images, videos, and educational, fun, and personal content from which you can take inspiration to plan your Instagram strategy. 

One thing to watch out for is her weekly series “Taya’s 2 Cents,” where she creates short, value-packed videos to educate her audience on different real estate topics and trends. Starting a series like this is a great way to make your account stand out, drive more people to your profile and make your audience look forward to your content. 

11. Moose

Moose is not your ordinary real estate agent whose feed is filled with property shots, but he’s still using Instagram the right way to build his personal brand. 

Pictures speak a thousand words, and Moose uses photos of his happy clients holding the “Sold” placard to show that he knows how to get the job done. Besides building social proof, seeing so many smiling faces on his feed gives off a warm vibe and makes you want to follow him.

And while photos are the highlights of his account, he also posts many relatable behind-the-scenes videos and real estate memes that will give you a good laugh. 

You, too, can create something similar and give your Instagram profile a warm and personal touch using this template which leverages a storytelling format to congratulate the buyer and turn it into social proof for future ones. 

Click to use this template

12. Yackeline Leiderman 

Yackeline Leiderman is another real estate agent who’s acing real estate meme marketing and using it to grow her Instagram account. But besides hilarious and relatable memes, she also posts stunning images and videos of her properties to bring more exposure to them, and drive her business forward. 

Her Instagram account proves how well you can blend the personal and professional to connect with your audience while promoting your business. 

Want to create a recap of listings videos like this? You can get started with this template—just add your clips, customize the text, and finish it off with some energetic music. 

Click to use this template

13. Dusty Baker

Like all other realtors, Dusty Baker uses his Instagram to market his business and build social proof, posting stunning listing photos and videos, “just sold” posts, glowing year-in-reviews. 

But what makes him stand out is how he adds a personal touch to his account, posting pictures of his family, dinners, trips, and more. 

Takeaway: Showing a bit of your personality is a great way to connect and engage with your audience and build the “know, like, and trust” factor. 

This can make prospects feel like they know you even before you start doing business with them and make the working process smoother. 

14. Kim Santana

Another account you can follow to get a good laugh and a break from work is Kim Santana's. Although she does post images of the gorgeous properties she represents, the highlight of her page are her hilarious memes. 

The best part is, they’re not based on popular memes; they’re original and feature Kim’s own pictures. Talk about creativity! 

Besides these, she also regularly posts pictures of herself, which gives a warm and welcoming feel to her feed. 

Not to give you any ideas, but here’s a super fun video from her profile: 

Want to create similar content, and tickle the funny bones of your audience? You can also create original and viral memes by using real estate meme templates from InVideo.

15. Austin & Sam

One of the keys to becoming a successful realtor is promoting the town, and not just the house—and this realtor duo does this right. 

Austin & Sam buy and sell properties in Las Vegas, but instead of just showing off their listings, they also create content about the life people can have in this city. From the best restaurants and places they can visit to the nearest ski resorts, they cover it all and continue creating exciting content. 

Takeaway: Don’t just post images of your properties on Instagram. If you serve a particular city or locality, create content around its restaurants, activities, neighborhoods, and community life. This can give prospects a fuller picture of what it’s like living there and position you as an expert in that area. 

Special Mention: The Broke Agent

Although it’s not a typical real estate account, any post on the best real estate Instagram accounts will be incomplete without mentioning The Broke Agent.

With their super relatable and hilarious memes, following them can be therapeutic and provide you with a good laugh during the workday. 

You can even repost their posts as Instagram stories—it might just become an engagement magnet and get flooded with laughing reactions from your followers. Or who knows, following them might get your creative juices flowing and make you want to try out real estate meme marketing

2. Bonus: Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes

After going through these inspirational real estate Instagram accounts, are you brimming with ideas and can’t wait to create your own real estate Instagram videos? We’ve got you covered. 

A simple and easy-to-use tool like InVideo can help you create stunning, professional-looking videos in minutes, even if you’ve never tried your hands at video editing before.

And if you’re running short on time or don’t want to create videos from scratch, you can also use one of InVideo’s 250+ real estate templates. They come with eye-catching visuals, text, and music—the perfect recipe to boost your Instagram content. 

Follow these steps to get started with InVideo and step up your Instagram game:

Step 1: Head over to InVideo’s Make Real Estate Marketing Videos page and click on the Make A Video button.

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 1

Step 2: Select the aspect ratio for your video—choose 1:1 Square for in-feed posts and 9:16 Vertical if you’re creating Instagram Stories. 

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 2

Step 3: Sign up or log in to InVideo. Now, you can browse InVideo’s real estate templates, hover over them to preview, and pick one of your choice by selecting Use this Template. 

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 3

Step 4: Once the editor opens, click on the Upload Media option on the left menu to upload your images/videos. 

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 4

Step 5: Once uploaded, you’ll see the clips on the left panel. Drag-and-drop your first clip into the editor. If it’s a video, you’ll see a prompt to trim it. Click on Use Full Video to use the entire clip, or use the sidebars at both corners to cut your video.  

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 5

Step 6: To add the next video/image, click on the + Scene on the right of your clip in the timeline and select Blank Scene if you want to completely customize your next shot or choose From Template to build on existing scenes from the same or different templates. 

Repeat this step for other scenes. 

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 6

Step 7: Once you’ve arranged all your clips, tap the / icon between two clips to add smooth transitions between them and enhance your video’s flow.

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 7

Step 8: If you follow a particular color scheme or theme on your Instagram profile, use the Colors option to customize your video’s color palette. Now, your video will be in perfect sync with your feed!

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 8

Step 9: Click on the Text option on the left panel to add text on relevant frames. So, you can add property specifications on specific scenes or your name and contact details at the end of the video. 

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 9

You can also play around with different fonts, sizes, and colors to make your videos catchy and attractive. 

Step 10: Add your logo to the video by uploading it from the Logo option in the left bar.

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 10

This will add your logo to all scenes of your video. However, you can change its placement so it doesn’t hamper the viewing experience or just use it in your opening or closing montages, putting it front and center. 

Step 11: Finally, make your video more engaging by adding some catchy tunes from the Music option. Here, you can find InVideo’s rich collection of royalty-free songs sorted by mood, genre, SFX, and choose what best suits your video. 

Once you find the perfect track, click on the three dots next to it and then Replace Music (in case of a template) or the + sign if you’re creating your own video.

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 11

Step 12: When you’re done editing and are satisfied with the result, hit the Download & Share button on the top right corner and then Export.

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 12

Step 13: Once your video gets processed, tap download. 

Create Your Own Real Estate Instagram Videos in Minutes - step 13

Voila! You’ll have a stunning video ready that’ll be a perfect fit for your feed and keep viewers engaged with exciting visuals, text, and music

3. 9 Pro Tips for Growing Your Real Estate Instagram Account

Exploring the accounts mentioned above and the real estate Instagram landscape, in general, will give you a good sense of what to do and not do with your Instagram account. 

But here are some pro tips to help you navigate the waters and ensure your Instagram account gets the attention it deserves:

Tip #1 - Optimize your profile

Optimizing your profile is a crucial first step to getting your account discovered by your target audience and growing your following. This involves fine-tuning elements like:

- Name: Put your personal or business name here. Using your name + a real estate keyword (like “Real Estate Agent”) is also a great way to boost discoverability. 

For example, Soomin here uses “Austin Realtor” beside his name, so his profile appears when people search for this term.

Example of Instagram Profile name - Soomin here uses “Austin Realtor”

- Profile picture: While you can add your business logo here, it’s better to use a recent, professional snapshot of yourself. This will make your page look more personal and help users put a face to your brand.  

- Bio: Create a compelling bio that conveys what you do, who you help, and the areas you serve. You can add a touch of personality and your tagline like Ian Grossman here. But make sure to use the keywords you want to appear for and line breaks, so it’s easy on the eye and conveys what you do at a glance. 

Example of Instagram personality and tagline - Ian Grossman

You can also add relevant hashtags to your bio, but keep them to a minimum since you get only 150 characters to convey all the above information.  

- Call-to-Action (CTA): What do you want people to do when they land on your Instagram page—visit your website, a property listing, or perhaps book a consultation?

Whatever it is, make sure to include a link in your bio that allows visitors to take action, and add a short CTA above it enticing them to click on the link. 

Tip #2 - Bring out your personality

Many real estate agents use Instagram—one search of #realestate, and you’ll come across millions of posts on it. 

But instead of getting overwhelmed by this, focus on what sets you apart from other realtors and weave your strengths into your content.

Don’t be afraid to showcase your personality in your videos and captions or tell your audience about your interests, hobbies, and values. This will make them feel like they know and understand you even before they’ve met or done business with you. 

Remember: Attractive property walkthroughs and photos can get leads, but it’s the realtor who helps people through the process and closes the deal. And people want to get to know the realtor before joining hands with them. 

Ian is an excellent example of this too. He creates videos educating his audience and subtly promoting his business. But he adds a unique spin to them, and his humor makes his page stand out and attract people. 

Tip #3 - Never compromise on quality 

Your Instagram profile is like your property portfolio, and to grow your account and give your feed a pleasing look and feel, high-quality photos and videos are a must. 

Consider milehimodern here. Given how attractive their posts are, you’ll feel compelled to check them out whether you have a real estate need or not. 

Blurry or low-quality posts won’t do justice to your properties’ details and can look unprofessional and put off your audience. This way, they can reduce your chances of both growing an audience and getting leads from Instagram. 

That said, you don’t need fancy equipment to create your Instagram posts—your smartphone can do the job just the same. When you’re editing your images and videos, make sure to keep Instagram’s aspect ratios in mind. 

Tip #4 - Create video content

Videos give a better understanding of the details and layout of a property than static images. 

Add to it the fact that video content is booming and that it gets nearly 50% more engagements (in terms of likes) on Instagram, and you’ll understand why creating videos for real estate is important. 

The best part is that you can create various real estate videos—property tours, educational videos, customer testimonials, open house invites to leverage this trend. 

Moreover, video creation doesn’t have to be a hassle or as time-consuming as it’s made out to be. You can simply capture photos and images on your smartphone, compile them using an editor like InVideo, add some engaging elements, and you’ll be good to go. 

Or, if you’re running short on time, just use one of InVideo’s many real estate templates. Whether you want to create testimonial videos or property tours, we have templates for different video types that you can customize and make your own. 

Besides in-feed videos, it’s also the right time to start creating and leveraging reels—they’re short, engaging, and can bring you massive reach and exposure. 

Edit real estate videos like a pro

Without learning pro skills

Edit real estate videos like a pro Get started now
Edit real estate videos like a pro

Tip #5 - Show your face

As real estate coach Mike Sherrard says, nobody ever looks at the photo/video of a property and goes, “regardless of which agent is behind that house, I want to work with them.”

You need to show your face, humanize your Instagram profile, and build a relationship with your audience—so they get to know the realtor behind those exquisite properties and can understand if you’re the right fit for them. 

Mike recommends the 80:20 formula for your Instagram content—20% can be just property photos and videos, while 80% should have you in the post. 

To be sure, that 80% of content can still be business-related—you can post a picture of yourself outside an open house or a property, or just a happy photo with your clients. But the idea is to not be a faceless brand; show yourself and your unique personality. 

Alex Troyan here does this well.

Tip #6 - Engage and interact with your audience

Whether a user drops a comment appreciating a property or asks a question, make sure to reply to them promptly and courteously. This will help you engage your viewers and build a personal rapport. 

Moreover, the more comments (and likes) your post receives, the more likely Instagram is to push it and your future posts in front of other users. 


And besides posting polished-looking photos and videos on your feed, also take the time to casually interact with your audience through Instagram Stories. You can use them to share quick market trends, glimpses of your open houses, or tease your upcoming listings. 

The idea is that since they’re more authentic and happen in real-time, Stories can help people understand the real you and build a deeper connection—and they’re also a great way to stay top of mind. 

Tip #7 - Go for a mix of entertainment, education, and impact

“Infotainment” is at the heart of Instagram, and you can grow your account and attract good engagement and qualified leads by providing content that either entertains, informs/educates, or impacts your audience. 

- Entertainment content can include behind-the-scenes videos of you at an open house, staging a home, going to showings, or showing what a typical day at work looks like. 

Documenting images or videos of you out and about in the neighborhood, visiting cafes or restaurants, attending events, or interacting with other local businesses are also great ideas for this. 

This can help familiarize your audience with your market, attract leads, and make for some fun, light-hearted content. 

- Market updates or tips on the home buying or selling process are powerful ways to educate your audience, demonstrate your expertise, and build credibility. 

The best way to get ideas for these videos is to look at the questions your prospects or clients generally ask you or the comments people leave on your posts. You can then turn these pain points into posts using a template like this. 

Click to use this template

- When it comes to impact, there’s nothing better than sharing client testimonials and success stories to move your followers to action. 

You can post testimonials as images or take it up a notch by creating a video using a template like this. 

Click to use this template

Posting pictures of your happy clients in front of their house like Moose above did is also a great idea to enhance credibility while giving your feed a warm feel. 

Tip #8 - Use hashtags strategically

Instagram hashtags are a powerful way to boost your posts’ discoverability and bring them in front of your target audience. 

While you can use generic hashtags like #realestate, #realestateagent, or #justlisted and #justsold, it’s also crucial to find and use hashtags popular in your local market or area. 

So, research your immediate competitors and those from other markets to see what hashtags they use. Also, look up hashtags with your town/city name and a real estate term—like #austinlistings or #sandiegohomes to see which ones people use commonly. #YourCity, #YourCityEealEstate, #YourCityRealtor, #YourCityOpenHouse (replace “your city” with your city’s name) are some good starting points. 

You can also use tools like Display Purposes and All Hashtags to find hashtags relevant to your market.

The key is to use a combination of broad, niche-specific, and less popular hashtags. Meanwhile, using photo-specific hashtags like #beachfront can help attract prospects looking for specific types of properties. 

Tip #9 - Leverage geotagging 

Since real estate is location-specific, using Instagram’s geotag feature, which allows you to add a particular location to your post, can help increase the chances of your target audience finding your posts. 


Say a prospective buyer or seller is looking for properties or agents in Orlando, Florida. They can look up this location in the search bar or click on it if they see it used in a post. If you’re a real estate agent working in this market and tagged a post with the exact location, there’s a good chance they might come across your post. 

Moreover, people who are looking up specific areas are likely to be further down the buying journey. So, geotagging helps not only optimize your Instagram posts, but is also a powerful way to attract relevant leads and followers. 

Wrapping Up 

If you’re already creating photos and videos for your real estate business, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be on Instagram and double their impact and get more buyers for your listing. Luckily, the pro tips and the top real estate Instagram accounts mentioned in this article can give you just the guidance and inspiration you need to get started on Instagram. 

Going forward, you can refer to these strategies to grow your social media presence and attract more clients. And if you ever find yourself in a creative rut, here are some real estate video ideas that you can take inspiration from and create. 

If you’re a visual learner, we also have a YouTube channel where we give you the latest tips and tricks to help you create stellar videos and enhance your marketing efforts.

And if you're looking to create gold standard videos in minutes, sign up for InVideo today!


This post was written by Komal and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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