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15 Fitness Video Ideas to Grow Your Channel in 2024

Yashvi from InVideo
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If you’re looking for ways to level up the marketing strategy for your fitness brand, consistently posting videos is the way to go and YouTube is one of the best places to do so. But making it big on YouTube isn’t an overnight miracle. What you’ll need to grow your YouTube channel and therefore your business, is a solid strategy that helps you produce a variety of content on a frequent basis to build engagement and increase your reach.  

For that, you’ll need a long list of ideas that you can then use to make high-quality, professional-looking videos for your YouTube channel. If you already have a few ideas up your sleeve you can bring them to life using InVideo’s YouTube video editor Simply sign up for a free account to access a library of thousands of templates, stock assets, and more. But if you’re struggling to come up with ideas, we’ve done the legwork for you. In this article, we’ve got 15 creative fitness video ideas to inspire your fitness content strategy. 

Here’s what we will cover:

1. Facts and Informational Video Ideas
2. Promotional Video Ideas
3. Nutrition and Lifestyle Video Ideas
4. Workout Video Ideas

BONUS: PRO Tips for creating fitness videos 

Let’s get started!

1. Facts and Informational Video Ideas

Sharing facts and putting up short informational explainer videos is one of the best ways to engage, motivate and convert your audiences. Here are some fitness YouTube video ideas for fact-sharing and informational videos:

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #1: Debunk common fitness myths  

Fitness is such a vast and diverse topic for those who are just starting that there’s bound to be a lot of confusion. In such an atmosphere creating videos that debunk fitness myths can help you build a better relationship with your audience as well as establish you as an expert. Take a look at this YouTube fitness video for instance. It features a known expert in the field of Sports Nutrition who debunks popular fitness myths and clears some misunderstandings people may have when it comes to nutrition and health. 

Whether your subscribers are just starting out or they’ve been focusing on their fitness for a long time, a myth-busting video offers value to everyone watching. This also helps them trust you more with their fitness. 

To make a video busting myths for your channel, you can either work with a subject-matter expert like in the video above or do your own research and present it in a creative way. Your myth-busting content could also come from the years of observation and experience you have in the field. In most cases, a simple talking-head video will do the job. After shooting, you can then spice it up by adding text, animation, title slides and music within the InVideo Youtube editor. Alternatively, here’s a template you can use. Simply add your footage to this, change the text and you have a great video ready within minutes:

Use this template

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #2: Offer tips on how to create a workout plan  

Creating a workout plan is often people’s first step toward committing to their fitness goals. The best way to make a habit stick is to have a plan for it, and this applies to people’s exercise schedules as well. A short guide from professional fitness trainers would be a really resourceful fitness video idea for your fitness brand.

Let’s have a look at this video from personal trainer and nutrition coach Joannah Soh. She discusses 5 steps that you need to follow when creating your workout plan and explains things like consistency and variety in your workout plan. She focuses on the fact that everyone is different and thus they should make a workout plan tailored personally to them - something that she’s able to explain with her many years of experience as a trainer herself.  

To make a quick how to video like this, you can start by showcasing a simple workout plan and then breaking down how you built it for yourself or a client. Mention what pointers they need to keep in mind. You can easily script this first and then shoot. Or you could also create a text-style video. Here's a template from InVideo that you can use:

Use this template 

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #3: Make a ‘how to fix your posture’ video 

Posture fixing is important for so many people who spend all their day sitting at desks – whether they are working, studying, or something else. Doing a simple video on ‘how to fix your posture’ acts both as a reminder to your audience to fix their posture and as a helpful guide on how to actually do it. 

Nuffield Health has a great video on this, where they’ve got one of their senior physiotherapists explaining how you can maintain good posture even while working throughout the day. The physiotherapist breaks down the problems that can occur when you have bad posture, mentions the key things you should keep in mind to maintain good posture and then demonstrates how you can fix your posture for the better.

Making such a video is one of the simple video ideas that you can execute to provide incredible value to your audience in just 5-10 minutes. All you need to do is make sure to film yourself well while explaining your points and demonstrating the correct posture. You can also add text to your video with all your key points in it. You can put all of this together in no time using InVideo’s YouTube editor – and in just a few short steps you’ll have a professional-looking video that will help your audience go one step further in their fitness journey! Here’s a template you can use to make a video on fixing your posture: 

Use this template 

2. Promotional Video Ideas

If you have a product or service in the fitness industry, then along with videos for adding value and building a community, you’re going to need creative promotion ideas and ad ideas for your business. That’s exactly what we’re going to cover ahead!

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #4: Make a testimonial video of your clients

Testimonial videos are the cornerstone of a good marketing strategy – most customers are likely to trust the word of another customer over the word of the company. Making testimonial videos of your clients is one of the best fitness video ideas to show social proof that your product or service has truly benefitted and solved a pain point for your customers.

This example video features different customers talking about their experience with physiotherapy at the physical therapy clinic and gym. They mention how long they have been training there and describe their journey from their problems to getting started with fitness training and how this has benefitted them. They even mention features that they like about their training process - making sure that the viewer truly gets a good understanding of what it would be like to train there themselves. 

For a testimonial video like this one, you’ll have to interview and film your customers. Check out our article on testimonial video ideas to learn more about how you can go about filming and interviewing your customers. If you don’t want to go all the way with filming, written testimonials are a great option too! Using a template from InVideo, you can make a quick testimonial video by simply changing up the text in the template. We suggest using this template: 

Use this template 

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #5: Promote your product or service with a fun product demo! 

There’s nothing like seeing a product in action: doing a product demo video is something that can help you gain the intrigue and attention of your audience. A product demo video is simply filming your product and showcasing all of its features, especially how it solves the pain points of your customers. Take a look at this short product demo: it is a simple demo where every feature of the bag is highlighted and shown in use. It’s just a bag, but it’s marketed to sound like it holds the solutions to all of your storage problems.That’s what a good product demo does!

Just like the video we showed you, your product video needs to highlight all of the features of your product or service, preferably in use. To emulate this kind of video, you need to make sure that you’re filming and displaying your product well. Good lighting is also really important for this. Finally, to really sell your product, you need to have an solid, attention-grabbing script that makes the your product or service sound like it’s the solution to your audience’s problems. Here’s a template you can use to do all of these things and more: 

Use this template 

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #6: Do a giveaway! 

One of the best ways to get a YouTube video to perform well is to make sure that your audience engages with it heavily. And giveaways are an excellent way to promote your brand more! They help you to grow your network, boost your brand exposure, build an audience, drive traffic to your video and channel, and strengthen your brand’s relationship with your customers. You must choose giveaway prizes that are relevant to reel in your community and target audiences. Additionally, you’ll need to set your objectives for the giveaway – this will enable you to decide what action you need your audience to take to enter the giveaway.

Let’s take a look at this video. In this giveaway promotion video, the giveaway is for a fitness planning journal – so the call to action to enter the giveaway is to like the video and comment ‘one thing that makes you the most stressed’. This video is not only about the giveaway, it’s a video offering tips on staying fit even when stressed. The giveaway and its details are mentioned in the intro and outro of the video. So this is a video that is both offering value and a reward at the end with the details of the giveaway. 

You can go two ways with your giveaway video. You can follow the format of the video we’ve mentioned and sandwich some helpful tips related to your service or product in between your giveaway plugs. For that, you’ll need to make a script, film yourself, and then put it together in the InVideo YouTube Editor as long as it’s under 15 minutes. Otherwise, you can just make a giveaway-focused video. Here, the crucial thing is to make the title seem as urgent as possible in order to get people to participate. Here’s a template we’d recommend – and all you need to do is replace the media, text, and add your branding colors to make a cool giveaway video within minutes: 

Use this template 

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #7: Make a fun ad for your product or service! 

When it comes to fitness ads, you’re not just selling a product or a service. You’re selling a lifestyle, and that’s something that should shine through in your YouTube video ad. The video below, for instance, is an ad about buying a workout ‘skort’ – and it does two very important things. First, it uses language like ‘This is your sign to buy…’ and ‘Every girl needs to feel the magic of…’ to make sure that this is a ‘feel-good’ ad and people are enticed by the product. The second important thing is that this ad also manages to address the pain points of the customer and displays how their product solves these problems.

To make a fun video ad like this, you need to film good footage of your product. Apart from this, you need to ensure you write a good script as well as storyboard your ad efficiently. You can show your product in use while adding a voiceover and text about the benefits of your product and how it can solve your customer’s problems. This is crucial, because you need to make your viewer feel like they need your product or service in their life. Once all of that is in place, all you need to do is plug it into an InVideo template like this one: 

Use this template 

3. Nutrition and Lifestyle Video Ideas

Nutrition and lifestyle are a huge segment of the fitness world – along with regular exercise, it’s important to be eating well, sleeping well, and doing well mentally to be holistically healthy. Below, we’ve compiled a few video ideas for you to tackle the topics of nutrition and having a healthy lifestyle:

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #8: Share some ‘healthy eating hacks’  

Eating healthy is one of the most important things for maintaining a good level of fitness, but it’s also the most difficult. When we’re constantly surrounded by unhealthy and processed foods, it takes some healthy eating hacks to make sure we get enough nutrition from the food we eat daily. 

Let’s check out this fitness video idea by looking at a video by nutrition coach Sadia from Pick Up Limes to understand better. She offers several tips about how you can include essential vitamins and minerals into your daily diet and the benefits of each of these different vitamins. She even shows a quick and easy recipe for each tip that you can incorporate into your daily life, to make sure the video is more action-oriented and less just talking. 

To make a similar video, you will need to script your healthy eating hacks - for this, you will need some research but you can even use your experience as a field expert to suggest tips. Then you can film yourself speaking about them. However, if you want to take it up a notch, you can play around with different editing styles, intersperse the clips with you showing all the recipes and the different kinds of food options available to them. For this, you may want to add voiceovers to your clips. You can also provide your viewers with additional info to help them on their journey. It’s a great idea in this case to create a storyboard beforehand of what all you want to include besides your tips. Finally, you can put it together in InVideo using a listicle template like this one:  

Use this template  

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #9: Make a video with a focus on meditation and wellness  

An important part of fitness is mental wellness, and making a short meditation video is the way to go to encourage a bit of peace and grounding into the lives of your viewers. Such a video would really benefit a large demographic of your audience, since most people are overwhelmed with stressors on a daily basis. 

Headspace is a meditation app that has a great video on this. They’ve got a ‘Reset’ meditation to decompress both your body and mind, which is what wellness is all about. This video simply has a calming voiceover conducting the guided meditation, with some slow and relaxing visuals in the background so as not to have a lot of disturbance in the viewer’s visual field. 

It would be a great idea to make a short meditation video like this too! You just need to have a script ready for the meditation that you want to lead, and then you can do one of two things. You can either film yourself conducting the meditation in a setting that is quiet and calm. Otherwise, you can simply add calming visuals from InVideo’s free video stock library and add a voiceover with your guided meditation. You can edit a video using the InVideo YouTube Editor if it’s under 15 minutes, and we’d suggest you make bite-sized 5-7 minute meditation videos that most people can manage to fit into their daily routine with ease. Here’s a template that we suggest for making a meditation video: 

Use this template 

Pro tip: Choosing the right music for your YouTube fitness videos is absolutely crucial, which is why simply sticking to the YouTube audio library might not be the best idea since the number of songs on there is very limited. You can either opt to subscribe to a royalty-free music website or you can also look at InVideo’s stock music library which contains millions of royalty-free songs. 

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #10: Make a list of healthy habits your followers can build

Building better lifestyle habits is something most people strive for in their fitness journey! Help them along by suggesting a short list of things that they can do to start with. This fitness video idea is both motivational and inspiring. 

This video by Canadian holistic nutritionist Ria Karan targets different lifestyle habits with a catchy title like ’10 daily habits that changed my life’. The video takes a holistic approach to fitness and includes tips for physical health, nutrition, mental wellness, learning new things, as well as good lifestyle practices such as getting enough sleep. By covering all of these bases, Ria establishes herself further as a holistic nutritionist who provides well-rounded value to her audience. 

Making a video like this will inspire your followers to change for the better, and they’ll appreciate your brand for it. First, you will need to list down all of the habits that you want to discuss and make a script with everything you want to explain about each point. Here you can definitely use research to back up your points, but talking from your own experiences and expertise can be even more helpful. Next, you’ll have to film yourself speaking about them. Or you can create a listicle video with text and voiceovers as well. Finally, you can put it all together in InVideo using a listicle template, like this one: 

Use this template 

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #11: Film a ‘What to eat before/after workouts’ video 

Even once they start exercising, people are often confused as to how to manage their nutrition. With an information overload available on healthy eating, there’s bound to be some decision paralysis about what the right things to eat before and after working out are. You can capitalize on that and offer real value to your viewers by making a video that offers clarity on ideal pre and post-workout meals. The Yoga Institute has a great video by Dr. Hansaji detailing what the best things to eat after a workout are and why. She offers science-backed benefits of the foods that she mentions - something that both builds trust in her expertise and offers clarity to viewers who are genuinely lost about their best post-workout meal options.

To make a video like this for your channel, you can either work with an expert like a doctor or nutritionist, or you can do your own science-backed research. This kind of video about pre and post-workout meals could also come from your expertise and the years of knowledge you’ve accumulated about nutrition. A simple talking video would be good for this, but you can always add text, animations, title slides and music to take it to the next level. You just need to have done your research and make sure you are offering actionable solutions to your audience. You can make a script and film yourself speaking about these things, or you can just make a text-based listicle video. We suggest using a template like this one: 

Use this template 

Pro tip: Choosing the right filler footage for your listicle videos is absolutely crucial which is why using simple clips may not be the best idea, since it may not hold your audience’s attention. To diversify your options, you can either opt to subscribe to a stock video website or you can also look at InVideo’s wide library of stock images and videos with iStock and Getty integrations. 

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #12: Film a ‘what I eat in a day’ video + offer a freebie 

This kind of video is among the fitness vlog ideas category: it’s a vlog-based view of what you usually eat in a day or a week. A lot of times these videos have a specific focus, like ‘what I eat: simple and realistic’, ‘what I eat at home with my family’, or ‘what I eat to stay fit’ – which is the example we’re going with today. These videos usually help to give your audience different meal and recipe ideas. They can even be helpful and motivational to those viewers who may be looking to improve their meal planning. Take this video, for instance. It offers value by both giving meal inspiration to viewers and also offering a freebie in the form of a meal planning template so that you, too, can have a healthy meal plan and progress further in your fitness journey. 

This fitness video idea is also on the easier side to film – you simply need to capture clips of whatever you’re eating through the week and the clips together using an editor like InVideo, add a voice-over and you’re done. You can also play around with different editing styles, intersperse the clips with you making those recipes, and also provide your viewers with additional info to help them on their journey. It’s a great idea in this case to create a script beforehand of what all you want to include besides your food. If you want to make a video that offers meal planning advice or a meal planning template, here’s a template you can use to promote your product or service: 

Use this template 

4. Workout Video Ideas

Exercise is a fundamental part of fitness – it’s great for our physical health and also our mental health. But for a lot of people, it’s a really difficult habit to inculcate. Here are some workout video ideas that you can use to inspire and help your audience get back on track with their fitness aspirations:

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #13: Make a short 5-min training video

Making bite-sized training videos is the way to go when it comes to increasing your reach. It’s difficult for people to commit to going to the gym or working out for an hour every day, but anyone can make time for a 5-minute workout. In the end, you need to relay the message that even moving your body for 5 minutes a day is more than doing nothing. This video by MadFit, for instance, is of a simple 5-minute full-body workout that anyone can do in the day. Though it’s short, it’s an intense fat-burning workout meant to mobilise and keep the viewers active.

This is an easy, low-effort fitness video idea to replicate. You first need to decide on the most important exercises to include in this short workout video. This will depend on your focus: do you want to target fat burning, cardio, abs, lower body, upper body, or something else? Once you have the basic conceptualisation in place, you need to script and film all of the exercises being performed. You can then put it together in no time using this home workout template from InVideo: 

Use this template 

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #14: Share some good stretches for body pain

Coping with everyday stressors is bound to manifest in physical pain for a lot of people. Even just doing intense physical activity is bound to result in muscle soreness. That’s why one of your fitness studio ideas should be to share stretches for body pain. POPSUGAR Fitness has done a really good job in this category with their foam-roller stretch session video. The session is meant for relaxing and recovery, and since it’s a class with a foam roller, it is meant to target literal pain points in one’s body. 

You can make a short ‘stretches for body pain’ video like this for your channel too. You just need to have a script ready for the stretches that you want to teach, and then you need to film yourself doing them in a setting that is quiet and calm. You can edit a video using InVideo if it’s under 15 minutes, and here’s a great fitness template that you can use to put your video together in no time:

Use this template  

Fitness YouTube Video Idea #15: Start a workout challenge  

Starting a workout challenge is a great fitness video idea to ensure steady content flow from you for an extended period of time. What’s more, a challenge is super interactive and heavy on audience engagement! Workout challenges are inspiring and they help in community building. The more people join the challenge, the more it motivates others to jump on the fitness bandwagon as well. For instance, let’s look at this video from Blogilates. It is for a 1000-ab challenge over 10 days, where you are supposed to start with 100 reps of an ab exercise on Day 1 and end with 1000 reps on Day 10. 

You should ideally make one explainer video for the challenge before you start the workout challenge video series. To make a low-effort, high-quality explainer video for your challenge, you can use a template from InVideo. All you’ll need to do is change the text and replace the media according to the structure of your workout challenge. Here’s a template we think would do well: 

Use this template 

Now that we’ve gone through this fitness content ideas list for YouTube, what should you do next? These ideas are meant to inspire your brand’s marketing strategy and grow your channel and business! So let’s check out some bonus PRO tips that you can put into action when you are trying to figure out how to make a fitness video for YouTube. 

BONUS: PRO Tips for creating fitness videos

Tip #1 - Set a Clear Objective for your video

Having a clear objective for your fitness video will help you keep your short and long-term goals in sync. Without a concrete objective for your channel, you may end up making videos without really considering whether they are benefitting your brand or not. You need to define your target audience, buyer persona, and what your CTAs will be based on your objective. Steady brand growth needs a lot of consistent content creation for growth and creating a business plan will make sure all of your content is geared towards meeting your objectives.

Tip #2 - Make sure you have good equipment and lighting

With YouTube videos, the optics are everything. If you don’t want to invest in a high-end camera right away, you can simply do the filming on a good phone as well. Whether you have a high-end camera or not, the lighting is the most crucial. It’s the factor that decides whether your video will look dull or if it will look well-lit and professionally made. You’ll need a well-lit space and a ring light to make sure your footage looks inviting to your audience. Finally, if you’re going to be speaking a lot in your videos, we suggest you get a lavalier mic (such as the Rode lav mic). This is a small mic that can be clipped onto your top, so it’s especially helpful if you’re filming videos that need lots of movement.

Tip #3 - Edit high-quality, professional-looking videos

For YouTube, the post-production of your video matters a lot more than it would for other social media platforms. You can edit using any free video editor, like Lightworks, Davinci Resolve, and iMovie for Apple. The only setback here is that you will still need someone with decent video editing experience to actually come out with a high-quality video. InVideo solves this problem for you with their 5000+ pre-made templates – and they are fully customizable, so you can make a video in no time and it will still look incredibly professional. Here’s a quick guide on how to edit videos with InVideo.

Tip #4 - Optimize videos for sound off

For fitness video ideas, you need to make sure you’re opitmizing your videos for having the sound off. Often people watch content without switching the sound on - whether it’s an informational video or it’s a workout video where people may prefer listening to their own music. Making sure that people can also follow along without sound will mean that a lot more people will watch your videos. For this, the first thing you need to do is have subtitles and text on your video. Additionally, you must have title slides on screen when you are transitioning to a different point or a different exercise. The final most important thing for workout videos is to include a timer for each exercise so that the timing of the exercises is easy to follow. Here’s a workout video from Chloe Ting where she does all of these things and adds visual cues for those who might have the sound off on their videos: 

Tip #5 - Plan out your content 

After you have your objective and equipment in place, you need to plan out all of the content that you are going to be making. We’ve provided a list of different video ideas that you can try out to grow your channel and business in 2024. But even if you’ve got the ideas, content planning is incredibly crucial. First and foremost, you need to have a solid YouTube content strategy. Then when it comes to execution, the most advisable thing to do would be to batch your work – meaning that you set aside a large period of time to make 1-2 weeks’ worth of content ahead of time. This is an efficient way to help you to stay consistent while putting in a lesser amount of effort.

Tip #6 - Consider recording voiceover instructions

When you’re making a workout video, it can be difficult enough to maintain perfect posture and stamina throughout your demo without adding speaking into the mix. For many, it can get difficult to explain instructions loudly and clearly while also filming themselves doing the exercises. There’s an easy solution to this: record voiceovers. You can film your workout video and record your instructions separately. If your workout video is under 15 minutes long, you can use InVideo to not only edit your video but also record your voiceovers within the editor itself!  

Tip #7 - Repurpose your videos 

If you are creating long-form fitness videos, those will be suitable for only some platforms such as YouTube. Short-form videos work better on other platforms like Instagram - but why make a whole new video from scratch for this when you’ve got a lot of video content already created? You can simply repurpose your long-form videos into short-form videos with a little editing. This saves you a lot of time and effort, and makes sure that you are offering the same value across different platforms and different audiences.  

Wrapping up

A stunning fitness video is about a well-executed idea. But even if you’re no master yet, that’s okay! Starting is the first step to getting anywhere, and staying consistent with it is the second. And now with this list of ideas and our PRO tips, you’re well on your way to creating thumb-stopping fitness YouTube videos!

Next, if you want to level up and edit videos beyond the ideas we shared, check out our tips on how to film yourself like a pro and learn how to add cool effects to your videos to make them more engaging.

And if you prefer learning via videos, you definitely should check out our YouTube channel where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you make more money as a video creator.


This post was written by Yashvi and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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