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11 Exceptional Demo Video Ideas to Market Your Brand in 2024

Yashvi from InVideo
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If you’re wondering whether making product demo videos is right for your brand’s marketing strategy, consider this: 88% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. Making product demo videos can help you provide tangible proof of how your product works, which can aid customers in making a purchase decision. The beauty of a free product demo video is that it allows you to engage, educate, and inspire your customers. They can also increase the appeal of your items to a broader audience and create brand recognition.

Creating the right product demo video for your business can seem like a daunting task. There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re trying to make successful video content for your brand. This article is here to simplify the process for you – we’ll discuss video ideas and show you some of the best product demo video examples to draw inspiration from. You can bring all of these ideas to life using customized brand templates, unlimited premium stock media, and video editing service on demand with InVideo for business. Get your free demo here

Here’s everything we will cover in the blog:

A. 11 product demo video ideas
B. How to make your own product demo video in minutes
C. PRO tips to create product demo videos 

Let’s get started!

A. 11 product demo video ideas

1. Creatively show the various use cases of your product 

One of the things you can do to get creative with your product demo video is to show different use cases of the product. It’s easy to film the product in action in just one setting, but showcasing different use cases widens your potential customer base to a variety of people. This demo video by Nintendo is one of the best product demo videos you will find on YouTube.

In their product demo video, they highlight all of the unique features of their Nintendo Switch, while also showing different people and situations these features can be used in. Making a video showing different use cases emphasizes the many benefits of a product – something that makes the product even more appealing to the audience. You can make a video demo like this using one of our templates from InVideo! You will need to shoot clips of the kind of experience associated with your product or service. To differentiate between each use case, you can add a break with an animated clip of your logo, and voila! You’re done. 

2. Highlight the solutions offered by your product

This is the best demo video idea if you want to show how multidimensional your product can be. Your product may be popular for one of its key features, but making a demonstration video like this can help you to show all of the benefits that your product has to offer. Slack has done this with its product demo video. The video stars a woman who is going about her day, showing how Slack can be an all-around work management tool for anyone using it.

You can bring this idea to life by filming similar key features of your product in use. You want to ideally film this by having someone use your product to fix a problem they have and then bring the clips together in InVideo! Making this video may need a little bit more effort since there are multiple elements at play here but with proper planning, you can achieve the results you’re looking for. 

3. Feature real customers using your product 

Seeing customers using your products or services will pique your audience's interest. This will encourage them to keep watching in order to learn more about your company and gain confidence in your product. This kind of video is a bridge between testimonials and user-generated content. The Solo Stove Bonfire does this by featuring clips from customers using their product on their camping trips, making the product feel more personal and meaningful to potential customers.

The execution for a video like this definitely takes time. One way to do this is to take permission from customers to film them while they’re using your product or service. You can also give users incentives to use and film your product themselves. If you want higher production quality, you can also collaborate with influencers who deliver well-shot videos. You can then combine several clips to create a great demo video for your product. For instance this template below showcases several people visiting and getting work done at a dental care centre. If you have a similar service based business, you can create a video like this in minutes using this very template: 

Click here to use this template

4. Use cinematic visuals and on-screen text 

Level up the visuals of your product demo video with this idea featuring both cinematic product shots and also on-screen text explaining your product’s features. Sphero is a robotics company that’s made a demonstration video like this of their product the RVR– an all-terrain, highly programmable, infinitely expandable robot. Cool product videos like this show the product in action while also using creative editing to detail the features of the product with on-screen text.

To create cinematic product demo videos, you will need to invest in either a production team that helps you film cinematic product videos and turn them into a compelling demo. Or you will need to invest in good quality gear. Once your clips are filmed, you will need to edit them, color correct the footage and bring it to life. You can do all of this using InVideo

Pro Tip: If you want more help creating cinematic demo videos for your brand, try InVideo for business, which gives you access to customized templates and video editing on demand. Get your free demo here

5. Use animation to showcase your product’s benefits

Making an animated video featuring the most exciting parts of your product or service is a great way to get your customers interested. The use of animated elements and motion graphics helps keep people’s attention on the video and creates massive visual appeal for them. Pair that with a few written testimonials to show social proof of how your product benefits people, and you have a well-rounded product demo video. The popular language learning app Duolingo does this really well. This idea starts with using some testimonials to hook your audience, followed by vibrant animations of the digital services offered by Duolingo.

To create an animated product demo video for your own business, you will first need to create a storyboard of your concept and then use InVideo’s editor to place animated elements and text to create a stunning video.

6. Create a cinematic video synced to music

Go old-school with slow, cinematic b-roll shots of your product for your product demo video. When you’ve created a state-of-the-art product, you want to show it off, and you want your audience to feel the sophistication of your product as well. Nespresso showcases their Nespresso Pixie with graceful and elegant shots of the product in use. Such graceful and elegant footage makes you want to experience the product for yourself, which is the kind of sentiment that Nespresso wishes to bring out in the audience with product demos like this. 

Emulating this kind of product demo video is easier than it looks. You might want to familiarize yourself with filming good b-roll shots first. Once you have your footage filmed and ready to go, you can use an InVideo template, replace the clips and text, and your stunning product demo video will be ready within minutes. Here’s a template you can use to get started:

Click here to use this template

And if you want a custom plan for your business with tailor-made templates and video editing service on demand, you should sign up on InVideo for business. And you can get your free demo here.

7. Tell a story from a problem-solving lens

Storytelling is a powerful way of getting your point across, and it makes for a very effective product demo video as well. Your product may be solving a pain point for your customers, and in your product demo video, you can emphasize the problem and demonstrate how your brand is solving it for your customers. The CRM platform Zendesk does this with their animated product demo video which spends time building a story and establishing the audience’s problem before diving into how using their product can make things better.

This template from InVideo can help you tell a story with your product demo video. The clips in the template establish a problem and then offer a solution, exactly like this idea suggests. You can add live-action footage filmed by you or even animated clips from InVideo’s stock library, depending on the product you are selling. To enhance the effect of the storytelling, you could add a voiceover to your product video demos by recording it in the InVideo online editor itself.

Click here to use this template

8. Make a simple, to-the-point demonstration video

Sometimes, simplicity is key. You can create a simple product demonstration video and add a little bit of a personal touch to it. IKEA did this for their product demo video for IKEA Place, which is an app that lets you virtually ‘place’ IKEA products in images of your home space. These product demonstration examples show simple, basic usage of the product and then add clips of people using the app to make their lives easier, thus making sure it is detailed and to the point, while also having a personal touch.

If you also have a digital product like this, you can record your screen while using the digital product and then use that recording to create a demo video that is super helpful for potential customers. Of course, you can edit the video using templates on InVideo, where you will need to replace the clips and text with your own. 

Pro tip: If you want customized templates for your digital product or service along with video editing on demand, try InVideo for business. And you can get your free demo here.

9. Demonstrate all the product’s key features in use

Making a thorough product demo video means cinematic footage or good animations of the product’s key features in use. Let’s take a look at Microsoft’s product demo video for their Surface Laptop Go, where they feature both close-up shots of the laptop’s hardware and show people using the laptop’s software. The cinematic close-up shots add novelty and create intrigue, and simultaneously, watching others use it makes the product seem personal, approachable, and valuable.

To recreate this in concept, you first need to be clear on your product’s key features. Create a script where you list these out and then create a storyboard where you conceptualize the best ways to highlight these features. Once you have the basic structure ready, see how much of the info can be animated and how much of it you need to film. Then bring all those clips together into an InVideo template like the one given below and replace the media to make it your own. 

Click here to use this template

You can also get tailor-made templates and video editing services on demand with InVideo for business. Check out the demo here.  

10. Show how your product fits into their lifestyle

Selling a lifestyle is just as crucial as selling your core product when it comes to developing a brand, and demonstrating what lifestyle you stand for is the ideal way to accomplish it. The product demo video for the Nespresso CitiZ machine encompasses this perfectly with its cinematic shots, both of the machine in use and of the lifestyle concept of the peaceful, spacious, and luxurious-looking space housing the machine.

Consider what your brand represents. If you're a luxury real estate company, for example, you'll be known for offering opulent properties to your clients. As a result, the luxury should be evident in the real estate videos you produce. You want to focus on emanating the kind of emotion you want your audience to feel. This can be reflected in how your video is shot, what the composition looks like, the music you choose, and how you edit your video

11. Make a listicle video to educate your audience 

A listicle is an effective way of showing off key features of your products in use. You’ll be able to focus on and demonstrate a few main points of your product to your audience through a listicle video. Amazon uses this strategy in their product demo video for the Amazon Alexa. The product demo shows 5 unique features of the Alexa in use – features that may have been overlooked otherwise.

Creating a product demo video with a listicle template may seem unconventional, but it’s a creative way for you to get your audience to pay attention. You get to present the information in a structured way and you don’t need to spend hours creating cinematic videos. You can just tweak a straightforward InVideo template like this one to get the job done. Just replace the pre-existing media clips with good clips of your product or service. Along with this, change the text on the video to put your information about the key features, and you’re done!

Click here to use this template

If you want customized listicle templates for your brand’s promo videos, look no further than InVideo for business where you also get unlimited premium stock media and video editing service on demand. Check out the demo here.

Now that you've seen 11 varied product demo video ideas to help you improve your brand marketing strategy, it's time for a quick tutorial on how to make a product video demo with InVideo in no time. And if you stick around until the end, we'll share some PRO tips to help you take your product demonstration videos to the next level!

B. How to make your own product demo video in minutes 

For this tutorial on how to make a demo video, we’ll be using this template from Product Demo Video Idea #4. InVideo’s free templates are fully customizable, so you can play around with and change every element of the video: photos, text, colors, and more. Here’s how to make product demo videos in 6 easy steps!

To start with, you’ll need to Log In or Sign Up to InVideo. Then, you need to search for the template and select the one you’re going to use!

Step 1: Open the template in InVideo’s video editor

Once you have found and previewed the template you are going to use, you need to click on ‘Use this template’, and that will open up the template in InVideo’s editor. 

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 1 

Step 2: Change the videos and images

Before you change the videos and images in the template, you’ll need to upload all your media. Do this by clicking on Uploads on the Left Panel, and then click Upload Media to add the files you need for your video.

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 2 

Once your media is uploaded, simply drag and drop your media of choice into the pre-existing media on the canvas of the template. Click on the Replace option in the pop-up and your media has now been added to the template! If you’re using a video, you’ll need to trim the video length to fit the timing of the template.

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 2.1

Step 3: Change the text and logo

To edit the placeholder text in this template, simply click on the text box on the canvas and type in your own text. For more help, check out this tutorial to learn more about how to add and edit text on your video.

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 3 

Then, to add your brand’s logo just click on the Upload Logo part of the video canvas, and it will redirect you directly to upload your logo into the video.

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 3.1

Keep repeating Steps 2 and 3 until you’ve changed the media, text, and logos on every scene of your product demonstration video template.

Step 4: Change the video color palette

You can change the color palette of the video by clicking on the Colors tab in the left menu panel. You can select from the given color palettes or make your own in the My Palettes section based on your brand color palette.

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 4

Once you click Apply, you can see that it changes on the template of your product demo video. Make this change for every scene of your product demo video. 

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 4.1 

Step 5: Change the music or audio

If you want you can change the music on your template, begin by deleting the current track that comes with the template, and then add new music from InVideo’s stock library. To delete the video, hover over the audio track and on Edit, and then click on Delete. 

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 5 

To add the new audio file, simply go to Music to access InVideo’s free library of royalty-free music and sound effects! Select one that you’d like to add to your video and then just hover over the song of your choice and click on the + sign to add it to your video.

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 5.1

Step 6: Export and download or share your newly made product demo video!

Once your product demo video seems complete, you can preview the entire video to check for any errors or edits. If everything’s okay, you can go to Download & Share on the top right corner of the screen and click Export. Your video will soon be ready for you to download!

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 6

After clicking on Export, your video will start to render. Once that’s done, you can just click on Download to save the video to your device or directly Share Video to your social media platforms from here! And with that, you’re all done! 

How to make your own product demo video using InVideo - Step 6.1

Now you’ve got the ideas, and you’ve got the how-to. Next, we’ve got some pro tips for you to make sure you leave no stone unturned with your product demos videos! Let’s dive right in.

Instead of editing the video yourself if you want video editing services on demand, don’t forget to check out InVideo for business where you get access to unlimited premium stock media and a custom plan with tailor-made templates for your business.

C. PRO tips to create product demo videos

We’ve explored the best demo videos and ideas for you to create for your brand, and we’ve even given you a tutorial on how to quickly edit them using InVideo. However, before you begin to record your videos, here are some PRO tips we’ve curated for you to bring your best product demo video ideas to life: 

Tip #1 - Value proposition: Provide a solution to customers  

For your product demo video, you need to first define what makes your product worth gaining the attention of your audience. What is the main reason that your product matters to your customers? What is the outcome you’re promising to deliver to customers with your product? You need to explain how your product or service is solving your customer’s problems or improving their life. It’s also important to highlight the benefits delivered by your product and how it is unique from competing products. This concept should be at the core of your product demo video and should be kept in mind when you are selecting which key product features to demonstrate in your video. Remember that a demo video is just showing your product in action, it doesn’t have to be as in-depth as a tutorial or explainer video.

Tip #2 - Plan out your content: Storyboarding and scripting

A crucial component of any video is the storyboard and script. This will establish the tone, rhythm, and message of your product demo video. Begin with a project brief, then go on to an outline, and then go through your script section by section, making sure it relates to the objectives you set out earlier. Before getting behind the camera, decide what B-roll chances there are and do a verbal run-through. This will help you determine if anything sounds off and needs to be reworked. Provide a clear, explicit next step for your viewers to take at the end of the video, such as downloading a trial, requesting more information, or even purchasing right now. Because your product demo video may be your sole chance to persuade the audience to take action, it's critical that the information in it be as concise, relevant, and appealing as possible.

We have a video on our channel that details the process of storyboarding. Check it out here:


Tip #3 - Choose between animation and live-action

When it comes to product demo videos, the optics are crucial. You can choose, depending on your product or service, whether you want to create animated product demo videos or film live-action footage. Usually, if you are selling a service or a digital product, you can create animations and use footage from screen recordings to display your product in use.

If you are selling a physical item, it might be a good idea to go with a live-action physical product demonstration. In that case, it might be good to keep a few good filming practices in mind. If you don't want to spend the money on a high-end camera right away, you can just film with a good phone. Lighting is the most important factor, regardless of whether you have a high-end camera or not. It is this factor that determines whether your film will appear dull or well-lit and professionally produced. To make sure your footage seems inviting to your audience, you'll need a well-lit room and a ring light. Finally, if you plan on speaking a lot in your films, we recommend investing in a lavalier microphone (such as the Rode lav mic). This is a little microphone that can be attached to your shirt and is very useful when filming videos that need a lot of movement.

Tip #4 - Edit high quality, professional-looking videos

When it comes to product demo films, post-production is essential in order to make your product look presentable, refined, and appealing. Any free video editor, such as Lightworks, Davinci Resolve, or iMovie for Apple, can be used to edit the video. The main drawback of this is that producing a high-quality video will still require the assistance of someone with video editing experience. InVideo solves this problem for you with their 5000+ pre-made templates, all of which are totally customizable, allowing you to create a movie in no time while maintaining a polished look. Here's a quick tutorial on how to use InVideo to edit videos.

And if you want to watch and learn, here’s a video on our channel that will take you through the entire process:

Tip #5 - Optimize videos for sound on and off

With product demo videos, you need to make sure that you have optimized them with and without audio. People frequently watch videos without turning on the sound. Making sure that people can follow along without sound may mean that more people will watch your product demo video. The most important thing you can do is include subtitles and text in your video.

On the other hand, explaining your product in use can make your product demo video sound much more dynamic and personalized. But it may be difficult to film your product in use and narrate without making mistakes at the same time. Recording voiceovers is a simple solution to this problem. You can film your exercise video and separately record your instructions. If your product demo video is less than 15 minutes long, you can utilize InVideo to not only edit but also record your voiceovers right in the editor!

Wrapping up

An effective product demo video not only features what your product does but also why and how it is offering value to all of its customers. The idea is to build intrigue and trust with your target audience and drive further views and sales along the way. And now with this list of ideas and a detailed guide, you’re well on your way to creating thumb-stopping product demo videos. 

If you want to level up beyond the basic editing you just learnt, check out our video editing tips and learn how to add cool effects to your videos to make them more engaging. And check out InVideo for business to get tailor-made templates, video editing on demand, and more for your brand or business. Get your demo here


This post was written by Yashvi and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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