How to Create a YouTube video?

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YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world. Every minute, approximately 500 hours of video is uploaded on YouTube. Over the last few years, it has emerged as the perfect platform for content creators to connect with the audience at large and showcase their talent. A properly optimized video on YouTube can also help you to boost your marketing efforts. According to 78.8% of marketers, YouTube is the most effective advertising platform. YouTube video ads are an excellent way to reach out to your customers, and approximately 62% of marketers plan to increase their budget for placing the video ads.

YouTube Videos

In this article, we will look at the reasons you must create YouTube videos and how to create a YouTube Video. So follow these steps and get ready to hit the play button in a jiffy.

Why Create A YouTube Video?

Currently, YouTube has 2 billion active users. YouTube also caters to a large variety of audience. Therefore, uploading a video on YouTube gives you maximum outreach. A captivating video has the potential to grab eyeballs and drive more traffic to your website or blog.

A vast majority of the audience prefers watching videos over reading an article. That’s why YouTube videos are a perfect choice if you want to share tutorials, product reviews, demos, or even educational or motivational content. You can also syndicate the content so that a viewer can share the video with others through different social media platforms.

Creating high-quality YouTube videos can provide a boost to your digital marketing strategy. It can help you to build brand awareness, improve your ROI, and get more customers.

There are approximately 1000 million mobile views per day on average. The YouTube mobile app can dynamically resize the video for a mobile screen irrespective of the original format in which they were originally shot.

1000 million mobile views per day on  YouTube

Once you master how to create a YouTube video and regularly create content, you can also earn money through the Google AdWords campaign. Unlike Instagram, where you have to collaborate with a third party to earn money, YouTube directly compensates the creators. Whenever a viewer clicks on the ads displayed on your video, you earn a part of the revenue.

Also, remember that the videos on Facebook or Instagram run the risk of getting buried in the user feed. However, you can make your videos discoverable on YouTube by monitoring the quality of content and the metadata. If you optimize the video correctly, it will cause higher organic traffic, giving you more visibility.

A Step-By-Step Guide For Creating YouTube Videos

1. Identify The Needs Of Your Audience

Before you learn the technical aspect of how to create a YouTube video, know your audience well. Unless you understand what your audience expects from your videos, it will be impossible to keep them hooked to your content. Before you lock down any idea for a video, ask yourself who the audience is and what do they expect  and how your video will benefit them.  You can also check the analytics tab of your YouTube channel to understand your audience better. It is a minefield of information that provides critical insights about the demographics of the audience, their interests, and behavior.

2.  Browse Through Ideas

Your goal is to make a YouTube video that resonates with the audience. In order to do that, it is essential to have a niche so that you can create relevant videos. If you want to create an impression on the viewer’s mind, you will need to be creative in identifying your niche.

The next step is to pick the right idea for the video. An easy way to do this is by conducting a search on YouTube using a few keywords and check out the content others have created. You can browse through the comments section of your previous videos or videos posted by other creators as a lot of viewers leave comments about the different videos they would like to see. You can also ask yourself about the type of content your audience would like to watch.

3. Develop A Video Marketing Strategy

If you want to grow your channel and get more views, a solid strategy is a non-negotiable. So make sure to invest time in chalking out an effective strategy. The strategy should help you to attract more audience, engage with them, and convert them. You should also follow the YouTube trends to know what’s popular on YouTube to tailor your content.

Develop a YouTube Marketing Strategy

4. Get Your Recording Equipment In Place

It is challenging to create a high-quality YouTube video without the help of the right tools. But if you are new to the world of YouTube video making, start with baby steps, so you don’t get too overwhelmed. Get the basic equipment such as a good quality microphone, a DSLR camera or a high-quality phone camera, and lights. It is best to avoid webcams as the quality of videos recorded is not good. Don’t get too carried away by the technical specifications of your equipment.

Remember that you can always upgrade your shooting gear once you get the hang of YouTube video making. When you are just beginning to learn how to create a YouTube video, you can also consider using royalty-free stock videos to improve quality.

Create YouTube Video

5. Know Where Will You Shoot The Video

Where you record your video is equally important as what you are recording. Start with deciding where do you want to shoot the video – indoors or outdoors? If you are recording from a home-studio, try to position yourself in front of a solid color wall. Avoid busy backgrounds as it may distract the audience. If you have access to a large window with a lot of natural light, stand next to the window to enhance the lighting in your video.

6. Record Your Video

Get the camera rolling and start recording. If you make mistakes, switch off the camera and start again. Adjust your microphone so that the audio is crisp and clear. It is challenging to spruce up the bad sound quality.

Try not to hold your camera as the footage may appear shaky. Instead, place your camera on a sturdy surface or a tripod. In case you are using your phone to record, always use the back camera in the landscape mode. You can also consider shooting from a variety of angles, especially if you are making a how-to video.

Record Your Video

7. Edit Your Video

Editing the video can be a time-consuming process. But it is a crucial step if you want your video to stand out. Editing allows you to present your recording coherently and cut out the boring parts. You also get an opportunity to trim out the mistakes made during recording. By using the right video editor for YouTube, you can easily produce a high-quality video.

InVideo is an intuitive and free online video editor that can help you to create professional-looking videos easily.  You can choose from the wide variety of customizable templates designed explicitly for YouTube.

You can browse through InVideo’s media library and add transitions, animations, colors, fonts, images, and music to your video.  InVideo also offers a selection of YouTube intro templates that can be customized to make a stunning introduction to your video.

InVideo - Video Maker

You can change the images in your video, add filters, modify layers, and even add your brand’s colours to make it more appealing.

InVideo - Video Editor

8. Work On The End Screen

An end screen appears at the end of the YouTube video, and it is the perfect way to add a Call-To-Action to your videos. You can post a link to another video or request the viewers to subscribe to your channel.

You can use InVideo to create stunning outro videos for your YouTube videos. Customize the YouTube outro templates on InVideo to include a specific call to action for your viewers. InVideo also offers end screen templates that can be fully customized as per your requirements.

InVideo - Video Templates

9. Publish The Video On YouTube

Before you upload the video, check if YouTube supports the format. Don’t forget to check whether the video complies with the specifications set out by the platform.

Now log in to your YouTube account, click on the video icon from the top right-hand side, and click ‘Upload Video’ to publish the video.

10. Optimize Your Video

It is vital to make your video SEO friendly so that your viewers can easily find it. Make sure to place the keyword in the title and description box of the video.  However, ensure that the title is not a complete clickbait. The video description should always include links to your social media accounts, blog, or website.

Don’t forget to add hashtags in the description box to make the content easily searchable. You can also tag your video with the relevant keywords. Click on ‘Advanced Settings’ to categorize your video. Upload a customized thumbnail for your video that your viewers will see while scrolling through the feed.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned creator, it is very easy to learn how to create a YouTube video. Remember to focus on the quality of content rather than fussing over creating the perfect content. Edit your video well using an excellent video editing service. Add a subscribe button to your videos. And always ask your audience to like, subscribe, and comment on your videos.

We hope the tips above helped you to understand how to create a YouTube video easily. So get started and share your creation with the world.

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