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21 Instagram Ad Examples To Inspire Your Strategy in 2024

Upasna from InVideo
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90% of all users follow at least one business on Instagram. In fact, more than 80% of users discover new products or services on Instagram. This means that as a business, having an Instagram presence is imperative. In fact, InVideo also relies heavily on its Instagram channel to reach out to newer audience sets and retain existing ones. 

But organic content can only get you so far. And if you’ve tried it all and hit a roadblock, it is time to look at Instagram ads to take you further. Creating and running Instagram ads can give your business the boost it needs. But if you’re wondering what kind of ads you should run and where you’ll get ideas from, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

In this article, we will take you some of the best Instagram ads examples, which we’ve segregated based on their placement and type within the Instagram universe. We will also show you how you can create an Instagram video ad within minutes by signing up for a free account on InVideo

Make sure to also check out the InVideo Instagram channel for useful tips & tricks that make content creation easier. 

Here’s what we will cover:

A. Instagram video ad examples 
B. Instagram In-feed ad examples
C. Instagram Carousel ad examples
D. Instagram Story ad examples
E. Instagram Shopping ad examples
F. Instagram Explore ad examples
G. The easiest way to create Instagram ads using InVideo

Stay with us till the end and we also share pro tips for creating Instagram ads

Let’s dive right in

A. Instagram video ad examples 

91% of Instagram users surveyed recently say that they watch videos on Instagram weekly. But when it comes to video ads on Instagram, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all formula. Each brand or business can use the unique reach and following that Instagram offers, being a largely visual medium, to share ads that might just work out for them. Here are some Instagram ads examples in a video format to inspire your next Instagram marketing campaign or strategy. 

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1. Product feature Instagram video ad

Instagram loves how-to or tutorial videos. Everything from make-up tutorials to recipe reels is a hit on this social media platform. This insight can be useful when you are creating your video ads too. If you can show the features or uses of your product on Instagram, your video ad is likely to grab the attention of your target users. For example, check out this video ad by FeetUp, featuring their trainer for handstands. 

The ad highlights how the product solves the problem of finding the right space to do a handstand, immediately appealing to budding yoga practitioners. It clearly shows how the product can be used and what makes it desirable. 

Brands can share tutorials on methods to use their products, or show off the step-by-step process in setting up a product or a service and how it works and more, thus making it super easy for consumers to relate to the business.

Customize this eye-catching and highly informative video on “How To Make Your Own Website,” and create your own step-by-step guide or stunning tutorial video ad for Instagram.   

Use This Template

2. Product USP Instagram video ads

When you are selling a regular-use product like a bedsheet or a pillowcase that everyone knows the use of, how can you grab eyeballs on Instagram? Apart from using pretty visuals and stunning colors, you can also focus on the benefit or the USP of your product. Instead of sharing multiple features, you can share how customers will benefit from using your products. For example, check out this Instagram video ad featuring Ikea’s anti-slip mat. 

The ad catches your attention with a GIF-type video with a funny loop effect while subtly showing you the product USP. While the product itself is not the most exciting, the ad manages to establish just how effective and useful it can be. Finally, the caption too manages to convey the usefulness and benefit of the product.  

Create your own version of the product video ad featuring product USP with InVideo’s various product video templates across genres. Customize this neat and scroll-stopping, easy-to-edit video to create your own product video ad.

Use This Template

3. Real estate Instagram video ads

One of the best ways to get the most out of your Instagram ads is to show your property or spaces to prospective users. Beautiful locales, property situated in different neighborhoods, shots of the neighborhood itself, and more can picture in your Instagram real estate video ads. The idea is ‘show, don’t tell.’ 

Let people see your Airbnb homestay, or experience a walkthrough of your latest listed properties for sale. This will help you build a community around your property, create awareness as well increase conversions. 

For example, check out this Zillow ad featuring yurts and yurt-style dwellings. The caption urges you to step into these yurts and see if you feel at home.   

The ad helps share the message that you can take a virtual tour of various properties on Zillow. It also highlights the Zillow brand in a subtle way by reinforcing that no matter what kind of home you are searching for, chances are, you’ll find it here. 

Realtors and developers can play on these insights and create Instagram video walkthroughs of their property. Customize this property listing video and show off the highlights of your own properties or spaces.

Use This Template    

Tips to keep in mind while creating video ads for Instagram:

- Create a separate video for each ad placement. Instagram currently has 3 different video formats where ads can be placed – stories, feed videos, and reels. The aspect ratio for ads that show up on Stories and Reels is 9:16 while that for feed video ads is 4:3. You want to create separate videos for the different placements on Instagram instead of simply running one video in all the placements as that can distort your clips and placement of text, giving you lower ROI. You can do this using the Facebook ads manager. Check out this blog to learn how you can select the placement of your ads.

- If you want to run Instagram story ads, the length of the video cannot exceed 15 seconds for a single-story ad or a total of 60 seconds. Videos longer than 15 seconds are broken down automatically into 10-sec clips. Check out this blog on Instagram story ads for a more in-depth understanding

Pro Tip: Look at successful Instagram ads and take inspiration from what different brands are doing before you decide on the content for your own video ad. Check out this blog to get inspirational ideas for your next Instagram ads and use the  InVideo Instagram video ad maker to create thumb-stopping ads within a matter of minutes. 

B. Instagram In-feed ad examples

When advertising first came to Instagram, the focus was on the photo or creative-based adverts. However, as video becomes popular, the in-feed ads on Instagram comprise both photos and videos. But no matter how many content formats Instagram releases, feed ads are here to stay. The reason for this is that they can be used across industries and for a variety of use-cases. 

Here are a few in-feed Instagram ads examples to help you figure out your own Instagram ad strategy. 

1. Behind the scenes Instagram ads

Consumers tend to associate more with brands and services that make them feel good or appeal to their ideals. Creating a behind-the-scenes look at how your products are made, how orders are packaged and more can help you connect with viewers on an emotional level. Brands selling handcrafted jewelry, chinaware, pottery, decor items, etc, can create such videos to highlight the making of their products. 

For example, check out this Instagram in-feed ad by Rothy’s sharing the 3D knitting process involved in creating their shoes. It is not how you would expect a typical BTS video to look like, but it gives a unique glimpse into how the shoes are knitted. 

Instagram in-feed ad by Rothy’s sharing the 3D knitting process

This video gives viewers an idea of the detailed and highly specialized process that goes into creating Rothy’s shoes. The caption also shares how this process makes their product unique. Not only does this make prospective consumers believe in the quality of your products, but it also builds brand recall and creates awareness about the industry.

Create your own BTS in-feed Instagram ad by editing and customizing this super stylish video.

Use This Template

2. Product review Instagram ad

A simple, but effective way to create scroll-stopping ads is creating a review video. This can address real problems faced by consumers and also show how your product solves these. Reviews also add credibility to your brand creating greater recall and engagement. 

For example, check out this Instagram video ad by Eczema Honey featuring an organic healing cream.

The ad first catches your attention because of the vibrant color that pops out. Next, you see reviews about how the itching cream helped customers in cooling and moisturizing dry skin. The caption adds more context by sharing how the brand empathizes with eczema sufferers. They also invite you to look at their page and see other reviews and before-after photos. This simple but effective ad manages to create brand awareness and also invites the target users to their brand page.

Reviews are one of the most important social media marketing tools you can use because they help build trust and credibility for your products and services. Create your own Instagram video testimonial ad featuring reviews from satisfied customers by editing this simple and beautiful video template. 

Use This Template 

3. Entertaining Instagram feed ads

Instagram in-feed ads can simply feature a meme or a GIF, looping the same scene playing again and again. These funny, trendy images provide entertainment, make people laugh, and also convey relevant information about your brand or product. For example, check out this ad by Brooklinen promoting their end-of-the-year sale. 

Ad by Brooklinen promoting their end-of-the-year sale. 

Featuring a guy jumping on the bed, Brooklinen simply and effectively captures your attention and conveys how comfy their linens are. This ad does not have great visuals and stunning video footage. All you see is the same thing on loop. 

Another instance of a brand using a simple loop to grab your attention is this ad by CS Racing. Featuring a clip from a gameplay scene on loop, CS Racing effectively tells viewers that they will get stunning visuals in their games. 

ad by CS Racing

To make ads like these you will either need to edit your clips like a boomerang, like in the first instance. This involves taking a small action video and then looping it to make it seem like you’re going back and forth. Alternatively, you can loop longer sequences by carefully shooting your video so that the sequence of clips makes a perfect loop. Check out this tutorial on how to create a perfect loop video that you can later use for creating attention-grabbing ads. 

4. Color-pop Instagram ads

Instagram is all about visual appeal. One of the easiest ways to grab attention with your ad can be using solid colors that pop out or are connected with your brand or products. This can help you create awareness and increase brand recall, as well as share the latest information about your products or services. 

For example, check out this McDonald’s ad. There is no logo or any other text in the ad, but it still promotes brand recall as you immediately recognize the colors that go with the brand.

Example instagram McDonald’s ad

Creating ads like these is great for building brand recall. But for these to work you will need to have your brand’s identity and visuals in place already. You can then play around with color and shape elements in your logo and other marketing material to create images that people can easily associate with your name. 

5. Collaborative Instagram ads

Instagram is a very friendly platform for collaborations. Now with their mixed Reels feature, collabs are even more effective. But, as a brand or business, you can call out to collaborate with influencers or other brands and individuals and feature their mentions of your products or services as ads.   

For example, check out this Instagram ads example by Sony, featuring Suki, a traveling Bengal cat with 1.9 Million followers along with the Sony Eye AF camera. 

Instagram ads example by Sony, featuring Suki

The image shows the subject - Suki the cat, shot with the Sony Eye AF (autofocus) camera, answering a question many photographers have about the product - does the autofocus work on animal eyes? The ad effectively answers the question while promoting a product, in collaboration with Suki.

Creating ads like this will require you to build a solid network and then collaborate with them for pictures and videos. Once you have your clips, you can either create a static image post or a slideshow video and run that as an ad. Check out these slideshow templates if you want to begin creating thumb-stopping Instagram ads within minutes. 

6. Gamified Instagram ads

Your Instagram in-feed ads can also appeal to the curiosity of your viewers if you take the time to add a fun and interactive element to these. You can achieve this easily by gamifying your post. For example, check out this post by Twix asking followers to count chocolate bar rectangles on International Puzzle Day.

IG post by Twix asking followers to count chocolate bar rectangles on International Puzzle Day

This ad plays with users and provides fun or interesting experience to users. It also encourages brand recall and helps you build brand awareness. Finally, it is a great way to factor in the different days that are celebrated all over the world and can be used as an opportunity to create beautiful content. 

You can also use animation to create gamified feed ads instead of simply using images. Here’s a template from InVideo that can help you create a stunning animated ad within a matter of minutes. 

C. Instagram carousel ad examples

A carousel allows you to show multiple images or videos in one ad. Users can scroll through the carousel and view the ad. This is a great format to showcase various features of your product or services or to showcase multiple products your brand may have. You can even use a carousel ad to create a step-by-step guide or educate your viewers. 

Carousel ads can be in your feed or on Instagram stories. You can post from 2 to 10 images or videos in this carousel. You can feature multiple products that take the user to different landing pages. You can highlight features of a product or a service, show a process, tell a story or just sell the benefits you offer.

Note that the Instagram Stories carousel will automatically display between one to five cards but gives viewers the option to tap "Expand story" to see the remaining cards for up to 10 cards. By default, the number of cards automatically displayed before prompting viewers is tailored to each viewer. Some Instagram ads examples featuring the carousel format are listed here to help you along in creating your own. 

1. Special promotion Instagram ads

Brand and businesses can use Instagram ads on special days and events to offer special discounts and get more users to engage with their page, services, etc. You can create a special offer or promotion video for the Instagram feed. You can also add a CTA inviting people to view more of your products, your catalog, special offers, or even just your Instagram page.

For example, check out this Valentine’s day promotion by a clothes shop, East Boutique based in Vancouver, Canada.

IG Valentine’s day promotion by a clothes shop, East Boutique based in Vancouver

The carousel ad allows you to view different shots of the products, the material, and, the fit. Clicking on Shop Now allows you to directly buy the product. The caption gives details about the product. This ad, posted before and through February as Valentine's month, has a high chance of conversion amidst the targeted user group. The ad also provides all the necessary information needed to purchase the product. 

Pro Tip: Not sure of the various days or events you can create content for? Check out InVideo’s social media calendar to know what days lie ahead before you plan your content. 

2. Panorama carousel ads

Carousel panoramas use a single image to create a seamless scrolling experience across multiple slides of a carousel. This is used to create intrigue and make people want to keep scrolling. For example, check out this ad by Nissan, promoting the Nissan Ariya, one of their latest EV (electronic vehicles) products. 

The ad creates a sense of motion for dividing a beautiful, high-quality image of the car in motion, between 2 carousels. It catches your attention just because you want to see the other half of the image when scrolling.   

To create ads like this, you will need to use images shot in a landscape mode. Decide how many slides the image will be spread across and then resize it accordingly. For instance, if you want your image continued over three slides, you will need to triple the length of the images while keeping the height the same. So your size will be 3240 x 1350 (135o being the height and 3240 being 1080x3 as the width). Place your image on the resized canvas and then use a tool like PanoraSplit or PanoramaCrop to get three separate images for the carousel and upload them to Instagram as such. Once your carousel is up you can run it as an ad. 

3. Story-driven Instagram carousel ads

Images can be powerful. Use the carousel ads on Instagram as a storyboard to display your brand’s values and ethics and connect with viewers. You can use the carousel feature to show your story. For example, here’s a simple story ad by Pixar. The cute image from the Invincibles is easily recognizable and attention-grabbing. The caption tells us to swipe for a surprise.   

Panorama images are not the only way you can make carousel ads interesting. You can use CTAs on the first slide, start with the most interesting image, and even use videos to create beautiful carousel ads. You can create beautiful videos for your carousel ads using InVideo’s Instagram ad makers.

D. Instagram Story ad examples

Instagram stories are predicted to bring a quarter of the platform’s ad revenue in 2024. There’s no doubt that Instagram stories can bring you revenue and leads. You can have a video story ad, a static or photo story ad, or a carousel ad in your stories. 

Story ads can run for as long as you wish and can be optimized to match the business objective that matters to you. They are great to create brand recall in the mind of consumers, provide brand awareness, or even influence direct sales. You can also generate leads effectively using Instagram stories. Here are some Instagram ads examples featuring the story format to inspire you.

1. See more Instagram story ads

Instagram stories offer you the chance to convert interest to clicks. It’s a very effective tool to generate leads. Whether you are into real estate, travel, or any other business, you can offer a walkthrough of your property, estate, or room as a part of an Instagram story ad. In 60 seconds, you can feature a video or just an image inviting viewers to click and know more. 

For example, check out this Instagram story ad by Beautiful Homes, featuring a luxury apartment. They have also included a GIF CTA that says “Click here to know more.” Meanwhile, you can also swipe up to view details. 

Instagram story ad by Beautiful Homes

This simple ad gives you a glimpse into the product or offering by the realtor while also showcasing the promise of more. This kind of story ad can also act as an interactive ad as it can give the viewer a more in-depth experience of the product or service once they click on the CTA. 

2. Color-pop Instagram story ads

While a lot of ads these days use high-quality images and videos, you can also create stunning ads with the use of simple graphics and text. If done right such ads can be very eye-catching and can help you generate a lot of buzz and genuine leads.  

For example, look at this Bloomberg ad, promoting a limited-time offer to purchase a Businessweek subscription.   

IG Bloomberg ad, promoting a limited-time offer to purchase a Businessweek subscription.   

Managing to grab your attention with a color that pops out and typography used cleverly, this simple ad is highly effective.

To take it up a notch, you can also create a color-pop ad using simple text animation and bright colors. And contrary to popular belief, it is not something that will take a lot of time. Here’s a great animated template from InVideo that can help you create an eye-catching ad within minutes. 

Use this template

3. Share your USP with minimal ads

Instagram story ads can help interested users discover your products and services when they are actively searching for the same online. But you need to stand out from the crowd in order to make that happen. Using clean, minimal graphics or animations is a great way to do that just like this ad by Deliveroo that instantly grabs attention and builds brand association. 

IG ad by Deliveroo

With an attractive picture of their logo, and a concise copy, the ad tells you exactly how you’ll be using the app, to the brand color that makes you want to take a look at the ad, Deliveroo succeeds in creating awareness for their services. 

Pro Tip: If you want people to click on your Instagram ad, adding a prominent CTA is a good idea. You can use this by adding animated elements to your Instagram ad that push people towards a single action. Here’s a fun template you can use to add an animated CTA to your story ad.

E. Instagram Shopping ad examples

The Instagram shop is a feature that allows retailers to directly sell their products on the platform. Similar to Facebook Marketplace, Instagram Shop, allows you to list a catalog of your products on your account. Customers can find your shop while browsing through Instagram. Your ads can also link to Instagram shop. Check out a few Instagram ads examples featuring the shop format below to get an idea of how you can leverage this feature.

1. Moodboard Instagram ads

The Instagram shop is a great feature for many businesses as it allows them to connect with their consumers when they are already looking for a product. With the intent to buy, the Instagram shop can help you convert prospects to consumers quite seamlessly. You can create shop ads showing layouts and mood boards with your products featured in them. This is an easy way to demo your products and help people find other items in your catalog at the same time. For example, check out this Instagram shopping ad by Shaya, a jewelry brand. 

Instagram shopping ad by Shaya, a jewelry brand

The ad features a model wearing multiple pieces from Shaya’s catalog, with the products from the Instagram Shaya shop visible below. This effectively shows viewers how the products look, how long or wide the chain and earrings are, etc. It is an effective way to get people to click and buy directly from your Instagram shop. 

You can create Instagram shopping ads featuring multiple products in one image or story and link to the same products on your Instagram shop catalog. This is a great way to show off specific collections, ensembles, outfits, or even just matching products. 

2. Product demo video ad 

You can create an Instagram story ad featuring your product and give a demo on how to use it to grab attention. This story ad can be linked to an Instagram shop, allowing users to click the CTA or swipe up to buy. These targeted ads allow you to reach the right people with your products and services. For example, check out this iDeal Instagram story ad broken into 2 scenes.

The top scene of the ad shows us the actual product with an offer as well as an update on their new collection. The section below is a video that shows us how useful this product is and how it looks attached to your phone. Finally, there is a button below that invite you to ‘Shop Now.’ This simple effective ad establishes the relevance of the product as well as provides all the necessary information with a CTA. 

You can easily create a product demo video within minutes by using the hundreds of templates available on InVideo. All you need to do is to replace the stock media, add text and music, and you’re good to go. Here’s a template you can get started with: 

Use this template 

F. Instagram Explore ad examples

Explore is where people go to discover new content and see what’s happening outside their feed on the gram. The explore page helps people find new brands and businesses on Instagram. With 200M+ daily active accounts that turn on Instagram’s Explore feature, this is a placement opportunity brands can truly capitalize on.  

Your ads can be tailored towards brand awareness, recall, and engagement when it comes to this section. People are already looking for new stuff when they go explore, so your targeted explore ad can help the interested user. Here are a few explore Instagram ads examples to help you along.

1. Product feature ads

Explore ads are all about discovery. It’s where people become aware of your brand, your offerings and services, and more. You can share highlights about your products through images. For example, check out this Heatherly bedhead design ad.  

IG Heatherly bedhead design ad.  

Showing off how their product looks in an actual bedroom, the brand conveys information about their offerings and aesthetics in one post. The ad also has a shop button (the black icon at the left side of the picture), enabling direct purchase. You can create a video showing off your product features to get even higher traction from your explore ad. Create your own product unboxing and features video using this stunning, scroll-stopping template

And if you’re struggling to create Instagram ads, here’s a video that takes you through the exact steps you can follow to set up your very first Instagram ads campaign from start to finish.

2. Showcase your shop on the Explore page

Brands can hop on the culturally relevant or trendy aspects of Instagram by creating explore ads. Content for the explore section needs to be clear and concise. Provide some direction to your users, encouraging them to visit your page, using these ads. For example, check out this ad by Kirei, a home decor retail shop.

IG ad by Kirei, a home decor retail shop

The ad takes you to the Instagram shop where you can see the products in the image in their catalog and directly buy them. You can showcase your products in your feed or in your static ad and connect it to your shop, allowing users to directly buy on Instagram. You can also convert your existing product photos into shopping ads. Find out how to create shopping ads on Instagram in this step-by-step guide.  

3. Value proposition ads

What’s the key selling point or USP of your products or services? What makes them special? Your explore ad can be all about the value your brand or services offer to consumers. This is a great way to create brand awareness and build your image in the mind of prospective consumers. For example, check out this explore ad by Harvard featuring information about a new course for professionals. 

IG explore ad by Harvard featuring information about a new course for professionals

With an image or video setting the tone, the caption invites you to master brand strategy in Harvard’s new Digital Marketing program. The CTA, “Learn More,” invites you to click and find out more information. Simple, giving all the relevant information and highly effective, this ad does the job of getting you to look at the new course by Harvard. 

You can go ahead and create a video ad for this purpose as well and for that, you might not even need to shoot your own clips, you can use customizable templates from InVideo along with high-quality stock footage to create thumb-stopping Instagram ads within minutes. 

Now that you have seen some of the best Instagram ads examples out there, it’s time to understand how you can take inspiration from these and create your own. 

Pro Tips on Creating Instagram Ads

Running an Instagram ad is not the same as running a successful Instagram ad campaign. For the latter, you not only need to have a sound understanding of the platform but also of the basics of advertising. And while that is a vast topic in itself, here are a few things you should keep in mind while making your own ads:

Tip #1 - Repurpose and promote your existing, best content

Brands and businesses tend to start from scratch when creating Instagram ads. But if you’re just starting out, you can also repurpose existing well-performing content. 

Just go back and study your organic posts to find the ones that performed really well and got decent engagement from your viewers. You can simply repurpose the same content and promote it to get even greater responses from your audience. Check out how you use the Promote button available to business accounts to do this easily.

Tip #2 - Keep adjusting and updating your target audience

Instagram ads can also be managed through the Facebook ads manager. This gives you a lot of leeway in fine-tuning your target audience for Instagram ads. You can get more out of your Instagram ads for example, by creating a custom or lookalike audience. Keep analyzing your ad performance and experimenting with it. This way, you’ll be able to the advanced targeting features to get your ad in front of the most relevant viewers, bringing higher click-through rates (CTR) and conversions. 

Check out this tutorial to find out how to build a custom audience on Facebook ads manager for your Instagram ads and find out how to set up Instagram ads with the best targeting options in this guide.

Tip #3 - Design mobile-first ads with a focus on brand identity where applicable

With more than half the global internet users shopping online, and 6.4 Bn smartphone users worldwide, mobile is clearly the preferred way of viewing content. For Instagram especially, creating mobile-first visuals is key. Here are a few tips to create ads and content that is best viewed on apps like Instagram and other social media platforms:

- Create content in the 9x16 (vertical) aspect ratio.
- Add motion (animations or simple transitions) to your ads for greater engagement.
- Minimize text in your creatives and use typography to make any text stand out. For example, check out this only text ad by Hirect, promoting their app. 

IG text ad by Hirect, promoting their app

- Use the carousel format to make ads about multiple products, product features, and more.
- Create an intro or a trailer for your Instagram video ads to increase brand recall.
- Make sure to use elements like your logo, brand colors, and more to ensure that the ad is connected to your brand or business in the minds of viewers.

Tip #4 - Make sure your Instagram video ad can be viewed without sound

92% of consumers watch videos with the sound turned off. You need to make sure that your Instagram video ads too are designed with this in mind. Here’s what you can do to ensure viewers with muted sound will also understand your Instagram video ad:

- Add captions for any voiceover or scripted parts in your video ad.
- Use text overlays to deliver your key message without sound. 

Here’s how you can quickly add captions or text to your video ads using the intuitive InVideo online editor

Tip #5 - Use the CTA or call to action button in your Instagram ads

When you create an Instagram ad, you have the option to include a CTA or a call to action button in your post. You have several calls to action like ‘buy now,’ ‘learn more,’ ‘install now,’ and more. If you find a CTA relevant to your ad, make sure to include it in your post. It is a simple way to increase the number of clicks. 

For instance, look at this Poshmark ad. It includes a CTA inviting people to install their app.

IG Poshmark ad

You’ll find many Instagram ads examples featuring a prominent CTA in the shopping ads, in-feed ads, and story ads section too. 

Now that you understand what all goes into making an Instagram ad, let’s go ahead and actually learn how to do that. 

G. The easiest way to create Instagram ads using InVideo

You may have seen professional-quality videos with beautifully done effects, text, and music on Instagram. The great news is that you can now create such stunning, scroll-stopping trailers & shorts for your videos as well as edit complete videos up to 15 minutes in length using InVideo.

Here’s how you can create your own Instagram video ad:

Step 1: Log in to InVideo and select the template you want to edit and use for your ad. Make sure to select the 9:16 aspect ratio. Click on the Use This Template button.

How to create Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 1

Step 2: Edit the existing text, images, and color palette by selecting the corresponding option in the Layers menu on the right side of your screen, or clicking on the Canvas Color option on the top of your screen. 

How to create Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 2

Step 3: Next, click on the Media icon on the left menu of your screen. Now click on the Upload Media button to import or upload your own photos or video to InVideo. 

- To replace your video with the exiting videos on the template, drag and drop your imported video from the media gallery on top of the video you want to replace. 

- Now click the Replace button in the pop-up. Next, you’ll see a pop-up asking you to trim your video. Just click on the Trim Your Video To Fit Scene button. Next click Done.

How to create Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 3

Step 4: Click on the Logo icon in your workspace and then upload your logo to add it to your video ad. 

How to create Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 4

Step 5: Add music by clicking on the Music icon in the menu on the left side of your screen. 

- Next, search for the track of your choice by entering keywords in the search bar. You can also select a track from the various moods and genres displayed. 
- Now click on the menu icon (3 dots) next to the music track of your choice.
- You will click Replace
- A pop-up will ask you to confirm your edit. Click Yes and you’re done!

How to create Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 5

Step 6: Once you are finished editing, click on the Download & Share button on the right top corner of your screen. Next, select the resolution you want your video in and click Export

How to create Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 6

Finally, click the Download button to download and save your video. You can also directly upload it to Instagram by clicking on the Instagram icon.  

How to create Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 6.1

That’s how easy is it to edit a template and create your own Instagram video ad using InVideo. Check out this step-by-step tutorial on how to edit the 5000+ pre-made templates on InVideo to get even more clarity.

Make Instagram ads that convert

With customizable templates

Make Instagram ads that convert Try InVideo
Make Instagram ads that convert

Wrapping Up

If you’re trying to grow your brand or business on Instagram, ads are a given. But it doesn’t mean that coming up with ad ideas needs to be a tedious process. With this list of Instagram ads examples – both video and static – you can take inspiration and create your own campaigns. 

You may want to take a look at this guide on everything Instagram promotions to make your mark on the platform in 2024. Also, check out this Instagram Reel Ideas guide to master reels this year. 

If you have any questions or want to continue the conversation, hop over to the InVideo community and learn from 25K other marketers and video creators just like you! Or check out InVideo’s YouTube channel to learn more video editing hacks and tricks!


This post was written by Upasna and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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