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19 Best Instagram Ads to Use For Your Brand in 2024

Yashvi from InVideo
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One out of every two Instagram users use the platform to discover new brands. And Instagram’s advertising reach having outpaced Facebook in 2021, is proof that Instagram ads are an incredible way for you to reach potential customers without depending heavily on factors like engagement, organic growth, and word of mouth. 

In fact, we at InVideo also rely heavily on our Instagram channel to reach out to newer audience sets and cement ourselves as a brand. 

But it can be tricky to figure out what kind of ads will work on Instagram, which is why we’ve compiled this list of the best Instagram ads out there to inspire your marketing strategy. If you already have a few ideas up your sleeve, you can start to bring them to life using InVideo’s Instagram video editor or, simply head over to the InVideo Instagram channel for inspiration!

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Here’s everything we will cover:

A. Best of the Best: Top Instagram ads
B. Best Instagram video ads
C. Best Instagram photo ads
D. Best Instagram carousel ads
E. PRO tips for creating Instagram Ads
F. BONUS: How to make stunning Instagram ads

A. Best of the Best: Top Instagram ads

Before we explore Instagram ad categories on their own, here’s our list of some of the most impactful and showstopping Instagram ads that we’ve seen on the platform. These Instagram ads examples serve as excellent models for creating a good marketing strategy for your business: 

1. Best Instagram Ads (Top Ads) #1: Sleepy Owl Coffee’s Mute Ad

This Sleepy Owl Coffee Ad really made waves with this minimalistic and mute Instagram Ad design.

It starts off with a young woman knocking on the screen and signaling the viewer to stop scrolling and keep watching. Then she uses gestures and subtitles to explain what Sleepy Owl Coffee does, and adds a CTA for the viewer to click on the link to the Sleepy Owl Shop.

Why this works: On a platform like Instagram, people tend to scroll mindlessly and they also often have the sound off. Sleepy Owl tackles both these things by having a ‘stop scrolling’ hook and being a mute ad that conveys the point within just 30 seconds. A young woman appeals to the audience by being transparent about how much money they are spending on the ad, which builds the viewer’s trust in the brand. And they end with a simple but strong CTA. This campaign delivered 4X the clickthrough rate of their average ad campaigns!

This is among one of the simple yet very effective Instagram ads ideas, and you can make a silent Instagram ad too using InVideo’s online video editor! First, you’ll need a well-crafted script. Then, once you have filmed all the footage, all you need to do is add the subtitle text, overlays, sound effects, and put in your branding colors and your logo.

2. Best Instagram Ads (Top Ads) #2: The New Yorker and its Simple Free Tote Bag

The New Yorker and its Simple Free Tote Bag Instagram ad

This boomerang-style animation video is one of The New Yorker’s many great Instagram ads to their subscription service. With The New Yorker being a veteran magazine known for their top-notch journalism and witty comics, in this ad, they offer a simple discount and tote bag with a nod to the kind of audience they have cultivated over the years.

Why this works: For a popular publication, putting a simple caption like ‘The magazine for people who like to read’ really works to establish a certain amount of exclusivity. This is something that invites interested viewers to join existing subscribers of The New Yorker. Their CTA is minimal yet effective – offering the subscription at a lower price along with a free aesthetic tote bag. Mentioning in bold that this is a limited-time offer adds a feeling of urgency that pushes consumers towards actually purchasing the subscription as soon as they can.

You can create an ad like this if you are a brand that is attempting to cultivate or attract any specific type of audience and community. Captions and CTAs like this do well with brands that are catering to the needs of a niche because it adds the feeling of being part of one.

3. Best Instagram Ads (Top Ads) #3: HubSpot’s Bright and To-The-Point Hook Ad

HubSpot’s Bright and To-The-Point Hook Ad Instagram ad

Source: Penji

 This ad comes straight from one of the masters of social media marketing, and they delivered yet again with this incredible Instagram ad example. HubSpot’s attention to consumer behavior and their ability to capitalize on that behavior is what really makes their ads stand out.

Why this works: The bright orange-colored background with just one line of minimal text is quite an attention-grabbing post in an Instagram feed that is usually filled with photos. Thus, the average viewer is bound to stop scrolling and read the ad. The CTA text itself, too, is just a short hook statement saying ‘It’s time you knew the truth about SEO.’ – something that will garner the interest of the viewer to click and learn more about the service. Such a statement also offers transparency and thus instills trust in the brand.

This kind of Instagram ad is probably the easiest to make – you can use any photo editing app or software to experiment with using a bright background that matches with your brand colors. The important part here is to come up with a good hook statement that works as your CTA!

4. Best Instagram Ads (Top Ads) #4: Spotify Premium’s Witty and Relatable Ads

Spotify needs no introduction, and their colorful and cool Instagram ads have been just one of their many eye-catching marketing strategies! Using simple captions and dazzling visuals, they offer a free trial to their Spotify Premium service with a subtle yet effective CTA.

Why this works: Offering a free trial period to a service is a great way to gain new customers – it acts as a bridge to the service for hesitant customers, and as a discount for customers who are sure about the service but contemplating the price. Pair that with a message like ‘Get lost in the music’ and it delivers a message whose underlying tone is that you won’t be interrupted by ads while listening! It acts as a good setup for the CTA asking the viewer to try Spotify Premium free for 2 months.

If you want to create a video like this, you’ll need to have a great copy first. Once you take time and have written a good message with a strong CTA, you can take it to the InVideo online editor and choose a template with a bright and colorful animation that matches the tone of your ad. Here’s one template like that, and here’s another option.

5. Best Instagram Ads (Top Ads) #5: Samsung’s ‘Dynamite’ Ad

One of the most impactful Instagram ads examples is Samsung’s ad for the Galaxy S20 FE phone. They created one of the most popular ads of 2020 by working with two factors: their use of stunning visuals, and their promotion campaign with one of the most popular bands of all time, BTS.

Why this works: Samsung played their cards right by using a catchy and popular song like Dynamite by BTS and pairing it with some breathtaking visuals of their Galaxy S20 FE phone. They explain all the specs of the phone very smoothly and that makes it both very informative, and a joy to watch! They end with the title ‘All you want, to do all you love’ – something that really makes one feel like this is the phone for them.

If this ad inspires you, check out InVideo’s blog on how to add cool effects to your video so that you can level up your Instagram ads too!

B. Best Instagram video ads

84% of customers say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video. To help you capitalize on this, we’ve got a list of the best Instagram video ads that will inspire you to grow your brand and conquer more of the Instagram market! 

6. Best Instagram Ads (Video) #6: Hush Blankets’ Testimonial Ad

Testimonials are a great way to personalize your product and gain the trust of your audience, and that’s exactly what Hush Blankets has done with this Instagram ad. They filmed the first reaction of a customer using their 20lbs weighted blanket and then added a simple CTA at the end of the ad.

Why this works: Testimonials are the next best thing after word of mouth marketing – customers always trust the opinions of other customers before they trust the brand. And using the first-time reaction from a consumer provides honesty and transparency, and generates the trust of the audience in the brand. At the end of the ad, they add a simple yet powerful CTA saying ‘Change the way you sleep’, after which they prompt the user to order their Hush weighted blanket on that day itself. That inspires the audience and piques their curiosity into considering purchasing their product.

If you have something similar in mind for your Instagram ad, you can use InVideo to edit a simple testimonial ad where all you need to do is add your video footage, the subtitles, and your CTA. Here’s a simple guide to testimonial video ideas if you want to explore more options!

7. Best Instagram Ads (Video) #7: Marriott Hotel’s Travel Show-Inspired Ad

Marriott Hotels are well known around the world for their luxury hospitality, and they’ve capitalized on exactly that with this stunning ad that simply showcases different shots of one of their hotels.

Why this works: This ad plays on the strengths of the brand and brings them out beautifully and aesthetically. The charm of this kind of ad is that it blends right in with your regular Instagram feed, which works in its favor since it is a travel-based video ad. The shots span the entire property and though the shots are of a professional quality, the ad also has a slightly vlog-esque style to it – making you feel like you’re going along for the trip with the tourist in the video.

However, this ad does not have a CTA. If added, that would have made such an ad much more powerful.

If you want to make a similar ad for your brand, you can get cinematic shots of your product or service and edit them in InVideo’s online video editor to get a professional-looking Instagram ad in no time! Once you have your footage, you can add some text to display information about your product or service and add a CTA that serves your goal for the ad. Here’s a nice template you can use to make a cinematic-looking product video. All you need to do is replace the media and add your own ad copy, branding colors, and your logo, and you’ll be done!

8. Best Instagram Ads (Video) #8: WebFlow’s Creative Commercial Style Ad

This super creative commercial-style Instagram ad by WebFlow does a good job using real life as a metaphor for web design. This ad immediately addresses the audience’s problem, and they do it in a way that viewers who may not fully understand web design can grasp the concept too. Among Instagram commercials, this ad stands out with its clever and witty display of the consumer’s pain point and their solution for it. 

Why this works: This ad tells a story, presents a problem, and offers its services as the solution – all in a very creative manner. Not only do they use real-life examples as metaphors for problems with web design, but they also capitalize on the use of color to emphasize the differences between the problems of the consumer and the solutions offered by WebFlow. This ad doesn’t include a clear CTA, but the video ad displays their service as a solution, which acts as a foot in the door for clickthroughs and interest in the service.

For creating an ad like this, it would be great to first learn about storyboarding and writing a good script and then move on to understanding filming and cinematography. Once you have all these fundamentals down and ready, you can make your film and put it together in no time using InVideo!

9. Best Instagram Ads (Video) #9: SIDIO’s Effective 15 Second Ad

In just 15 seconds, SIDIO manages to address the problem of the consumer and explain how their product can solve it. It’s bright, interesting, full of information, and to the point.

Why this works: The ad has subtitles and sound, so it works well for those Instagram users who don’t have their sound on. SIDIO brings up the consumer’s pain point within the first 2 seconds and then solves it by displaying the product in use. They show the features of the product and include a simple and clear CTA to click on the link to their website. In just 15 seconds, they manage to make it eye-catching enough that the audience will watch till the end and know everything that they need to about the brand.

To create a similar ad, you’ll have to make a clear script and storyboard your idea first. Then you need to film yourself and your product. After your footage is ready, you can head over to InVideo to edit the video into a stunning ad in just a few minutes!

10. Best Instagram Ads (Video) #10: Copilot’s Tweet-Inspired Ad

Among these Instagram ad examples, Copilot starts its ad with a tweet asking about people’s opinions on switching over to Copilot. Then for the next slides, they add tweets with positive responses and testimonials about Copilot. Finally, they briefly show the Copilot app in use to give the audience an understanding of how the app works. They add their CTA in the caption of the sponsored post, offering a code to get a free 2-month trial for the app.

Why this works: Copilot stays native to Instagram by making a carousel-style video that is full of tweets about their product with a colorful background. It’s bright and catchy, but it also blends into the average person’s Instagram feed. By marketing themselves as the finance app that everyone prefers, they build interest and intrigue about their product. On top of this, the user-generated content and written testimonial-style video make the brand seem even more trustworthy.

To create an ad that looks like this, you can use this template to add pictures of user-generated content with any background of your choice. All you need to do is replace the images from this template with your media. Then you need to change the text, add your branding colors, as well as your logo. Here’s a guide you can use to edit template videos to make stunning ads on InVideo.

C. Best Instagram photo ads

Sticking with simplicity is sometimes the best way to go. Less is more, right? If you want a good balance between your video content and still images, here are some examples of excellent Instagram photo ads. These will push you to do something straightforward but still be creative and wow your audience! 

11. Best Instagram Ads (Photo) #11: Laneige’s Bright Pastel Ad

Laneige’s Bright Pastel Instagram Ad

Source: SH1FT Digital

Laneige is a Korean cosmetics brand known for its emphasis on skin hydration and skin moisturizing products. In this sponsored post they are advertising their Lip Sleeping Mask, which comes in a variety of flavors and colors. They go for a simple display that shows off their product range, the premium packaging, and the product itself.

Why this works: The use of color in this ad has been done strategically so that they really pop against the calm but vibrant yellow background. By showing off the packaging but also showing swatches of the product, they ensure that the viewer has a well-rounded idea of what their product will be like in texture and consistency. They don’t include a CTA in the image but the caption of the post prompts to the viewer that the product is available at Sephora, so that the next time the viewer visits Sephora, they’ll be much more likely to see the product and be interested in buying it.

To create a similar aesthetic product ad, you’ll need to take good photos to make sure you capture everything that you need to show to your audience. In case you want to animate your ad to add an element of movement to it, you can head over to InVideo’s editor and try out different animations for your product.

12. Best Instagram Ads (Top Ads) #12: Adobe Creative Cloud’s Pop-Art Inspired Ad

Adobe Creative Cloud’s Pop-Art Inspired Instagram Ad

Source: SH1FT Digital

With this bright and colorful ad, Adobe Creative Cloud really lets your mind wander to all the amazing possibilities you can have with their 20+ apps and services.

Why this works: When they add the caption ‘Set your creativity free’ with a subheading that offers a 40% discount on their Creative Cloud service, it makes for a CTA that is both witty and strong without coming off as too pushy. Paired with the pop art-inspired vibrant background image, this ad both empowers the viewer and ignites their curiosity about the service being offered.

This is one of the Instagram ad ideas that uses a still image, but you can easily turn such a concept into a simple animation through InVideo’s online video editor. Here’s a vivid and multicolored template from InVideo that you can use! You just need to replace the images and text according to what your brand is offering, and the branding elements of your business to the video, and you’ll be done!

13. Best Instagram Ads (Photo) #13: Elementor’s Vibrant and To the Point Ad  

Elementor’s Vibrant and To the Point Instagram Photo Ad  

Source: SH1FT Digital

With a hot pink background and its immersive visuals, this Elementor ad is not just talking the talk about having ‘beautiful and ready to use templates’ – they’re also walking the walk. In this simple ad, Elementor makes use of the ‘Shop Now’ link offered by Instagram for sponsored posts, which doubles as a CTA after they establish that they’ve got templates that everyone can use. The copy in the caption of the post also offers 3 simple sentences addressing the pain point of the audience and solving the problem for them.

Why this works: The visuals of this ad work in Elementor’s favor – by displaying the different elements of a website, they visually break down how much work making a website takes. The text in the photo mentions ‘Beautiful and Ready to Use’, which gains the interest of the customer. The use of color is also great: the bright pink background is incredibly eye-catching and bound to make the audience stop scrolling and pay attention to the picture.

If you want to level up this kind of advertising, you can check out this InVideo product template, which animates the product and brings the ad to life even more! InVideo’s templates are fully customizable, so here’s a guide on how to edit and customize a template to make a thumb-stopping ad and wow your audience.

14. Best Instagram Ads (Photo) #14: Balance’s Calming and Minimalist Ad

Balance’s Calming and Minimalist Instagram Photo Ad

Source: K6 Agency

Balance is a meditation and sleep app, and it shows with their calming pastel ad. They keep it simple with a small graphic and a line offering a free subscription for one whole year – and after 2021, people need it more than ever. Instead of adding a direct CTA, the text in the ad is just about the offer. Balance has added the ‘Install Now’ link that Instagram offers for sponsored posts, and this acts as an effective CTA.

Why this works: Balance plays on sentiment by offering a free one-year subscription to the app for ‘the rest of 2021’. It acts both as a helping hand for the stress many encountered in 2021, and a way for people to bring in their new year or act on their resolutions with good lifestyle habits like meditation and sleeping better. The discount itself is huge – an entire free year of subscription acts as a great foot in the door for those customers who may have hesitated to purchase a subscription. The simple and soft imagery and minimal text both make sure that the brand is offering value without being too pushy.

Minimalist ads work well to stay exactly to the point and be clear about what they are offering to the customer. If you want to make a similar ad, all you need is a good graphic and a good text copy for the ad text and the caption for your sponsored post.

15. Best Instagram Ads (Photo) #15: MAC’s Dynamic Neon Ad

MAC’s Dynamic Neon Instagram Photo Ad

Source: KlientBoost

This promotional offer ad by MAC Cosmetics is great for catching the attention of the viewer with its electric colors. It’s very to-the-point in offering a discount for their Black Friday Sale. By saying ‘The holiday season dream deal is here’, they play to the holiday cheer and capitalize on the holiday shopping market. Then in bold, they mention ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ – making sure that that is the most attention-grabbing part of the ad. They also show off some of their most popular products, thus making a well-rounded ad full of bright imagery.

Why this works: The ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ in big, bold text instantly gets your attention to the main offer. Along with this, there’s a ‘Shop Now’ swipe-up link to the MAC Cosmetics website that acts as a CTA along with the offer statement itself. By flaunting some of their most popular products like their lipsticks and foundation, they also prompt the audience with little reminders of what can be bought when they do swipe up.

To make an ad inspired by this one, you’ll need to have your ad copy ready and a good picture of your best products. If you want to make your ad a little more vibrant by adding animation, try out this totally customizable template on InVideo! Check out our guide on how to edit templates in InVideo’s editor.

D. Best Instagram carousel ads

Carousel ads bring the best of both worlds! With being able to add multiple media to one ad, you can play around with both images and video, and you can pack a lot more information into your ad as well! Here are some examples of ads that have taken advantage of this amazing feature and made thumb-stopping carousel ads for Instagram: 

16. Best Instagram Ads (Carousel) #16: Pilgrim’s Aesthetic Carousel Ad

Pilgrim’s Aesthetic Carousel Ad

Source: SH1FT Digital

Pilgrim makes the most out of carousel ads by demonstrating multiple elements of their brand. They’ve used a short video showing off a necklace, and they have displayed an assortment of pictures of their products – both against a simple background and also worn by models. Most importantly, they’ve got a slide that includes the pricing of their products – which gives customers all the information they need! The copy in the caption mentions that they are doing a ‘Limited time pendant promotion’, and then they offer details about the same. They use the ‘Shop Now’ link offered by Instagram for sponsored posts, which doubles as a CTA leading them to their shop.

Why this works: With the limited time offer and the price clearly laid out in the post, Pilgrim creates a sense of urgency with viewers – something that is bound to catch their interest. They also use the limited-time offer line along with the Shop Now link to act as the CTA instead of being too pushy with a strong CTA to avail the offer. With an ad like this, Pilgrim makes sure that their products and their offer do all the talking for them.

For creating a similar ad, you’ll need to take good photos of your products. Things like good lighting and product placement are important for this. If you want to make a stop-motion video like the one in the ad, here’s a guide you can check out!

17. Best Instagram Ads (Carousel) #17: Matix Labs’ Testimonial Carousel Ad

Matix Labs’ Testimonial Carousel Ad

Source: AdEspresso

Matix Labs shows off several happy and satisfied customers with this carousel ad of testimonials. The carousel ad feature lets you pack your ads with a lot of information, and Matix Labs really capitalizes on that by making this testimonial slideshow. Their ad copy reinforces the testimonial theme of the ad with a written testimonial from one of their clients, and it’s followed by a simple, clear, and direct CTA saying ‘contact us today for a free proposal’.

Why this works: Testimonial videos are a great way to make a good impression on your audience – hearing from other customers of your product or service is always more impactful on consumers than hearing directly from the brand. Making a testimonial-focused ad with a clear CTA is a good way to gain the interest and trust of your audience.

To make a testimonial-inspired ad like this, check out our tutorial on how to make testimonial videos. You can use InVideo to edit your bite-sized testimonial videos for each slide of the carousel ad post.

18. Best Instagram Ads (Carousel) #18: Nat Geo’s History Buff Ad

Nat Geo’s History Buff Instagram Carousel Ad

Source: AdEspresso

National Geographic targets history buffs with this series of simple ads that feature different covers of their history magazine. They capitalize on the carousel ad by adding multiple pictures of several magazine pictures – each slide targets a different era of history, like ancient history, the Middle Ages, or modern history.

Why this works: Playing on the likes and interests of the viewers and delivering content that their target audience is bound to be interested in is a great tactic. By ensuring that the context of interest is already present on their product, Nat Geo has done most of the work to gain the users’ attention. Their ad copy is in line with the narrative tone of Nat Geo’s brand – talking about their magazine’s powerful stories and the compelling way in which they present them. Each of the slides has a link to the magazine and their subscription plan, which acts as a persuasive element without being too pushy.

To create a similar ad, you need to make sure that you stay on top of your target audience’s needs, as well as stay up to date with trends. Then you need to choose the right products to market and write a compelling copy that is true to your brand. You can add a clear CTA if you want, or you can use Nat Geo’s tactic of using the link to subscription option as a CTA.

19. Best Instagram Ads (Carousel) #19: Fossil’s Seasonal Promotional Ad

Fossil’s Seasonal Promotional Instagram Carousel Ad

Source: AdEspresso

By using the carousel ad feature to their advantage, Fossil makes sure to display their promotional offer in a bright orange image, as well as enough high-quality product pictures to draw the consumer in and keep their interest. By marketing their offer as a ‘season’s savings’ with the limited time of a week, they make sure that the 40% discount they are offering comes across as a ‘can’t miss’ deal.

Why this works: Starting with their attention-grabbing first slide advertising 40% off for season’s savings, Fossil puts a foot in the door for consumers to be intrigued and swipe further to look at their products. Adding good pictures of their products following the sale post is a good way to get consumers thinking about how they’ll use the discount and prompts them to buy something that catches their eye. With a one-week-only duration for the sale, Fossil makes sure to create a sense of urgency too, which makes the consumer feel more invested in making a purchase before time runs out to benefit from the deal.

To replicate an ad like this, you need to create a thumb-stopping first slide. Using an animated first post to advertise your brand’s discount offer would make your ad dynamic and even more effective in catching the viewer's attention. You can try out this template from InVideo to create an immersive first slide that makes sure your audience swipes through your carousel ad.

Now that we’ve gone through this Instagram sponsored ads list, what should you do next? These examples of Instagram ads are meant to inspire your brand’s marketing strategy! So let’s check out some bonus PRO tips that you can put into action when you are trying to make your best IG ads.

E. PRO tips for creating Instagram Ads

Tip #1 - Set your marketing objective

This is the most important thing for you to do before you start creating your ad. Instagram ads will only work for you if you have a clear goal, whether it be brand awareness, reach, generating traffic, and engagement, or conversions. Here’s a detailed guide you can use to work on that.

Tip #2 - Configure your target audience

You’ll need to tailor your ad to your target audience. You can check out your Instagram insights and market research to decide on who your target audience is so that you can create and promote an ad to consumers that you know will already be interested. That will make your ad much more effective in achieving its goal.

Tip #3 - See what has performed best on your organic marketing strategy and follow that

Working on ads that stray away from what your existing community enjoys is the wrong move to make. If you are trying to attract a certain type of audience, they will mirror the interests of your existing followers. Market research never lies – and you need to tune into your current audience's likes, preferences, and problems to reach similar customers who don’t know about your brand yet.

Tip #4 - Make sure you have a solid ad copy

Keep your branding and messaging upfront! As we saw with the HubSpot, Sleepy Owl Coffee, and Spotify ads – they are simple and straightforward in leading the customer to more clicks, engagement, or conversions. You need to have a minimal but strong CTA line that stands out and grabs the attention of your audience right away.

Tip #5 - Animate it

Movement matters, and video content for Instagram marketing has rapidly been on the rise since 2020. If possible, use a full-fledged video for your ad. But if you would rather have an image-based ad, you can just have one animated element in your ad too, to make it more vibrant and attractive to the viewer. You can use InVideo’s online editor to edit videos easily and quickly, whether it be for a full-fledged video, or to just add animated elements to your videos!

Tip #6 - A tip for image-based ads

If you are using an image for an ad, that’s okay too! But without the element of movement, you need to have eye-catching visuals and bold colors that can immediately make your ads pop. Regardless of that, they need to blend in and look native to the platform as well so that they don’t seem like a disturbance to your audience. Finally, avoid using paragraph-style copy – text blocks will be tedious to the viewer and will make them want to scroll past your ad.

Tip #7 - Design mobile-first ads

Most users use Instagram on mobile, so you need to make sure that your ad is designed for mobile use first! Your ad should ideally be filmed or created vertically (9x16), and then you can crop it to any other size that you need to use as well. Here’s a helpful guide to aspect ratios you can check out to learn more! And most importantly, make sure that your font sizes are large to make your text copy easy to read on mobile screens.

Now that you know what to do to make an effective Instagram ad, it’s time to learn how to make one. Keep reading for a bonus short tutorial that will teach you how to quickly and easily make professional-looking Instagram ads to level up your brand’s marketing strategy!

6. BONUS: How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo

For this tutorial on how to make a testimonial video, we’ll be using this template to make sample Instagram ads. InVideo’s free templates are fully customizable, so you can play around with and change every element of the video: photos, text, colors, and more. Here’s how to make your own Instagram ad in 6 easy steps!

To start with, you’ll need to Log In or Sign Up at InVideo. Then, you need to search for the template and select the one you’re going to use!

Step 1: Open the template in InVideo’s video editor

Once you have found and previewed the template you are going to use, you need to click on ‘Use this template’, and that will open up the template in InVideo’s editor.

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 1

Step 2: Change the videos and images

Before you change the videos and images in the template, you’ll need to upload all your media. Do this by clicking on Uploads on the Left Panel, and then click Upload Media to add the files you need for your video.

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 2

Once your media is uploaded, simply drag and drop your media of choice into the pre-existing media on the canvas of the template. Click on the Replace option in the pop-up and your media has now been added to the template! You can do the same thing with the Video/Image tab on the left panel, which has lots of free stock videos and images for you to use! In this tutorial, we’ll be using a stock video for our sample Instagram ad.

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 2.1

Step 3: Change the text and logo

To edit the placeholder text in this template, simply click on the text box on the canvas and type in your own text. For more help, check out this tutorial to learn more about how to add and edit text on your video.

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 3

Then, to add your brand’s logo just click on the Upload Logo part of the video canvas, and it will redirect you directly to upload your logo into the video.

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 3.1

Keep repeating Steps 2 and 3 until you’ve changed the media, text, and logos on every scene of your Instagram ad template.

Step 4: Change the video color palette

You can change the color palette of the video by clicking on the Colors tab in the left menu panel. You can select from the given color palettes or make your own in the My Palettes section based on your brand color palette.

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 4

Once you click Apply, you can see that it changes on the template of your testimonial video. Make this change for every scene of your Instagram ad.

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 4.1

Step 5: Change the music or audio

If you want you can change the music on your template, begin by deleting the current track that comes with the template, and then add new music from InVideo’s stock library. To delete the video, hover over the audio track and on Edit, and then click on Delete. 

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 5

To add the new audio file, simply go to Music to access InVideo’s free library of royalty-free music and sound effects! Select one that you’d like to add to your video and then just hover over the song of your choice and click on the + sign to add it to your video.

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 5.1

Step 6: Export and download or share your newly made customer testimonial video!

Once your Instagram ad seems complete, you can preview the entire video to check for any errors or edits. If everything’s okay, you can go to Download & Share on the top right corner of the screen and click Export. Your video will soon be ready for you to download!

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 6

After clicking on Export, your video will start to render. Once that’s done, you can just click on Download to save the video to your device or directly Share Video to your social media platforms from here! And with that, you’re all done!

How to make stunning Instagram ads using InVideo - Step 6.1

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Wrapping up

A spectacular Instagram ad is all about standing out with simplicity. This will make sure your ad is neither one that can be ignored, nor one that pushes customers away by being too over-the-top. The idea is to build intrigue and trust with your target audience and drive further clicks and sales. And now with this list of examples, pro tips, and a tutorial, you’re well on your way to creating thumb-stopping creative Instagram ads to level up your brand’s marketing strategy!

If you want to level up beyond the basic editing you just learnt, check out our video editing tips and learn how to add cool effects to your videos to make them more engaging. And if you want to learn more about Instagram marketing, you can check out this list of Reels ideas and tips for Stories to grow your audience and build your community even more!

And if you prefer learning via videos, you definitely should check out our YouTube channel where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you make more money as a video creator.


This post was written by Yashvi and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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