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15 Top Converting Fashion Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business in 2024

Mrignayni from InVideo
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Facebook has more than 2.7 billion active users a month and 78% of these users have discovered new products through the platform. This means that Facebook is essentially a large marketplace filled with potential customers who are always on the looking for the latest fashion. 

And if you’re not leveraging Facebook ads for your fashion business yet, you’re leaving a lot of money and customers on the table. That is why in this blog we will share the best fashion Facebook ad ideas for your brand, which you can bring to life using InVideo’s online Facebook ad maker, and actionable tips that’ll help you make the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns. 

Here’s what’s covered in this article:

- Why Fashion Facebook Ads are Important
- 15 Fashion Facebook Ad Ideas for your Business
- How to Create Fashion Ads using InVideo
- Pro Tips to help you create Better Fashion FB Ads

Let’s get started with why Facebook ads are important for fashion businesses. 

Why Fashion Facebook Ads are important

Many fashion brands shy away from running Facebook ads because they think it’s complex and won’t give them the desired results. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as Facebook ads for apparel and accessories have one of the highest Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) at 15.34% after Google. In other words, investing $1 in your Facebook ads will roughly give you a $15 return. 

And that’s not all. Here are 4 other benefits of running fashion Facebook ads for your business in 2024. 

1. Hyper-target your audience

Facebook’s precise targeting options allow you to target hyper-specific audiences easily. For example, if you’re selling wedding dresses in Buffalo, USA, you can use the platform’s targeting options to reach women looking for wedding dresses using location, interests, and behavior-based targeting.

2. Get great returns at low costs

If you’re a fashion business owner who’s just starting out, Facebook ads should definitely be a part of your paid marketing strategy as the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is only $0.70 making it a very affordable option.

3. Attain specific business goals

Facebook ads have 11 kinds of objectives that align with your business goals and help boost your revenue. For example, if your business goal is to improve your brand awareness by 15% this quarter, you can run Facebook ads with the brand awareness or reach objectives to grow your brand.

4. Access insightful data

Facebook gives you access to breakdown reports which tells you which user demographic took actions based on your ad. It also gives you an attribution report that maps the customer journey and identifies the most important touchpoints of your sales funnel

15 Fashion Facebook Ad Ideas For Your Business

Here’s a list of 15 high-converting Fashion Facebook ad ideas to inspire your paid campaigns and get you increased returns that help scale your business. 

1. Highlight your Brand Values

Customers want to do business with brands that align with their values and make them feel emotionally invested in them. 

According to Deloitte’s 2019 report, although customers first engage with brands due to rational considerations like price, promotions, and monetary rewards, the only way to sustain a long-term relationship with a customer is to establish an emotional connection with them. 

A whopping 76% of the customers they surveyed also said that they’ve been “brand-loyal.” In other words, they used the brand for more than 4 years because they trusted it and were emotionally invested in it. 

But the real question is, how can you build an emotional connection with your customer so your brand can improve its retention and loyalty? The answer is to highlight brand values in your ads so customers can relate to and stick with you instead of doing business with your competitors. 

Here’s an example of a simple ad from Ralph Lauren that showcases its values. The ad starts with Ralph Lauren himself to establish a sense of familiarity and uses a vintage effect to show that their brand values have remained unchanged for 50 years. The visuals and the short, punchy copy towards the end also reinforce the brand’s inclination toward sustainability and create a stronger emotional connection with its customers. 

To create fashion Facebook ads highlighting your brand values, use the InVideo template below, add your brand colors and elements and replace the default text with your values. Then, add scenes to the template and use the stock videos from our library to tell a brand story highlighting your values. You can also add music and voiceover like Ralph Lauren to amplify the emotional connection the story creates and end the ad with a subtle CTA to get people to check out your social media content and build your brand awareness. 

Click To Use This Template

2. Promote User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content or UGC is any original, brand-specific content- images, video, and text-based reviews, unboxing videos, and podcasts that a brand’s customers and fans post on social media platforms or other channels. 

Since customers these days pay lots of attention to the experiences that the rest of the community shares online, transforming user-generated content into fashion Facebook ads is the easiest way to build credibility and authority for your brand. 

In other words, user-generated content is the modern-day word of mouth, and it helps brands like yours distinguish themselves from competitors and get customers’ attention in a fiercely competitive market. 

Here’s an example of a UGC ad from Victoria’s secret. The model organically integrates a review of the Love The Cloud collection into the video and also shows her followers how to use the bra to style a trendy outfit. Since the content is authentic and gives the feel of native content, it naturally compels viewers to check out the brand’s collection. 

If you want to go one step further and make the most out of UGC content, use the InVideo template below to add discounts and pictures of your collection towards the end, so potential customers check out your collection right away and make a purchase.

Click To Use This Template

3. Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with influencers is one of the best ways to drive conversions and sales for your brand, as you get to leverage an audience that already trusts the influencer. So, if the influencer endorses your brand, you get sales and conversions effortlessly. 

Also, your ad will look like a native post, so people who follow the influencer will stop scrolling to check out your ad and buy your product. Here’s an example of an influencer ad from Preggo leggings. Influencer Santana talks about how comfortable the leggings are for pregnant women and highlights problems the Preggo leggings solve (non-slippery, stays up all day, etc.,) so expectant mums choose these leggings over the normal ones. There’s also a discount code to give shoppers a final push to purchase the product. 

To convert an influencer video into fashion Facebook ads for your business, choose an InVideo template like the one given below, open up InVideo's ad editor, upload the video, and add text to highlight the features of your product. Next, rearrange the scenes, so the influencer's video is displayed before the discount and promotional offers on the product. Lastly, upload pictures of your outfit, add your offer and end with a CTA, so viewers check out your collection. 

Click To Use This Template

4. Promote new arrivals

Customers are always on the lookout for new trends and want to purchase the latest styles. So, one of the major factors playing an important role in the success of a fashion brand is the variety of products they have. 

That’s why it’s important to promote new arrivals and drive people to take action like The Clothes Rak does. Their ad is a simple slideshow that shows all their new arrivals. Its aesthetics and the unique designs compel people to check out their collection and make a purchase. 

To create a promotional video like The Clothes Rak in less than 10 minutes, all you’ve got to do is use the InVideo template given below, replace the default images with high-quality images from your collection and add music from the stock library. You can also create additional scenes for more clothes from your collection and change the colors in the video to suit your brand image. End the ad with a powerful CTA so people can check out your new arrivals. 

Click To Use This Template

And when it comes to pricing, use percentage discounts instead of price reduction discounts as the former makes people think they’re getting more value. For example, a 20% discount on a $10 piece of clothing is more appealing than a $2 discount on the same piece. 

Pro-Tip: You can easily convert this image-based into an attention-grabbing video ad using this InVideo template.

5. Showcase product benefits 

Consumers make purchase decisions based on one of the three things- is the new choice cheaper, better, or faster. So, highlighting the product benefits shows how your clothes are better than your competitors’ and encourages potential clients to make the switch. 

If your clothes offer more comfort and style and solve problems like wrinkling and creasing, create fashion Facebook ads that highlight these benefits as Buttercloth does. The brand's unique selling proposition is a patented icy cotton technology and 6-way stretch, which keeps shirts wrinkle and odor-free. 

They’ve highlighted these benefits and clearly shown how they make Buttercloth shirts better than the normal ones in this ad. The attention-grabbing hook (“your shirts suck”) and the first few seconds of the ad state common problems with normal shirts to engage viewers and compel them to check out the remaining ad and make a purchase. 

People don’t want to shift to other brands or try out something new unless they have an incentive or a good reason to. So, your ads have to clearly tell consumers why your clothes are better by highlighting how it solves a persistent problem better than the regular ones. In the example above, Buttercloth says how their shirts are wrinkle-free and have a 6-way stretch that allows men to move freely with it.

To create an eye-catching clothing video ad, create a script and shoot the video for your fashion Facebook ads. Then, use the InVideo template below, add your video, and use the text tool to highlight the benefits of your ad. 

Next, add transitions and cuts to your video, so viewers are engaged. Lastly, add the music and voiceover and end the ad with a strong CTA. You can also weave in some testimonials and discounts to boost your credibility and get people to check out your products.

Click To Use This Template

6. Get your customers to create an Ad 

Maintaining a long-term relationship with your customers and transforming them into repeat customers won’t be possible if you only focus on pushing them down the sales funnel and getting them to buy your outfits. The key lies in engaging them and interacting with them through various channels. 

When you engage customers beyond important touchpoints, your brand will be at the top of customers' minds when they decide to shop for clothes. As a result, your brand recognition and loyalty will improve, resulting in more sales and increased customer retention. 

There are many ways to engage your customers but getting them to give suggestions for your ads like Old Navy did is one of the most ingenious ways we’ve come across so far. The brand turned the best suggestions into an ad, and the best part is that they also got to showcase their collection for men, women, and children in a fun and entertaining way. The music also adds to the ad's freshness, and overall, the ad encourages viewers to check out their collections and follow them online. 

To create an entertaining Facebook ad like Old Navy, simply create a post asking for suggestions online and have your followers vote for the best ones. Once you’ve picked the top 3-5 suggestions, transform them into clothing advertisements that showcase your best outfits. After you’re done editing the video, use the logo reveal template to showcase the logo at the end like Old Navy does to improve brand recognition. You can also add a CTA to get people to check out your collection. 

Click To Use This Template

7. Create a Social Media Challenge

Challenges aren’t new, but they’ve been popular for hundreds of years because they’re fun, engaging, and appeal to the reward centers in our brains. As a fashion brand, you can leverage these consumer instincts and create challenges to get traction, improve brand awareness, and eventually get more sales.

Here’s an example of a clothing brand that does it right. Under Armour makes sports apparel for men and women. To promote their collection, they collaborated with Anthony Joshua, a professional boxer, to create a 20-second challenge with medicine balls.

The ads show Anthony teaching viewers how to use medicine balls and timing the number of double ball slams he completes in 20 seconds. When viewers click on the challenge, they’re redirected to their YouTube page, where they can discover intense training videos from Anthony and other seasoned sportspeople like him. 

Since Under Armour’s target audience includes people who are into intense workouts and challenges, they’re more focused on the satisfaction they can gain from the challenge. So, instead of monetary gains, the brand attracts customers with challenges and home workout videos that’ll take their fitness to the next level. 

To create a challenge, step into your audience’s shoes and understand their goals so you can encourage participation and give them a reward that adds value to them like Under Armour did. Shoot a challenge video and add snippets of the video to the template below. Then add text, overlays, and music to the video, and end the ad with a subtle CTA encouraging participants to check out the collection the trainer is wearing. 

Click To Use This Template

8. Promote Customer Favorites

Customer Favorites or best-sellers are a reliable way to scale your fashion store's revenue as they're already proven winners, and your target audience is more likely to buy them. This ad idea works great, especially if you've got a small business, as you might not be able to allocate a lot of budget for running ads. 

For example, take a look at this ad from Happy Socks. It showcases all customer favorites in a simple slideshow and ends the ad with a CTA to compel buyers to take action. The ad is minimalist, so viewers will focus only on the product and check it out without being distracted by too many elements. 

To create a slideshow ad like Happy Socks, modify the InVideo template below and add pictures of your top-selling products. Then, add music and voiceover as needed. You can also shoot a video of yourself explaining why your products are best-sellers and add an element of scarcity (if it’s genuine) so people feel more compelled to buy your products.

Click To Use Template

9. Create Ads for Special Occasions

Creating fashion Facebook ads for special occasions is one of the best ways to drum up sales for special occasions, as it gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers through extremely relatable and engaging content. It’s great for improving your brand awareness and recognition, so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to cash in on the attention. 

Here’s an example of a Mother’s Day ad from GAP. The copy grabs the attention of mothers and works with minimalist visuals to encourage mothers to celebrate their mother-daughter bond with similar outfits. It works because it forms an emotional connection with the target audience to influence their purchase decision to buy the outfits. 

To create a Mother’s day ad like GAP, use the InVideo template below and add text that creates an emotional connection with the audience. Then, add pictures or videos of the outfits you want to promote and end the ad with a subtle CTA, which prompts users to check out your collection. 

Click To Use This Template

10. Promote your Collection 

Fashion trends keep changing with time, so brands design collections to appeal to customers and get them interested in their products. But in today’s fiercely competitive market, simply designing a collection and adding it to your website and social media isn’t going to make the cut. 

You’ve got to promote your collection online to get more people interested in your brand and buy from you. The best part is that you don’t have to go overboard. You can draw inspiration from Pull & Bear's spring collection ads to create one for your brand. The ad shows a model in different outfits from the collection to paint a visual picture of what customers would look like, which motivates them to purchase outfits from the collection. 

Creating eye-catching fashion Facebook ads promoting your collection is very simple with InVideo. All you’ve got to do is use the template below and add high-quality pictures of your collection to the template. Then, change the colors in the video to your brand colors, add some text, and replace the music track if necessary. End with a compelling CTA that prompts viewers to check out your collection. 

Click To Use This Template

11. Show customers wearing your clothes

The saying “first impression is the best impression” is particularly relevant to fashion brands as customers only take a few seconds to decide if they should stop by a store or click the purchase button on a website after they see an outfit. 

Retail stores use attractive storefront displays with mannequins dressed in eye-catching outfits, so passers-by feel more inclined to visit the store after being attracted by it. 

But you’re running an online store, so you can’t use the same tactic to influence consumer behavior. That’s why you need to create clothing ads showing customers wearing outfits they purchased from you. Since the ad shows people similar to your target audience wearing the outfit, it’ll also improve the authenticity of your brand and sell your outfits without appearing salesy. 

Here’s an example of one such ad from Muse Fashion. It shows Amanza Smith in a statement feather blazer from the brand. Viewers get an immediate idea of how they can style the blazer and picture themselves wearing it. So, they’ll be compelled to check it out and make the purchase.

example of ad from Muse Fashion

Pro-Tip: Convert this ad into a video by compiling all of your customer’s pictures into a slideshow video using InVideo’s slideshow maker

12. Give Limited-Time Discounts

It’s difficult to keep customers hanging till they make the final payment. In fact, cart abandonment rates are just under 70%. This means 7 out of 10 shoppers who visit your store will leave without making a purchase. 

So, your customers need a final nudge to shop from your clothing store, and offering limited-time discounts offer that nudge. These offers work on the principle of scarcity marketing which is based on the concept of supply and demand.

According to this principle, the perceived value of a product increases when it becomes scarce. So, it invokes a Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) and compels customers to buy products before time runs out. Also, nobody likes to miss out on opportunities that allow them to save money, so you can create a limited-time discount ad as Ni-NiClothes does. 

The ad offers discounts that increase with the number of clothes a customer purchases to increase the number of orders and waives off the shipping costs to remove hesitancies and compel the customer to complete the shopping. 

Example of ad by Ni-NiClothes on Limited-Time Discounts

To create discounts that don’t look unauthentic and salesy, you can add a value prop by telling people why you’re offering them the discount. In the above example, the clothing store clearly states that they’re offering discounts because they have new arrivals and want all of their customers to benefit from it.

13. Showcase an Outfit Of The Day 

The Outfit Of The Day or OOTD became popular when fashion bloggers and influencers started posting pictures of their everyday outfits on social media platforms. This trend still remains popular as it’s a form of self-expression for many people. You can leverage this to show your target audience how to create outfits that match their personal style to encourage them to purchase your outfits. 

Here’s an example of a fashion ad from Senja Clothes that shows a customer styling an outfit with a Yunabi jacket. The carousel ad shows the outfit from different angles and encourages potential customers to show off their personal style by shopping for their collection. 

example of a fashion ad from Senja Clothes that shows a customer styling an outfit with a Yunabi jacket

Pro-Tip: Transform this ad into a video using InVideo’s Outfit Of The Day templates. 

14. Conduct a Giveaway

Giveaways are among the best-paid strategies to boost your brand awareness, build your email list, get new customers, and strengthen your relationships with existing customers. The best part is that this tactic works despite the size of your business, as the chance to win free goodies is appealing to everyone. 

Here's an example of an engaging giveaway ad from Babyboo Fashion. The steps to enter the competition are simple, and the brand encourages unlimited entries with a fulfilling reward at the end (5 FREE dresses.) This encourages more potential customers to engage with the post and even purchase the collection without waiting for the giveaway.

 example of an engaging giveaway ad from Babyboo Fashion

Pro-Tip: Here are some giveaway templates you can tweak to convert image ads into video ads. 

15. Share Customer Testimonials

Apart from engaging your customers and grabbing their attention, your ads must also build trust and credibility with your target audience. Customers are skeptical and aren't swayed by promotions stating that the brand has the trendiest or most comfortable clothes. That's why you've got to get your existing customers to talk about how good your clothes are and promote these testimonials in your ads.

When potential customers see others endorsing your product, the perceived value of your product goes up, and they’ll be more likely to purchase it. Here’s a simple testimonial ad from Ollie & Max you can draw inspiration from for your ads.

The testimonials highlight how customers can find fashionable outfits for plus sizes, so women who are looking for plus-sized clothes can check out their collection. 

simple testimonial ad from Ollie & Max

Pro-Tip: Check out these testimonial templates that’ll help transform your images into compelling video testimonial ads. 

How to create a fashion ad using InVideo

Videos are the most impactful medium for ads. They are more expressive and engaging. But creating an ad that sells is not an easy task. You need to hook the audience from the start. InVideo is an online video editor that can help you create video ads that convert and increase your reach on Facebook. You can create attractive video ads using pre-made templates, stock photos, and music in a few easy steps. 

So, follow these steps after signing up on InVideo to create an amazing ad for Facebook within minutes. 

Step 1: Go to InVideo’s Facebook video ad maker and click the Make A Video button. Then, enter your details and click Get Started to go to the templates page. 

How To Create A Fashion Ad Using InVideo - step 1

Step 2: Search for the template(in this case, fashion ads) on the search bar after selecting an aspect ratio. The 16:9 aspect ratio is appropriate for Facebook ads. Once you’ve chosen a template, click on a template of your choice and then on the Use this template button.

How To Create A Fashion Ad Using InVideo - step 2

Step 3: To customize the text in the template, double click on its text and replace it with your text.

How To Create A Fashion Ad Using InVideo - step 3

Step 4: From the uploads section, select upload media and upload your desired photo or video file. Replace the image in the template by clicking it and then dragging and dropping the desired media on it.

How To Create A Fashion Ad Using InVideo - step 4

Step 5: Click on the Music button to add background music of your choice to the video.

How To Create A Fashion Ad Using InVideo - step 5

Step 6: After you’ve completed the editing, click on the Download button.

How To Create A Fashion Ad Using InVideo - step 6

Pro Tips to help you create better Fashion FB Ads

Video ads are one of the most compelling forms of ads. They have higher conversion rates, better engagement, and larger reach. But making impactful video ads for Facebook isn’t an easy task. You need to catch the viewer's attention within seconds to sell within a short span of seconds.

So, here are 9 super actionable tips that can enhance the quality of your Facebook ads:

Tip #1 - Create Video Ads

Video ads are a very effective form of marketing. They give an opportunity to be more creative with the ad ideas and design more appealing ads. Video ads help you connect with your audience and communicate directly with them about your brand’s value.

Facebook provides a great platform for video ads through Facebook watch. With 1.25 billion monthly users, it gives your brand access to one of the largest groups of audiences. So, through video ads on Facebook you can reach more people, convert more leads and make more sales.

Video ads on Facebook can help your brand reach all the marketing goals. Here’s how:

- More clicks: Video ads attract viewers quickly and intrigue curiosity about the products. So, you can get more clicks to your video.

- More engagement: They are visually more attractive. With the use of cool graphics and effects, ads can be made more engaging.

- More conversions: When the clicks are increased with engagement, you have a higher chance of converting. More viewers and visitors to the page help multiply conversions and boost sales.

Creating a video ad for Facebook that effectively converts more and brings more views isn’t easy. You’ll have to create trendy and on-point fashion video ads to create that impact. Here are some tips that can help you create super compelling video ads that help you sell more:

#1 - Keep the videos short

With the average viewer attention span of 8 seconds, it’s imperative to create the video ads short and get straight to the point. However, even these short form videos ensure that you hook the viewers at the start. Your brand can deliver 47% of its value in the first three seconds of the video. So make strategic use of the first few seconds to make the viewers stick around. 

#2 - Create mobile-friendly video ads

In today’s time, most of the content is consumed on the smartphone. Mobile phones have made content readily available to viewers at any time and any place. So, creating mobile-friendly video ads is a necessity. 

#3 - Create ads that work without audio

About 85% of the videos are watched without audio on Facebook. So, when making your video ads, make sure that the absence of audio does not impact the quality and content of the ad. The video can have subtitles and must have a caption for better communication.

To create video ads that actually help improve the brand’s engagement, you can use the online video editor InVideo. It offers thousands of templates with an option to customize designs, photos, and text and also lets you add background music.

Tip #2 - Take advantage of Ad Scheduling

Facebook Ads manager has a lot of options that allow you to target the right people and get maximum returns on your ad spend. But there’s one more important tool most fashion marketers miss because it’s only available under the lifetime budget option. 

Most marketers miss the Facebook ad scheduling feature easily because it’s only available under the lifetime budget option. But it’s one of the most useful tools in a social media marketer’s arsenal. 

Using the ad scheduling feature, you can set publish dates and choose to show your ads only during certain time slots. This means you can save your ad spend and reduce your budget by showing ads only during times your customers are most active on Facebook. 

Facebook ad scheduling feature

Source: adespresso

To make the most out of the Facebook Ad scheduling feature, take a look at your Audience Insights page to know when your followers are online the most. This way, your ads will be most likely to reach them, and you'll also save time from not having to post the ad during peak hours manually.

However, you don't want to restrict your time slots too much. So, pick multiple time slots when your audience might be online to make sure your ad has more reach. For example, if your audience is most active from 12 pm-3 pm and you see a small spike between 6 pm-7 pm, including this time slot as well, while running your ads.

Lastly, monitor the results you’re getting from the ad scheduling feature and make changes to the ads so you can maximize the results from your ad spend.

Pro-Tip: To know the best time to post on Facebook, read this blog.

Tip #3 - Keep your brand consistent for better recall

Branding is an essential part of every fashion business, and it’s much more than just cool logos and a website. It shows what you stand for and helps create an identity people can relate to, which ultimately creates a strong relationship with your customers and gets you more leads and sales. 

But to achieve long-term results from your branding, you need to make it consistent. When you’re consistent with your brand voice, values, and elements, people start recognizing your fashion brand and trusting it more. 

For example, people recognize brands like Nike, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel because of their consistent branding. After all, everyone has seen Nike’s signature tick and Chanel’s logo on every apparel and accessory. 

Without consistent branding, your customers can’t distinguish your brands from other brands out there, and it’ll be difficult to cultivate brand recognition and loyalty. Here’s an example of a fashion brand with consistent branding. Zara’s ads follow a similar monochromatic theme with clean lines that makes them stand out. The logo and the signature ad style make it easier to recognize.

example of a fashion brand with consistent branding - Zara’s ads

Tip #4 - Craft a Compelling Offer

Fashion ads often fail to convert because they don't have a compelling offer that stands out from other brands and makes the viewers want to buy the outfit right away. 

As a result, their offer looks similar to those created by other fashion brands, and the potential customer scrolls past the ad without paying attention to it. 

So, what should you do to craft an irresistible offer that makes potential customers notice your fashion Facebook ads and click on them?

You must first start by understanding your target audience and their needs. Once you know what your audience wants, put together an offer by highlighting the best features and benefits of your collection, offer discounts, and include a strong Call-To-Action to get people to buy your outfits right away. 

You can also add an element of scarcity and urgency in your offer to create hype around your collections so customers feel like they’d miss out on trending designs if they don’t buy from you.

Here’s an example of a compelling offer by girlboss fashion. It immediately stops the reader from scrolling away as it starts with a hook addressing the most common problems we face while choosing outfits every day. The brand also offers a 50% discount and includes a CTA to use a code during checkout, so potential customers visit their website and look at their collection. 

example of a compelling offer by girlboss fashion

Tip #5 - Come up with attention-grabbing creatives

Your ad won’t give you the intended results even if you’ve nailed the target audience and crafted a compelling offer if the creative can’t grab the attention of people scrolling through Facebook. 

So, for an ad to do well, it must have visuals that clearly communicate your product’s features and the brand’s aesthetics. Here are some of the most common creatives you can use for your fashion brand:

A. Product Images

These are simply images of your outfit displayed against a clean background. The contrasting background makes the outfit stand out and directs the viewer’s focus to the outfit, so they stop scrolling and check it out. 

example of a fashion brand ad - Psycho clothes

B. Lifestyle images

These are outfit pictures clicked in a setting or occasion where your customers are most likely to wear it. When you show an outfit in a specific setting, your potential customers can paint a mental picture of what they’d look like in the outfit which will help them make a purchase decision quickly.

C. Videos

Fashion brands and audiences prefer videos over other creatives as they’re easier to process and bring more engagement and sales their way. You can use InVideo’s free ad maker and choose from the thousands of fashion templates to create a fashion ad in under 10 minutes. 

There are other factors that contribute to the attractiveness of any ad. The product photograph quality, the colors and fonts used, and the product description. A blurry image can immediately make a buyer hesitant about the product’s quality. Gaudy text color and design can reduce the visual appeal of an ad.

So, you must keep some points like the following in mind when designing a great creative ad.

- The ad must be engaging and must grab attention quickly through good designs. 
- It must navigate through the steps for an easy buying procedure, so that customers do not leave a purchase midway.
- Communicate your ad objective and present your brand’s value in the ad.
- The copy should have clarity and must use simple yet effective words for the product description. 

You can also make a difference with the placement of the ad on your viewer’s page. It can enhance the reach of your ad and boost click through rates. It also helps you achieve specific goals and reach specific target audiences.

For instance, placing an ad in the desktop newsfeed generates more leads with better engagement. Whereas placing ads on a live stream helps you engage with a custom audience group. Mobile newsfeed is great if you are just starting out and want to be discovered.

Tip #6 - Don’t ignore ad copy

Copy acts as a bridge between the visual content and the action that you want your viewers to take. After catching their attention through a creative design or an attractive image, you need to keep them interested using your copy. With a good copy in your Facebook ad, you can guide your viewers to your website or compel them to check out your latest collection.

But for writing effective copy, you need to follow some tips.

#1 - Start with an enticing hook

Your copy must have an attention grabbing opening line or hook that triggers customers to check out your brand. That’ll help you cut through the noise and attract prospects to your page. Since your hook is the first thing people read, it should be enticing enough to get them to click the ad and find out more. 

#2 - Write an attractive body copy

The body of your copy must convey the emotion or the information of your ad. It must convince the viewers to follow the call to action. The length and depth of the body copy will depend on the ad type and the customer awareness. Here’s how you can classify your customers based on the level of awareness:

- Awareness: This classification of customers is either aware of the problems they are facing and are unaware of the solution. Or it consists of customers aware about both their pain and its solution, and are actively seeking to solve problems.

To the first type, you must first introduce the solution and then get into the benefits. To the second type, you should focus on building trust through testimonials and reviews as social proof and communicate your uniqueness before making the ask to eliminate the customer’s hesitation.

- Consideration: This segment of customers is already aware about your products. So, here your focus must be creating urgency and scarcity to attract customers. You can give offers for a limited edition or an exclusive clothing line.

- Conversion: These customers are easier to convert as they already know what they want. You just have to show them the right products to make a purchase. Here, your copy should be kept short and have a compelling CTA to give customers the much needed push.

#3 - Utilize your ad title and description

Your title must be catchy enough to get people to click. But do not go fancy and comprise on the clarity of the message. Confusion is the biggest conversion killer. So, keep your copy focused on the product being sold and keep the title concise, add in all the necessary details of the product in the description and end with an actionable CTA.

Look at this ad by Enagancio as an example of a great copy. It addresses the problem-aware customers and presents them with a solution in the form of clothes with African designs. The copy highlights its features and ends with a shop now CTA.

ad by Enagancio as an example of a great copy

Tip #7 - Transform your best-performing posts into ads

While boosting Facebook posts may be good for promoting brand awareness, transforming your best-performing posts into ads can be more beneficial for your fashion clothing brand.

Boosting posts also lets you choose demographics, interests etc but it doesn’t let you target a specific custom audience. It doesn’t allow you to build a custom audience based on website traffic and engagement, and doesn’t let you target lookalike audiences.

On the other hand, converting your posts into ads has a number of benefits. You can maximize on an objective like traffic, engagement, conversion reach and much more using the ads manager. 

Since the post you are converting already had higher engagement, it is already known about the preferences of the audience. The ad will surely perform better as it already has been liked. You can also use similar ads in future for maximum benefits.

Here’s a post by Long clothing where a post was converted into an ad.

post by Long clothing where a post was converted into an ad

Tip #8 - Run ads for a Lookalike audience

Lookalike audiences can be targeted to expand the audience base of your brand. This group shares the similar interest as your current audience. To target lookalike audiences, you must first identify them against some behavioral criteria. 

It is more likely that this group of audience will be more likely to like your product and buy it. So, rather than a whole new segment to viewers it would be a better choice to first run ads for lookalike audiences.

Creating ads for them and hooking them will also be easier as you would already be aware of the preferences of your current audience base. You will be able to communicate more effectively and can understand the pain points better.

Here’s why running ads for lookalike audience can be beneficial for your brand:

A. Save ad spend

Since you already know about the audience, you can reduce the money spent. You can target them directly with better ads as no time will be wasted identifying the right audience. Running ads for lookalike audiences also helps you reduce the customer acquisition cost by a significant percentage.

B. Improve conversion rates

Lookalike audiences can get you better conversion rates as making them buy or sign up will be easier due to similar interest with your current audience. You can connect with them faster and convince them with more confidence as you already have an idea about their likings.

C. Optimize ROI

Targeting a similar audience will help you get better returns on investment due to higher conversion rates. The cost of these ads will also be less and with better response it can yield more leads and sales.

Tip #9 - Use Retargeting Ads

Brands target those people who have engaged with their website or social media using retargeting ads. Retargeting ads are beneficial especially for small businesses as they can’t spend a lot of money on customer acquisition, and it helps them reach already warm leads rather than starting out by selling to a more cold audience who have lower chances of getting converted.

If you haven’t started running retargeting ads, here’s why you should start running them right away:

A. Convert the already interested

It is tougher to convert the audience who are not aware about your product. Whereas, the retarget audience is already aware about your products and brand. So, it will be easier to convert them. But all those who visit the website or are aware aren’t necessarily going to buy. About 96% of the visitors won’t make a purchase right away. They need to be advertised a few times before they are convinced to pay.

B. Minimize cart abandonment rates

Many times visitors add an item to the cart, but leave just before making a purchase. Retargeting helps convert these visitors into customers if you speed up the check out process and take the customer directly to their abandoned cart. 

C. Target your audience more specifically

You can target a very specific audience like you would while running a normal Facebook ad and include only customers who have visited specific pages or added items to your cart to get higher conversion rates without wasting ad spend.

Wrapping up

Facebook ads help you tap into a global audience and get massive returns for your ad spend. It also has ad objectives that help you align with your business goals and give you deep insights into your audience and their purchase journey. 

To get you started, we’ve got 15 Fashion Facebook ad ideas and tips that will help you create Facebook ads that convert and help you build your brand. If you want insights on creating ads for other platforms, take a look at this clothing ads blog here, and if you want to create organic videos for your brand, take a look at this fashion video ideas blog here.

And if you prefer learning via videos, you should check out our YouTube channel, where we share daily video creation tips and tricks, the latest video trends and ideas, and help you make more money as a video creator. 


This post was written by Mrignayni and edited by Adete from Team InVideo

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